Autumn Is A Normal Girl but her Parents died When She was 10 and has Lived with her Brother thats now in the Army and She is Now 18 what Happens when The 1D boys move to her school ? Which One Will Fall ? Which one Will Miss ? READ .


20. Alone.


Harry's P.O.V 

I Woke Up next to Autumn in her room she looked so peaceful I glad i had her back , and i'm glad we can all live like before . "Goodmorning babe" "Goodmorning Harry " she smiled as she stood up she was in her pj's and he hair in a bun I was still in bed when I heard a knock on the door it was Zayn "hey guys ! now who wants to be nice enough to help me and Perrie make breakfast everybody else is lazy " he pouted "We'll help you " Autumn suggested I groaned she giggled "Or i'll help you and Perrie while Harold here cleans my room " she winked I looked around there was no mess "Theres no mess babe so yeah i'll clean it , Looks like Harry Styles has won again " she fake pouted kissed my cheek and went with Zayn Downstairs I saw her ring on the desk "Autumn wait !" I heard her footsteps coming back "what babe ?" she peeked "You forgot something " i smirked at her and stood from the bed , got her hand and slipped the ring in her finger "I love you " she smiled "Oh yeah thanks babe i love you too , Now get showered and come down when your done okay " she kissed me and left .

Autumn's P.O.V 

I was downstairs in my kitchen with Perrie and Zayn and there was flour EVERYWHERE  "Umm What happened ?" I say'd looking at Perrie's purple dyed hair covered in white "Umm so Zayn here wanted to make pancakes and I went to go buy butter because he say'd he had it' all under control ' when I got back there was flour everywhere and he attacked me pouring some on me " Perrie pouted "You guys are lucky your a cute couple " I smirked "Where's Harry Autumn ?" Perrie asked me "well I told him to get in the shower but who knows i bet he's still in bed " I started the pancakes with Perrie and we made Zayn go get some clothes for all of the boys because he'd just burn my house down . we were done and all the boys were down in the dining room and me and Perrie were in the kitchen talking "So Autumn , you and Harry " she winked "Me and Harry what ?" "When is he moving in ? I mean you have a GIANT house your alone and Harry practically lives here " "I know well I don't know " we stopped talking when Niall came in "uhmmm , where are my pancakes ?" I saw his Blue orbs sink into mine with guilt "oh uh they'll be there in a second"  I say'd now we were all eating "Wait wasn't Danielle and Eleanor Here ?" Me and Perrie both realized "Oh yeah Danielle had a dance class " Liam Say'd "and Eleanor went to stay with her family for a while "  "Awee " i pouted "so Autumn is going to be alone , for the rest of the day ti'll atleast Danielle gets back !?!! " what ? no I had Perrie "What are you talking about ?" i asked Her " me and the rest of the girls are leaving today to japan for a couple things " I pouted 


Hey Guys sorry i havn't updated and that  ^ chapter is not really interesting but i felt like i took too long next chapter will be LONGER and im trying to update every day and if not every 2 days and if i take longer it's because i've been drafting ,writers block or i didn't have time 

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