Autumn Is A Normal Girl but her Parents died When She was 10 and has Lived with her Brother thats now in the Army and She is Now 18 what Happens when The 1D boys move to her school ? Which One Will Fall ? Which one Will Miss ? READ .


15. Nothing Happened .

Autumn's P.O.V

I Woke Up in the morning next to Harry "Good Morning Babe " i say'd when he stood up and we walked down "Hey Mate Um Niall is pretty upset wanna explain to me ? " "Oh Yeah Liam umm Niall Loves Autumn. " all of they're eyes widened "Yeah and Then Harry Screamed at him and got mad but i told Harry he needs someone , and we should be the someones ." they all agreed and Harry Went upstairs to Talk to Niall After about 30mins They Walked Down Laughing and Smiling together "Autumn , Im Sorry about everything " Niall Apologized to me "Its Okay Niall Now Why Don't i take you to breakfast while Harry puts the mirrors back in my guest room " i Sayd looking at Harry he smiled and nodded we Left and When we got to a McDonals we ordered our food when three girls walked up to Us "WOW. " me And Niall both looked at eachother with a confusing face "Excuse me ?" i Say'd not knowing anything "You Were With Harry . Now Your With Niall Slut Much ?" i started Laughing sarcastically "Oh No Honey im having breakfast with him i owed him a favor " then they rolled their eyes what are these girls not getting "That Was Awkward ." Niall Say'd we finished our food and it was now 12pm "Where else do you wanna go ?" "Umm Lets go to the city ?" I Agreed and he started driving to the city i texted Harry 'Babe Me and Niall Are heading to the city hangout with the boys don't worry ill call you when we are on our way ' he Say'd he was fine with it thats what i like about Harry he trustes me . "Were Here " he smiled pulling up at a parking lot then we started walking "Its Beautiful Niall Look ! "  "What Where " i pointed at the Big builboard "Wow its us " it sayd 'One Direction take me home now released ' we then went to a big building it was alone and i felt strange like yesterday i was having second thoughts im starting to Like Niall. but No Autumn Harry is yours ! "So Autumn You And Harry Are a really great couple " Niall Say'd i felt that he was holding back. i Slowly put my hand on his "Niall You Don't have to say things you don't mean " "I Know , But You Are really good together i wish i had someone like you.." a big strike hit me and I Felt like i was in the right place like there was nobody waiting for me like Niall Was the one who i was with ......"You Wanna Head back ?" Niall Asked me and i checked my phone 4pm ?! Time Fly's "Yeah lets go " we Headed back to the car and Started Driving . I felt myself dose off 

           ' Niall I Love You' 

My Dream was Over Right away "Umm Autumn..Sorry to wake you up but were here " "Yeah No Problem And Okay " i Smiled like nothing ever happened .


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