In a town deep in the depths of a forest,there are whispers. Whispers of the return of their killer. Years ago, when Laura was only two, a strange man walked into a child's bedroom. A knife was held high to the heart of the child. But as the knife descended, the stranger saw the beauty in the child. He could not kill such beauty and he vowed to protect her from the dangers.
Years passed, and Laura's sixteenth is coming up. One day at school, a young beautiful boy comes to the school. Laura is drawn in by his beauty but he tries to avoid her. Slowly he lets her get closer as her birthday soon comes. Who is this young boy? And where is the killer today?
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4. Chapter 3

Bleep! Bleep!

What is that annoying sound?


I turned over to see my alarm clock flash 7am. Crap! Throwing the covers of, I ran to the bathroom and started to get ready. First day of school and I'm going to be late! Great. A loud thud and a voice echoed through my room.

'Laura! Are you up yet? Kimmy is here.' It was Mark. Opening the door, I took two stairs at a time. I grabbed a slice of toast,which lay cold on the worktop, and bolted out the door. 

Kimmy was by her car tapping her foot impatiently. I approached and she let out a frustrated sigh. 

'How long does it take for you to get up?' She asked sarcastically as we opened our car doors. 

'Sorry, I slept in.' 

She grunted and left it at that. Someone isn't in a good mood today. I was surprised she didn't jump into her story about the date last night. 

The old Volkswagen turned into a parking spot. We stepped out into the warm autumn air. There was some hub-bub over the other side of the car park. I squinted but I could not see anything but a crowd of girls. 

I looked over at Kimmy and she was in some sort of a trance.

Waving my hand in front of her face I said. 'Earth to Kimmy! Is anyone in there?' She jumped back out of trance

'W-hat did you say something Laura?' Her eyes were still averted over to the crowd.

'Just you were dribbling that's all. What is going on over there?' Facing back to the crowded spot more and more girls had arrived.

'I don't know, but we're going to soon find out.' She grabbed my arm and started to pull me nearer to the crowd. 

Mainly our year of girls were stood there. They were giggling and whispering over something. We tried to squeeze through the crowd but we didn't make much progress. Emily one of the popular girls was stood in front of us.

'Hey Emily.' She spun around to us. Her hair was auburn and in little plaits. She had blue eyes and lots of freckles. I guess she was alright when she wanted to be. She hanged around with Lucy and Lizzie, the popular girls. 

Her lips pouted as she looked us over. 'Oh, there is a new boy in school. He is absolutely gorgeous and Lizzie is trying to catch his attention. See.' We followed her pointed finger, there was Lizzie standing next to a tall brunette boy. He was gorgeous, he was tanned, muscular and had thick brown hair. Just like the boy Mum described. His eyes weren't on her, they were searching the crowd. My stomach twisted as his eyes layed onto mine. I felt my blood bubble and I was sure to be sick. I knew him, I knew him from somewhere but where? 

Luckily the bell went. I walked as quickly as I could to Registration. 

Who is that boy?

And where do I know him from?

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