The day we met...

You are a normal teenager girl.. You've never thought that you could fell in love when suddenly someone change your life completly... Who? Read my story and you will find out! A powerful love story!


2. That's all right (they say)

I was sitting on the sidewalk waiting for  Kathrin (my dad's wife) to collect me from school when I caught me thinking about this boy again! IAN. What was going on with me? I don't even know him enough. However, he was in my mind since I have met him. A black polished car arrived. I could hear Kathrin's raucous voice calling my name again and again without my responding. She came over and shook me lightly.

-Hey girl, what's wrong? Come in... Don't you hear me?

-Oh, sorry Kathrin..  Um.. I am  a little bit tired today! It wasn't my best day. Is dad home?

-No, he is on a business trip. Didn't he tell ya?

-Ah as usual...! For one more time he didn't tell me anything -.^

-Relax girl, that's alright. That's alright.....

______________________                  _____________________________________________

Yeah right. That's what they think. That's alright. Everything is okay. No matter is you see your dad once a month and when you do he's with his wife. No matter, if your mum have thalassemia  and she's in the hospital most of the time. Oh, and no matter if your responsible for everything going on. And finally... No matter if you have this boy in your mind twirling around in your head like a satellite.

Today, I rialized that my life sucks and that I don't have anyone in my life that I can TRUST!







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