Autumn Is A Normal Girl but her Parents died When She was 10 and has Lived with her Brother thats now in the Army and She is Now 18 what Happens when The 1D boys move to her school ? Which One Will Fall ? Which one Will Miss ? READ .


6. Kiss You

Harry 's P.O.V 

I Had Told Louis To Bring Only 4 Tents , Smark Thinking Harold , i'd never actually think Louis Would do it , me and Autumn Got the tent Done and it got dark We Made a fire and i Made Her Sit on My Lap "Harry i'm Getting Really Tired i Think I'm Going to bed " "I am too lets go " We Went in the tent and i Felt like Just Kissing her holding her in my arms and in every car ride our finger intertwined together telling her Shes Beautiful Every moment being by her side and Just i don't know be with her "Autumn Can I ask You something ? " i was Finally going to do it i'm going to suck it up and ask her to be mine "Yes Harry ? " She looked beautiful in her Cute Pajamas and her hair Tied Up "Well..i Know we've only known each other for a while now But i Really like You and I Was Hoping ...Autumn Will You be my girlfrie-" i got cut off when she Pressed Her Soft Lips on mine We stayed like that for a while and then had to breath "So i'm guessing That's A Yes ?" "Of course i would love to be your girlfriend" Yess Harry ! We Went to sleep me cuddling her on my chest and her eye lashes falling down when she fell asleep i went to sleep , After About 3 Hours Of Sleeping i woke Up , i Was Thirsty and wen't Outside To Find Louis Sitting Down "Whatsup ? Mate " "Nothing Just Thirsty " "Same Here " "So You And Autumn ? " "She Say'd Yes We Are Now Boyfriend and Girlfriend " i Had Told Louis I Liked her because he saw it from my eyes According To Him , "Woo-hoo Harry Got a Girlfriend ! " he Whispered/Yelled "Haha Well I'm going back into The tent "Okay Hazza Don't Wanna Keep Yo WOMAN waiting ! " We Laughed And i Went inside the tent and went back to sleep 

Autumn's P.O.V

I Think Harry Thought i was Sleeping but i wasn't because i couldn't Feel Him Next to me i Heard His and Louis Conversation i Thought It Was Cute How he told him he was happy and i was happy when i heard he was coming back in i fake fell asleep but then that leaded to actually falling asleep because i then felt him wrap his arm around my waist , i'm So Happy With Him now and its only been a while I'm Pretty Sure i'll be happy With Him Later Too 

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