Emma hensin lives next door to the all famous Louis Tomlinson. They were BEST friends before X Factor and they did EVERYTHING together and i do mean EVERYTHING! Now it's been a year since they have seen each other and Emma just hopes that he hasn't changed.... oh how she hopes he hasn't changed...


3. 12

I woke up to someone shaking me. It was my mom. "wake up sweetie your gonna be late for school!" school? but i finished school last year. "what are you talking about mum?" i asked. "school!" she yelled "your gonna late for your first day of 7th grade!" ok. my mum is now officially delusional. "mum im 18!" i groaned "NO! your not! you're 12!" twelve? i shot out of my bed and looked at my chlotes. they were too big. "what?" i whispred


By now mum is downstairs cooking breakfast. I ran over to my One Direction calender. Why isn't it the One Direction calender i got 3 months ago? am I seriously twelve? i looked at it. is this some sort of joke? "MUM! WHATS TODAY?" I yelled "August 20" she yelled back. no. no. no. no. no. I really am 12! how? i didn't.... last night! that wish came true! but... how?

I put on some choltes and ran downstairs grabbing some bacon and stuffing it in my mouth. i ran outside and waited for the bus. yep. mums old car.


Just then i heard someone call my name. "EM! WAIT UP!"   "louis?'" i said turning. yep. twelve year old Louis. I smiled and so did he. "uh... Emma" he laughed "you have some bacon in your teeth.." I felt my chheks get red with embarrassment. My hand flew up to my teeth to pick the bacon out. I looked Louis and he looked back at me. gosh! Twelve year old Louis is sooo cute.


The bus pulled up and I turned away hopping on to the bus.I took a seat in the back of the bus and Louis sat next to me. I just relized that all of these years, Louis was my only friend. What would I do without him! i mean, I had friends, but they were real snobs, so i stopped being their friend when i wa- i sighed deeply, I stopped being their friends when i was 13. but now im only 12.


Announcment: sorry the chapters are so short. my computer is about to die when im writting this and i cant find the charger. :/ well.. anyway.. sorry too about the last chapter. i know you cant really read it... i was playing arounf with the fonts and they messed up... well anyway! Thank you soooo much to 104 readers! should i also post my other story? i will still update both!

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