You're One In A Million

A boy and a girl, walking on a different road and a different direction.
They met in the middle and fell hard.
Deep in love.
But everyone around them seemed to be tearing them apart.
Now they had chosen only one road.
And that was to be together.


3. The First Meeting

~Lauren Hope~   

        I came running down the street with my high heels on and barged through the door into the restaurant when I saw Greyson was about to leave.
        “Greyson, wait!” I called as I ran toward him without looking down. Suddenly, I tripped over a leg of a chair and I thought I was going to fall and embarrassed myself but instead, Greyson caught me in his arms and managed to save me from falling hard and probably break some bones. Our eyes met and God his eyes were beautiful. My heart was beating twice its usual speed as he kept staring into my eyes as if he could see right through my heart. We stayed like that for a few seconds if not minutes, staring into each other’s eyes.

        “Um, thank you,” I spoke, breaking the silence. “I don’t know what would happen to me if…”
        “It’s okay,” he cut me off as he helped me to stand again. “No need to thank me.” He smiled. I smoothed my dress and fixed my hair.
        “I’m so sorry I’m late. I woke up early today ’cause I’m so excited to meet you and then I fell asleep again and…” I trailed off when I saw him giggling as he looked down at the ground. Damn, he looked cute! “Why are you giggling?”

        “You really talk a lot and really fast you know that?” I could feel my cheeks reddened. That was so embarrassing!
        “Yeah sometimes,” I replied. He was staring at me again. Why did he keep staring at me? Was there something in my teeth? Or was there something on my face? “So, don’t you want to sit or anything? People has starting to stare at us.” I whispered.
        “Oh yeah, sure. Sorry about that.” He led me to a corner far behind, and there was a table that was reserved for us and pulled out the chair for me to sit on. I’d never imagined that he could be so gentleman. Oh, how sweet of him.

        “Thank you,” I said. After I’d settled in my seat, he scurried over to sit opposite to me. The table was just a small round table made for two so we were really close even though we’re sitting opposite to each other. It was romantically set for us like we were really on a date. There was a vase of roses on the table (though I don’t really like roses, I’m more to lavender) and the table was covered with red-blood sheets and the chandelier casted a dim lights above our heads.

        Then, the waitress came to take our orders. It looked like I was in some kind of a five-star hotel restaurant.

        “May I take your orders, please?” the waitress asked with a small notebook in her hand and a pen in the other, ready to take our orders.
        “One apple juice, please,” we ordered simultaneously as we looked at each other and giggled. Then, there was an awkward silence.
Wow, we just ordered the same thing! Okay control yourself Lauren. You don’t want to make a fool of yourself in front of ‘The’ Greyson Chance!

        The waitress cleared her throat, breaking the pin drop silence. “So, two apple juice. Anything else?” she asked in a flat tone.
“Oh, sorry,” Greyson replied with an apologetic smile. “That would be all.” And she went off to make our simultaneously-ordered-apple-juice. I propped my heads up on the table with my hand and stared at his cute lips, his chubby soft cheeks, his freckles and his soft brunette hair that fell slightly to the side just above her eyes.

        “So…” I said as I traced a circle shape on the table with my finger. I couldn’t find the words to say. My brain seemed to shut itself off.

        “So how old are you, sweetheart?”

        “I’m seventeen just like you.”

        “Really?” His eyes widened. “I thought you were younger.”

        “Yeah, I always get that.” I waved him off as I leaned back. “I’m a bit small for my age and that’s a bit distracting.” I sighed as I looked down at my sweaty shivery hands on my lap.

        “But you’re cute. There’s nothing to be sad about it.” And I was officially swooned and blown away. Inside, I was fangirling though outside I tried playing it cool.
        “Thanks.” I blushed as I pulled a strand of hair behind my ear. “How about you? How’s the tour going?”

        “Gorgeous.” He murmured as he stared right into my hazel-nuts eyes.


        “I mean, it was great,” he retorted. “But a bit tiring since I have to travel from one place to another. I’m glad it’s over and could finally take a break here in this beautiful country. I’ve always wanted to come to New York.”

        “Well, I’m glad you’ve made it.”
The conversation went on and on as we enjoyed our sweet apple juice. We laughed, we made jokes, we told stories and that awkwardness was gone. We were just like normal teenagers who just knew each other and were trying to make a conversation in a restaurant.
“Oh just look at the time,” I said as I glanced at my watch. “It’s almost dinner time and I think I’m going to be late ’cause I have to take the bus and…” I started crapping again when Greyson cut me off.

        “Then let me drive you home.”

        “Oh no, I don’t want to trouble you.”

        “No seriously I don’t mind. It’s not like I got anything to do.”
I hesitated but then I gave in anyway. How could you resist being send home by your biggest idol? He paid for the meal, which was only a couple of apple juice, and then we walked toward his car. He offered me his arm and I looped mine through his. I saw some paparazzi were secretly taking our pictures to post it in their magazines or websites and then they would make stories about us.

        He opened up the door of the dark blue mini cooper for me to get in. “Thank you,” I replied, feeling like I was being treated like a princess. He gently closed the door and scurried over to the driver’s seat.

        “Sorry it’s a bit messy in here,” he apologized as we buckled up. “It’s a rented car.” I just smiled. I still couldn’t believe that all this was really happening before me. We drove in silence with only the sound from the radio filling up the empty spaces between us. It started to feel awkward again as it was only the two of us. Then, out of the blue, his song was playing on the radio.

        “Oh my Gosh!” I squealed. “Sunshine and City Lights! I love this song it is my favorite of all your songs and I…” I trailed off when I realized I was acting all stupid and girlie as he giggled. “Sorry, that was silly, isn’t it?”

        “It’s okay you don’t have to be sorry. You actually looked cute and funny when you’re all excited.” He glanced at me out of the corner of his eye as I felt myself blushed. I was humming the song under my breath, careful not to let him hear me, as I stared out the window watching the trees passed by.

        We finally arrived at my house. I buckled off and looked at his light brown eyes.

        “So are we going to meet again or is it just today?”

        “I can’t tell,” he shrugged. “But I think I’m going back home tomorrow.” My heart sunk. I tried hard not to show how I agitated I felt.

        “I’m sure we’ll meet again.” He smiled trying to raise my spirit. I returned his smile. Well I might not see him again but spending my whole evening with him was enough to make it the best day of my life.

        “Okay then. I better go now, my mom’s probably waiting for me inside.” I got off the car, walked around it and started up the driveway toward my house.

        “Wait!” He called me out as he lowered down his window. “You didn’t even tell me your name.”
I touched my forehead. “Oh Gosh, I’m sorry. I’m Lauren. Lauren Hope.” How could I be so stupid? You were talking and chatting all evening but you didn’t even tell him your name? Great move, Lauren.

        He smiled and said, “Nice name. As pretty as its owner.” I wasn’t quite sure if I heard it right because it was too slow but I just assumed that he just said that.

        “Um, bye.” I waved and smiled awkwardly and scurried over toward my house and quickly closed the door behind me the moment I entered.

        “Today is officially the best day of my life,” I sighed as I slide down the door on my back.


author's note

Hi guys.. for whoever is reading this story I'm sorry for not updating for like 56909265673 years!! I really am sorry.. I've been through a lot lately and I'm sure you don't even want to know and I don't even want to begin but whatever it is I want to thank you for keeping your patience.. Please don't hate me :) I love you!! 



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