A New World

Mya is a typical teenage girl. She doesn't really like One Direction like most girls do. Her best friend Jasmine loves them so she gets VIP tickets for her and Mya. Mya isn't too excited. When they both get back stage to met them Harry Styles can not take his eyes off Mya. Harry slips his number in Mya's jacket. Mya finds it and decideds to call the number. She ends up on a date with him and falls in love with him. She looses all her friends including her Best Friend Jasmine.


6. Twitter

As I got home i want straight to my room and slipped in to my PJ'S. I checked my twitter and sure enough Harry followed me and tweeted me. The tweet said "Good night love!" I replied with "Good night Harry!"

I went on my iPhone and downlowded Up All Night and Take Me Home albums.

As I layed in my bed I thought "Do i have a crush on Harry?" i never answered myself because i fell asleep listening to moments.

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