Silent Tears.

What would you do if you had so much self loathing building up inside of you? ashamed? hurt? destroyed?


1. Silent Screams. (Only chapter.)

Angry and perplexed, fork lightning stabbed the earth. The wind was alive, dancing through every little gap. The seas arose; smashing forcefully into anything and everything-causing it to crumble. Silent screams shot out from the clouds, to the ears of the hopeless. Broken and defeated, the world was on fire.

The trees unloosed their soft, comfortable, arms from around him; the birds, stopped singing the one song that would always settle his mind. Those large, powerful cliffs that always kept him safe-they fissured and collapsed . The air that calmed him moved away from him like a wave during a tremendous storm. He couldn't breathe. 

Tears streaming from his misleading sky blue eyes, he collapsed on to the hard wooden floor beneath him. Pulling his long hair-less legs towards his muscular torso, forming his own painful cocoon. His heart filled with surreal self loathing. 

His brawny hands were shaking as he reached for the huge canvas next to him, one firm grip onto the crackle-headed paint brush, he dove into the paint and began to scratch up and down the canvas with a tremendous force, almost knocking over the easel.

The painting started to form: a human, yet not so human form; a creature that belonged in nightmares  Humongous, piercing teeth barely fitting inside a deformed mouth. Huge, swampy eyes taking over, and eating him alive.

This beastly creature he had created only 3 feet tall, yet extremely intimidating. He stopped, panicked and dropped the paint brushes causing the rusted handles to crack and break. 

One long foot-step after another, his back hit the skinny ivory door just about hanging off its hinges. Standing there, staring at this monster in front of him.Almost as if it were a mirror, he was watching himself become everything he swore he would never.


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