Autumn Is A Normal Girl but her Parents died When She was 10 and has Lived with her Brother thats now in the Army and She is Now 18 what Happens when The 1D boys move to her school ? Which One Will Fall ? Which one Will Miss ? READ .


19. Falling.

Autumn's P.O.V 

I Knew Harry Would go to my house first so I went out for a while , "Hey ! Havn't seen you in a long time " "I Know i'm glad you left that jerk." "Umm Jake...I Didn't leave him he found me with his bestfriend. kissing. it was mistake !" "It's Okay , Autumn i Missed you " He Hugged me with his arms around my waist and dug his face in my neck it felt wrong. but the again it felt like things never changed. I Embraced his hug then looked at the window i saw those curls rushed back and him mouthing 'i'm sorry' 

"I have to go " "Why You Just got here " i ignored him and went outside There was Harry with tears in his face we held a staring contest for about 20 Slow Steady seconds "Harry I-" "No Autumn im sorry i cheated on you and regret it " i felt the lightning strike on the street beside us and the rain hit my shoulder i didn't care right now Harry put his arms on the side of my face and kissed me with passion , I put my arms around his neck "You Love me again" he smiled "I never stopped " my heart was now full and He took me home to be surprised with all the boys and girls "Autumn ! Harry where the hell have you been first we couldn't find Autumn Then Harry ! " Louis Screamed at both of us Harry chuckled and say'd "I think we've all had a tough day let's forget about it " they all agreed and we spent the day watching movies I noticed Niall hasn't say'd anything i can't focus on him right now then i'll just fall.

Niall's P.O.V 

How could she act like nothing happened ?! i guess it was nothing to her . I have to move on . or else i'll fall all over again or will i ever stop falling ?

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