In a town deep in the depths of a forest,there are whispers. Whispers of the return of their killer. Years ago, when Laura was only two, a strange man walked into a child's bedroom. A knife was held high to the heart of the child. But as the knife descended, the stranger saw the beauty in the child. He could not kill such beauty and he vowed to protect her from the dangers.
Years passed, and Laura's sixteenth is coming up. One day at school, a young beautiful boy comes to the school. Laura is drawn in by his beauty but he tries to avoid her. Slowly he lets her get closer as her birthday soon comes. Who is this young boy? And where is the killer today?
Please comment. Should I write more or not?


5. Chapter 4

'Excuse me!'

Where do I know him from? My mind was a blur by the end of lunch. Mystery guy was sauntering the yard, whilst girls trailed after him. It may not just be me but I think he is loving the attention. The smirk he has when a jealous boy glares at him; it shows his amusement towards the sheep and this whole situation. In my opinion, he is a big headed, gorgeous-

'LAURA!' Mr McKenna, was leaning on my table. Eyes glaring, face beetroot. Sniggers behind me, made my stomach clench. 'Are you paying attention or what? Or am I interrupting your joke?'

Mr McKenna hates me enough, and this has just topped it off. I am sir-

'Then why were you looking out the window and not answering my question?' Looking around at my neighbors, I find Kimmy. She is mouthing something but I can't tell.

'I don't know sir.' I mumbled, more sniggers.

'Well if you don't know-

Just then the fire alarm echoed in the classroom. Uproar broke in the corridors. People running towards the field, where we meet when there are fire drills. Mr McKenna's face changes from anger to panic. 

'Right.' He stutters. 'Line up at the door.' We all rise and head towards the door. A few girls squeal like pigs, behind us. Hmm what a surprise Lizzie and her crew overreacting. 

Kimmy links my arm and we head towards the field. Some people are laughing, others crying and some not phased at all. All the school are on the field as Mr McKenna's class get into Registration groups. 

Mrs Lane, the headteacher, stands in front of us. A stern look on her young face, obviously this was not a drill.

'I, as your headteacher, is very very disappointed with all of you.' Not a drill, someone must have pulled the fire alarm on purpose. 'Today half an hour before you go home, the fire alarm is set off. We, meaning the staff, weren't expecting a drill. We rushed from our lessons to see that some idiot had pulled the alarm in the Maths department. Luckily we stopped the fire engines from coming, or that would have been a fine to the school. Yes we are breaking up soon, so I understand your excitement. But the most annoying thing was, I was in a very important meeting with Ofsted . They were just saying how good the schools report was. It won't be now knowing some selfish pupil has just pulled the alarm for a joke. Very funny. Who ever knows who did this, or even better the person that did it please own up. Even if you think you saw, anything will help. Again I am very disappointed.' The whole school are in silence, hanging our heads in shame. Personally I don't understand why she is saying to all of us. I mean people who were in lessons could get the blame, I have back up from Mr McKenna. 'You may leave.'

Whispers break the long awkward silence. Mrs Lane still watches us as we leave. Just as I pass her stance her eyes latch onto me, in a leach like manner. I don't know what look it was anger, curiosity but it definitely was aimed at me.


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