Autumn Is A Normal Girl but her Parents died When She was 10 and has Lived with her Brother thats now in the Army and She is Now 18 what Happens when The 1D boys move to her school ? Which One Will Fall ? Which one Will Miss ? READ .


11. Good Luck.

Niall's P.O.V 

Zayn Finally Got her And we started opening presents for Autumn Louis Got Her a Shirt That Say'd "Carrot princess" and Pjs With Carrots all over them They We're Really Nice Zayn Got her A Britney Spears Perfume "Ah ! Thank you Zayn i've been wanting this " "I know Perrie told me she saw you looking at it so i got it for you oh and Perrie got you something else as well " he passed her The gift it was A Black Dress with White Designs On it "She wants you to wear it for Dinner tomorrow " "oh my gosh it's amazing she has amazing taste " 'I Know why do you think i always look so good " Zayn playfully winked at her i was waiting for my turn I Don't Know why i was So Anxious to give her , the Necklace with a 4 Leaf Clover it was Really pretty and would suit her Perfectly i Know me and Liam are the only singles ones now but i didn't Feel like that i felt Alone . And i was starting  to get jealous Of Harry And Autumn i Don't see why it never happened with Louis and El or Zayn and Perrie ..

Autumn's P.O.V 

"And This Is from Eleanor " Louis Passed me a Box wrapped up in 'Happy Birthday' paper i opened it and There Was Cute Ripped Skinny Jeans Some Grey Closed Ankle Boots they were Perfect http://favim.com/image/136792/ and a Cute Navy Blue Stripped Long sleeve shirt "Tell Her i say'd thank you it's perfect !" i Smiled It Was Liam's Turn he gave me a Box with a dress inside it , it was A Purple Short dress that go with Black tights under i thought it would look great with my grey ankle Heels "Thank You Liam ! i love it !" It was Now Niall's Turn "Here i picked it out especially for you " He Say'd his hand brushed by mine and i felt tingle inside my body was I ?...No.. i opened the little Jewelry Box there was an AMAZINGLY Cute Four Leaf clover Necklace with 2 Words Carved in 'Good Luck ' i smiled "Thank You Niall " we opened the rest of the gifts "WAIT ! THERE'S STILL ONE MORE ! " Louis Screamed  I looked At where the presents would be "No theres not ?" Paul came in and say'd "Yes its from All of us you don't think i would miss out giving you your present would you ?" Harry Grabbed my hand and then let it go to put his hands over my eyes we walked in One Direction i heard a door open "Ready ?" they all say'd "Yes " Harry removed his hands and there it was My Dream Car a Cadillac It was Black "OMG ?!!! WAIT IS THIS FOR...ME ?" "yes we all pitched in you like it ? " "No.....I LOVE IT ! " I Screamed Later on we took it for a test drive and got home Paul Left and The boys wanted to stay 

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