You're One In A Million

A boy and a girl, walking on a different road and a different direction.
They met in the middle and fell hard.
Deep in love.
But everyone around them seemed to be tearing them apart.
Now they had chosen only one road.
And that was to be together.


4. Falling

~Lauren Hope~

        Today wasn’t like any other day. I woke up early with a smile plastered on my face which is not what everyone usually does when they wake up. I pulled open the curtains and pushed the window wide open to let the warm comforting sunlight embraced me. The chirping of birds seemed like a sweet melody to my ears. I hummed as I walked down the stairs, wanting to give my mom a big bear hug but suddenly remembered that she had gone to work as usual. Then, I saw the peanut-butter sandwiches on the table and weirdly it seemed to be delicious to me today. What a peculiar day yet so exciting. Luckily, my mom wasn’t around or else she’d think I was losing my mind. My eyes caught my ocean-blue smart phone on the table which I left it at the same spot last night. And that’s when it hit me like a lightning struck.
        “Shit! I didn’t ask for his phone number yesterday!” I groaned in frustration as I hit the table with my fist. And yes it hurt but right now I didn’t feel a thing. How could I be so stupid? Maybe I was too overwhelmed by his romantic stare that had melted my heart. “Now you can never contact him. It’s not like you can see him every day, Lauren!” I paced the room as I kept ranting to myself. “He’s probably on his way to the airport now. You were spending all evening with him how could you forget it?! It’s…”

        “Ting tong!” my doorbell rang making me to stop on track. Who could that be? “Greyson!” I gasped. It had to be him. I sprinted toward the door and flung it opened, expecting to see him but instead I saw my mom.

        “Oh hey sweetie,” she barged in straight into the living room as my smile faded away. Well that was stupid.

        “What makes you think it was him, Lauren?” I muttered to myself as I closed the door behind me.

        “Come again?”

        “Um, I said – what makes you come back?” I grinned sheepishly.

        “Oh yeah, I think I left my paperwork file here on the table. Have you seen it? It was blue and this thick,” she showed me the thickness with her fingers. “I need to send it today and it’s very important.” She was searching all over the room, behind the television, under the sofa, under the table, everywhere!

        “Mom, have you checked in your briefcase?” I asked as I pointed toward her case on the table.

        “I did but it wasn’t there.” I was quite sure she didn’t search carefully ’cause she’s always like that when she’s panic. She won’t find it even if it’s right under her nose. So I went to check the briefcase for her as she was trashing the living room like a rat. As I rummaged through it, I saw an edge of a blue file sticking out at the bottom of it.

        “Isn’t this is what you’re looking for?” I pulled the file out and held it up for her to see.

        “Yes! Yes that’s it!” She scurried over to me and grabbed the file from my hand as she checked the content inside to make sure everything’s there. “Where did you find it?”

        “In your briefcase, Mom. The one you said you’d searched before.” I said in a flat tone.

        “Thanks, Lauren.” She gave me a kiss on my forehead before disappearing out the door. It slammed with a loud bang and it echoed through the room. I was about to walked upstairs when I heard the doorbell rang again. What else did she forget now?

        I groaned as I shuffled lazily across the room toward the door. “What now, Mom?” I grumbled as I opened the door. My eyes went wide opened the moment I saw the person who was standing on my doorstep.

        “Hi, it’s me Greyson. Not your Mom,” he giggled. He came back! I couldn’t believe he just came back and he was right there in front of me.

        “Oh hi! I never thought you’d come back.” I started twirling a strand of hair with my finger. Then I remembered something. I abruptly looked down and saw that I was still in my pajamas. That was so embarrassing! “Gosh, I’m sorry I didn't know you were coming so I didn’t get ready and…” I trailed off when I realized I was crapping again. I’ve got to stop this bad habit!

        “It’s okay,” he gave a genuine smile as he stared into my eyes. “You still look pretty.” I couldn’t stop myself from staring back at him. His brown hair was shining in the faint morning sunlight and God he looked like an angel. “So are you free right now?” 

        “Yeah well it’s obvious ’cause I’m still in my PJ shirt.”

        “Great! I’m thinking of taking you out today. You know just you and me, spending time together.” He slipped his hands in his jeans pocket. I could have sworn his hands were shaking. Was he nervous?

        “Sure! But first I need to get ready. Would you mind waiting for me?”

        “No. Not at all.” He ran his fingers through his hair. “You can take your time as long as you want.” I nodded and stood back to let him in. I gestured toward the living room and asked him to make himself at home. As I was walking up the stairs a few steps, I stopped and turned to take a quick glance at him and thought to myself, ‘If all this turns out to be just a dream, I wish I would never wake up. Even if it’s for eternity. ’Cause I think I’m starting to fall hard for him. Not as a fan but as a normal teenage girl.' 

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