The day we met...

You are a normal teenager girl.. You've never thought that you could fell in love when suddenly someone change your life completly... Who? Read my story and you will find out! A powerful love story!


1. Ian

<<Hey Kate WAKE UP,Wake up, wake up....>> I heard my mum's voice and then I realized that I was late for school. So, today I have to take the bus.AGAIN! I was going down the road while I was thinking about all those things Rachel had told me. I know she hates me  but... Was she right? Am I the most terrible and ugly girl in school? I was thinking all those things and I didn't notice that the bus was leaving..! GREAT! And what now? Uf.. Suddenly I saw a car coming near me. It was a boy.. I could hardly recognize him.. He was Ian from school and his mother. He is a new student in our school and I first saw him in the first brake yesterday.He seems a good boy. He stopped and told me: 

- what are you doing here? Are you waiting for the bus?

-I actually missed the bus

-Come in..

I felt a bit embarrassed but very lucky at the same time. I take a suddenly breath and I start talking to him.... Then I start feeling like he was already my friend and that i could tell him everything. The bell rang and we had to finish our little conversation. << Ok... So.... Bye. Thanks a lot. Hope see you soon.>> <<Sure>> he replied with a big smile.. .!

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