Emma hensin lives next door to the all famous Louis Tomlinson. They were BEST friends before X Factor and they did EVERYTHING together and i do mean EVERYTHING! Now it's been a year since they have seen each other and Emma just hopes that he hasn't changed.... oh how she hopes he hasn't changed...


1. Coming Home

I sat in the yard waiting. Louis is coming home today! i haven't seen him since the day he come home to pack from X Factor! ONE YEAR AGO! Now he's touring the world with his all famous band One Direction! i just hope he hasn't changed.. oh yah! i forgot to introduce myself! im Emma, Emma Hanson and i live next door to Louis Tomlinson. or... did. Now he's gone off to tour with his band! well anyway.... He's coming home today and i just really hope he hasn't changed.....


I Stood up and paced over to my car. i'm 18 by the way. but yet i still live my parents.. and haven't gone to college yet.. well anyway, I stood up aon the trunk of the big SUV and crawled up on top of the car like me and Louis did when we were little. we used to do alot together! now that he's gone i really miss him. that sweet, funny, little Lou! just then i saw a car pull up and park in Louis' driveway. "LOUIS!" i squealed as he got out of the car. He just took out his phone and started texting someone. "Louis?" i yelled "its Jesse. You know, your neighbor. your best friend since kindergarden!"


Louis was one year older than me but i met him when i was 5! from then on we were insepratable friends! "Louis?" i yelled. he never even looked up. He just kept walking and texting who knows who! I slid off the car and walked over to my house. "Louis?" i said one more time. no luck. i ran around to the back of my house and into the woods



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