You're One In A Million

A boy and a girl, walking on a different road and a different direction.
They met in the middle and fell hard.
Deep in love.
But everyone around them seemed to be tearing them apart.
Now they had chosen only one road.
And that was to be together.


2. I'm Late!!

~Lauren Hope~

"Morning, mom!" I greeted with an enormous smile across my face. Today was the day that I've been waiting for. It felt like years although it'd just been two days. What a wait.


"Wow! You've never woke up this early before," she frowned as she glanced at her watch. "It's barely 8 o'clock and you're smiling. Are you okay, sweetheart? What did you dream last night?" asked my mom sarcastically with a smile. She was preparing a breakfast for me. Peanutbutter jam and bread of course.

"Mom." I giggled. I went to sit at the table across from her and leaned over. "Guess who I'm meeting today?"

"You know I'm not that good at guessing, right?" She replied, raising up her left eyebrow. "C'mon, just tell me who it is."

"Aww c'mon Mom. You've got to try." She shook her head as she rolled her ocean blue eyes. And that's when I gave in. "Okay, fine." I groaned. "Well he is the cutest boy I've ever known...Greyson Chance!! Aaaahhh!!!" I squealed like a mouse, making her winced. "Oh, sorry. I just can't control it!" I said, resisting the urge to squeal again.


"So I've heard about that boy before but I've never seen his face. Is he really that cute?" She had finished preparing the peanut-butter sandwich so she took one and went to sit next to me.

"Mom, are you kidding me? He's like the most cutest person in the whole world! And don't forget, hot!" She just shrugged and didn't seems to bother or care about it. Pffff, mom.

"Okay okay relax. So when are you meeting him?"

"Around 4 o'clock this evening at the Sweet Evening Cafe," I replied, still smiling and my mouth had started to hurt as if someone was pulling it. "I'm allowed to go, right?" I was looking at her with a pleading face.

"Okay." I jumped in my seat. "But, make sure you behave and take a good care of yourself." I nodded vigorously.

"Thanks, mom!" I wrapped my arms around her neck and hugged her tight. She kissed my forehead and went off to work just like every other day. But for me, today was going to be different. A hell of a lot different.

I didn't eat my breakfast because I'm too excited to munch anything. Just thinking of my "date" with Greyson was enough to make my stomach full. So I went upstairs, into my room and began rummaging my closet for the best dress I could find for this evening. I tried on every dress that I had, starting from long to short to sexy but eventually I've decided to wear just a simple yet stunning purple sundress that matched my purple-pink heels.

"This one looks just perfect," I said as I admired myself in front of the mirror with the sundress on, twirling around to have a look at every angle.


After I took my shower and still in my bathrobe, I sat on the wooden stool in front of my dressing mirror and tried to figure out the perfect hair-do that I should wear.


"Maybe I'll just let my hair down," I finally decided after a long hard stare at myself. "I don't want to look like an obsessed fan, do I? Just be normal and go with the flow."

So decision has been made. I put on my purple sundress and went downstairs straight into the kitchen. I took a quick glance at the clock and the short hand was pointing at number 10. It was still early! Now I regret of waking up early in the morning when the "date" was hours from now. 

I ate my breakfast and went to my living room, switched the TV on and sat on the comfy sofa in front of it as I slowly munch the sandwich. I went through all the channels on and on and on. The clock seemed to be moving really slow today and it's making me boring! 


"Haaahhhh" I yawned as I stretched. It was really boring and I was still sleepy because I woke up early today and I had never done that before. So I laid down on the sofa and promptly my eyes closed and I dozed off, entering my dreamworld.




"What you need to find is someone who never will let you go." My phone rang. I lazily opened my eyes and reached out for my phone on the table near the sofa. It was a text from my mom saying "Good luck for your 'date' with the cutest guy in the whole world".


I giggled. "Oh mom." But then my eyes went wide opened as I saw the time on the top left corner of my phone screen. I jerked up and vigorously rubbed my eyes, just to make sure I wasn't imagining it. And it was real. The time showed was already 3.45 p.m.! The bus ride would take about half an hour. I promptly got to my feet, smoothed my sundress, fixed my tangled hair with one hand as it had looked like a mess!

"Gosh, this can't be happening! I'm already late!" I sneaked a glance of my reflection in the mirror and rushed outside. I was hopping from one foot to another as I tried to wear the heels while walking. "Damn it!" I cursed.

Oh Greyson, please wait for me!

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