Autumn Is A Normal Girl but her Parents died When She was 10 and has Lived with her Brother thats now in the Army and She is Now 18 what Happens when The 1D boys move to her school ? Which One Will Fall ? Which one Will Miss ? READ .


12. Auntie Autumn

Autumn's P.O.V 

I Woke Up To See Harry Asleep Next to me "Babe Wake Up " i Tugged on his shirt a little 

"5 More minutes mom ! " "Harry ! i Just turned 18 ! " he laughed and Grabbed me by the waist so i can be on top of him "Hey Guess what " he say'd To me "What ?" I Asked "We Are Going to A Award Show And Your Going to be my date " i was Happy but a little nervous because the fans maybe they don't like me "Yayy ! but what if they don't like me ?" "They'll Love you Trust me" then i remembered the promise that we made we would stick together forever. I Smiled "Okay but what time ? Because im starving " i checked my phone its 12:30 !" "Well We can pick up breakfast real quick and go get ready its at 7 but we have to go rehearse because were performing and we need to get ready and Lou Our makeup artist is going to Get you Perrie And El Prepared also Danielle Is coming " "Danielle ?  who is she ? " "Liam's Ex girlfriend but they've been pulling it off lately she couldn't come yesterday because She was in Bradford for a dance video , well anyways get your clothes ready and We should hit the shower " "You mean i'll hit th shower first while you make me breakfast " "Awee Your No Fun hey guess what we can do to save water !" He Screamed so exited " What ?" i asked confused "we can shower together that way we save water together " "Hahaha No Harry now go Sorry Babe i Love You But no " he Pouted like a baby and went downstairs i Got Out the shower now and Put on some shorts and a white longsleeve "Ready babe ?! " i screamed , No Answer i picked up my phone and saw a text From:Hazza ;) <3 Babe i Came to McDonals i got a you breakfast Niall is going to pick you up i love you :) 

i Smiled at the text and it was 20 mins ago Niall should be he- My thought gor interupted by a knock at the door i Answered it and Niall The irish Blue eyed boy was standing infront of me smiling "Ready ?" "yeah lets go " i locked the door and Got in the car We were sitting there and He Didn't Turn the car On "Umm Niall are you gon-" i got interupted once more "NO !Autumn i can't" i was really confused . "What Niall you can't wha-" His Lips crashed on mine And i Didn't know what to do i stood still and didn't do nothing "This Autumn i can't Stand you and Harry everything i Like You Autumn a lot im sorry i don't know why i never felt this way with anyone else but You Autumn , Your Diffrent . " "Niall , Its Okay i Know what you mean Just please forget the kiss . Im Harry's Girlfriend Niall . i love you you're one of the boys im closest to but like a bestfriend. " 5 minutes later we acted like nothing happened and We got to a big studio "WE'RE HERE !" Niall Screamed from the top of his lungs "Babe ! " Harry came and threw me across his shoulder He gave me a bag with Bacon and Egss i Ate them while i saw them rehearse Little Things , Tears streamed down my face when a Blond Girl came in "Hi Im Lou Teasdale And this Is Baby Lux im the makeup artist " She Was Beautiful . "Hi I'm Autumn and Aww shes so cute ! Harry Talks about her all the time he has something for this baby " i Say'd later on i was holding Lux While She did Harry's Makeup i was right next to him playing with baby Lux when i felt a brush on my cheek "Harry ! " "Sorry babe i just thought it was a pretty color for you " he smirked and i smiled "Harry Harry Look What Auntie Autumn Did To me " Lux Say'd Auntie Autumn ? "Wow You Look Beautiful As does you Auntie Autumn " he smirked while looking at me 

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