Coming For You


1. For him...

Her world is

Black & white now

All the colors are gone

With his love

Sun isn't shining In the big sky 

The light is gone

She can't see anything now

She is lost In this world

Cause she lost the person

That leaded her to the right road

She lost her faith

With him

She lost belief for love

With him

Now she looks at the mirror

And sees a girl that hates her life

A girl that has a razor in her hand

She cuts to make the pain go away

Her hands are

Covered with blood

But her heart is

Covered with dark

She lost her fight

With this cruel world

She's in so much pain

Cause her punishment hurts

She doesn't smile anymore

Cause he makes it hard

To breathe in

And out

Now she's in her room

Saying her goodbyes

To the ones she love

Now she's getting ready

For her last journey to hell

Cause she knows that

He's there

Once she told him

She'd go to hell for him

And she's coming for him.

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