A New World

Mya is a typical teenage girl. She doesn't really like One Direction like most girls do. Her best friend Jasmine loves them so she gets VIP tickets for her and Mya. Mya isn't too excited. When they both get back stage to met them Harry Styles can not take his eyes off Mya. Harry slips his number in Mya's jacket. Mya finds it and decideds to call the number. She ends up on a date with him and falls in love with him. She looses all her friends including her Best Friend Jasmine.


1. An Unexpected Surprise

I woke up from a phone call from my best friend Jasmine.

"Hello?' i said sleepy.

"Were you sleeping?" She replied

"Yes I was." i replied in an annoyed tone.

"Sorry! Ummm but meet me at 'The Dot' in 10min. I have a surprise!" She said excitedly.

"See you in 10 then." I hung up.

I got up and got dressed. I put on white shorts and a light pink Holister shirt. My hair was long and wavey and I liked it liked that so I didnt bother messing with it. I put my Jessica Simpson sandales on.

As I arrived at The Dot I ordered a mocha frappe. Jasmine sat down with  a big smile.

"Hey?!' i said awkwardly.

"Guess what!? she said excitedly.

"I give up."i said

"I have two One Direction VIP passes!" she said as she took out the passes out of her Betsey Johnson purse.

"Cool." i said in a sarcastic voice.

"Mya, I know you don't like them but i want to enjoy this with my Best Friend."

"Fine i'll go." i said

"Yes! Well I'll let you borrow one of my 1D shirts!"

"Ok. Well got to go."


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