Autumn Is A Normal Girl but her Parents died When She was 10 and has Lived with her Brother thats now in the Army and She is Now 18 what Happens when The 1D boys move to her school ? Which One Will Fall ? Which one Will Miss ? READ .


21. I'm In Love with my bestfriends girl.

Harry's P.O.V 

I was watching Autumn get ready to go out , she would make funny faces in the mirror when she caught me looking at her , "You look beautiful love " she smiled , a warm smile the smile I fell for in the first place. "thanks babe so where are we going tonight ?" Liam wanted to throw a party with Andy his best lad , "To Liam's new a flat he now lives with Andy and Danielle so he wanted to throw a party " she smiled excited "Dani is back !? Yayyy !!!" she went back into her closet while I chuckled to myself , 10 minutes later she walked out in a short long sleeve dress and her black heals she looked absolutely gorgeous "Is this fine babe ?" she asked I knew she would feel insecure sometime "It's perfect , you're perfect babe " 

Niall's P.O.V 

"Niall go get Harry and Autumn " why do I have to go ? "Do I have to ?" I asked Liam "Yes , look Niall I know you like her but she's Harry's and yo have to let her go." I felt a big part of my heart sink. I still loved her and I don't think i can get over her...I walked up the stairs and heard them snogging. I knocked on the door before I heard a groan and Harry opened the door "Liam told me to come and get you guys ..." I had my hands in my jeans and looked up at him "Yeah we'll be right there thanks mate " he patted my shoulder , how does he act like every thing is okay. ? he still CHEATED on his girlfriend , something I would never do.  If I was him. that jerk , that idiot ugh. I'm In Love With My Bestfriends Girl and i don't regret it.

Autumn's P.O.V 

Me and Harry we're in his car on the way to the party , we got greeted by Liam , Dani and Andy Liam's Bestfriend he was a really nice guy and sweet , there was not much people , I quickly say'd hi to everybody and went with Dani in to the kitchen i hugged her "You need help ?" she smiled I loved Dani's Personality she was perfect for Liam "Yes please " I helped her with the snacks and setting them on tables , soon it was midnight and everybody left it was just me , Harry , Dani , Liam , Andy , Zayn , Louis and Niall ... I felt awkward . I kept glancing at Niall and I knew he did the same , when i caught him looking at me. we stayed like that before Harry's arm around me moved and I shook my head "You okay babe ?" Harry smiled A fake smile. he's been acting really weird lately like if he was lost or maybe I was lost , like if it wasn't him...or maybe it wasn't me ...

I was falling for my Boyfriends bestfriend....and to tell you the truth I didn't regret it.

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