You're One In A Million

A boy and a girl, walking on a different road and a different direction.
They met in the middle and fell hard.
Deep in love.
But everyone around them seemed to be tearing them apart.
Now they had chosen only one road.
And that was to be together.


1. Just A Fangirl

~Lauren Hope~

"Lauren!" My mom shouted from downstairs. "Breakfast ready!" I pulled the purple duvet over my head, not wanting to wake up yet. It's a summer holiday, mom. Come on! I bet it's already nine o'clock because that's the time where I'd always hear my mom shouting to wake me up. "Lauren Hope!"  
"Comin'!" I groaned. After about five minutes stirring around in bed, I got to my feet and hustled down the stairs and saw just a loaf of bread and a bottle of peanut-butter jam on the table. That was my everyday breakfast and if I wanted to eat something else I would have to make it myself. What's the point of waking me up early in the morning yelling "breakfast' ready!" when there's hardly anything on the table. And sometimes I had to admit it had starting to get boring. But anyway its better than nothing.
"Eat your breakfast ok, sweetie. I'm in a hurry. I need to go now," she kissed me on the forehead and stroked my dark brown hair and disappeared  outside. I just smiled. I've gotten used to take breakfast alone. Sometimes she even left without telling me.

  "Bye mom. Love u." I muttered after she had left. 

She went out to the nearest bus station and took a bus to her office. She was just a clerk in a magazine company so she couldn't afford to buy a car since her salary wasn't that much, but I was okay with it since I wasn't a spoilt little brat or a demanding child like all those pampered teenagers at my school. 

I turned on the radio and searched for my favorite radio station since it was too quiet because I am the only living things in the house right now. In case you're wondering, yes I am the only child of my mother and my father died when I was barely 3 years old. It was really boring when you had to stay home alone. I took a slice of bread and spread the peanut-butter jam all over it. I fold it in half and leaned against the table near the radio. I was about to take a bite when the radio started playing my favorite song.

"Aaaaaahhhhh!!!!!" I squealed. "OMG!! Sunshine and City Lights!!! This is my jam!!" I quickly turned up the sound and sang it out loud till I totally forgot about the breakfast that I was holding in my hand. Suddenly I wasn't feeling hungry anymore. When the song was over, the DJ take over. (wow that rhymes)

"Hi it's Jack here and that was Sunshine and City Lights by Greyson Chance. Now. Are you an enchancers?" 

"Yes!!" I squealed again, jumping a little.

"Have you been dying just to get near him?" I nodded as if he could see me. "Have you always dream on spending time with him even if it's just a day?" I nodded. "Do you have like a thousands of his picture on the wall of your bedroom?"

"Yes yes and yes!!!"

" Well, if the answer's yes, now here's your 'chance' to meet him in person and also get to spend the whole day with the one and only Greyson Chance. Now call us at 03 triple 4 913. And if you're the fourth caller through, you will get the 'chance' all to yourself!" Jack, the DJ, exclaimed.


As soon as I got the number, I grabbed my phone and type in the number and hit the call button. I waited unpatiently for someone to pick it up but I failed for the first attempt. I tried for the second time but still to no avail. As I was trying for the third attempt, finally a miracle happened. Someone picked it up! 


"Hello there."


"OMG! Is this really the Teen fm?"


"Yes, you're right! And guess what? You're the fourth caller through! Congratulations!"


"OMG OMG OMG!!!!! AAAAAHHHHH!!!! Thank you so much Teen fm!" I couldn't help myself but screamed and jumped, I almost lost my voice from all those screaming. I was too excited to say anything else. Who wouldn't act the way I do if you're meeting your biggest Idol? C'mon that would be insane.

"Wow!" Jack laughed. "You really are a big fan of him. What's your name, sweetheart?"

"Umm," I was fumbling with my words. I almost forgot my own name! "I'm Lauren. Yeah, I'm Lauren and I'm sixteen years old."


"Ok Lauren. So, we're gonna text you later about the time and venue of your date with Greyson Chance okay?"

"Ok! Thanks again so much!" Then the line went off but my excitement wasn't. I was still grinning from ear to ear and my heart was pumping twice the speed. I couldn't believe my dreams actually came true! I've been dying to meet him. After a few minutes later, my phone beeped and just as I thought, it was a text message from Teen fm informing me the date and the venue. My hands were shaking so bad from all the enthusiasm and I couldn't control it. So it was on this Saturday which is 2 days away and I was told to meet him at the Sweet Evening Cafe. That wasn't so far! I could just take a bus there and vuala! Greyson was going to be there waiting for me! 

This day had just gone better. 

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