A New World

Mya is a typical teenage girl. She doesn't really like One Direction like most girls do. Her best friend Jasmine loves them so she gets VIP tickets for her and Mya. Mya isn't too excited. When they both get back stage to met them Harry Styles can not take his eyes off Mya. Harry slips his number in Mya's jacket. Mya finds it and decideds to call the number. She ends up on a date with him and falls in love with him. She looses all her friends including her Best Friend Jasmine.


11. Opps

As I came in I saw Zayn, Liam, and Louis on the couch eating pizza. There was a girl next to Louis, I think his friend or girl friend. I didn't know. She was really pretty.

"Hey guys this is my friend Mya." Harry anounced.

"Hey Mya!" They all said.

"Hey!" I said.

"So this is Zayn, Liam, Louis, and Louis's girl friend Eleanor." Harry said. "And you already met Niall."

"Its really nice to meet you guys!" I said.

"Aww Harry is that your girl friend?" Eleanor asked.

"No." he said. "At least not yet."

"Well you guys would be a cute couple." She said. "I mean she is really beautifull."

"Thank you! You are to!" I said.

I smiled when Harry said not yet. He is so sweet to me. I think I really like this boy.

Harry came next to me and asked me if I was hungry. I said no because I ate a salad an hour or so ago.

Harry grabbed my hand and led me to the couch. He sat down. I noticed there wasn't any room for me so I just went around the couch and stood there.

"What are you doing standing?" he asked.

"Well there isn't any room for me." I replied.

"Sit on my lap. Thats what I wanted you to do." he said.

So I did. We were watching 'Grown Ups'. It was very funny. I kept on giggling with Eleanor. Everytime I looked back at Harry he just smiled. He is so adorable.

The movie had ended. I thought it was time for me to go. It was all ready 7:30 pm.

"Harry I proberbly should get going now." I whispered in to his ear.

"Aww love don't go!"

"I have to its getting late."

"Okay but I'm going to really miss you."

"I'll call and text you babe, don't worry."
He looked down and started blushing. Oh no! I just called him babe!

He looked up and said"Okay Babe!"

I said goodbye to everybody. Harry walked me to my car.

He gave me a kiss good bye.


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