In a town deep in the depths of a forest,there are whispers. Whispers of the return of their killer. Years ago, when Laura was only two, a strange man walked into a child's bedroom. A knife was held high to the heart of the child. But as the knife descended, the stranger saw the beauty in the child. He could not kill such beauty and he vowed to protect her from the dangers.
Years passed, and Laura's sixteenth is coming up. One day at school, a young beautiful boy comes to the school. Laura is drawn in by his beauty but he tries to avoid her. Slowly he lets her get closer as her birthday soon comes. Who is this young boy? And where is the killer today?
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3. Chapter 2

Gardening took up most of the day. I mowed the lawn and I weeded the garden. Mark was awake, he waved at me through his window. I waved back wiping mud over my face. He laughed. I stopped a few times to have a drink. I heard mum's car come up the drive, it must be five. 

Mum worked at the local restaurant, Griffins. She was a waitress. She worked long hours and got a quite good wage. Sometimes she got tips, if she was lucky.

'Hey hunny.' Her head popped out the backdoor. She didn't look like me, she has a brown bob and brown eyes. A bit plain really, if she didn't drink she would be pretty. Her skin is a bit shallow and pale. She always looks ill. I worry about her at times. Not when she is blaming me for stuff; but when she is drunk and weak, I worry if she is damaging her body. Of course, I have had the lessons in science about alcohol. The effects of it. But I never really thought about it. But now I am nearly turning sixteen and I am mature for my age. I see dangers everywhere. When my brother rides his motorcycle. I see he could fall, crash or hurt others. Seeing my mum drink, I can see the effects what will happen to her. I don't like to think about it much. Of course I have told Kimmy, she reassured me. 

'She is going to be fine, my dad drinks a lot but he is as healthy as...well as me.'

That helped quite a bit, but it didn't patch everything up. There were still holes gaping open. My head buzzed with thoughts and worries. I am supposed to be thinking of parties, drinking, boys my education. Not my mother or looking after the house. I am young, I shouldn't be doing this. It scares me though. It is like I am wasting my life away. Blowing it away like a child wishing on a dandelion. This child was wishing their life away before it even started.

'Hey mum, how was work?' I asked, she looked disappointed with my question. She was probably hoping I just said Hey. She is like that, she doesn't know how to hide her reactions.

She sighed and walked towards me. 'Terrible honey. Right it looks like there is a new family in town. I had an encounter with one. The wife or mother whatever. She was old looking, she was with her son.He seemed like a trouble maker. ' I frowned at the accusations she was giving to this stranger ' He probably will be in prison when he is a bit older. But I can tell you one thing, he was very nice looking. And I mean good looking. Tall, tanned and brown thick hair like....or who is that actor,' she clicked her finger at me. I shook my head. 'Come on, you like the books....Robert Pattinson. That's it! Anyway, I got their order. I came back with the food and the woman clicked her fingers, saying 'About time' how rude. She thought I wasn't good at my job. She should see this house, you two, see how well I have done.' Her face had turned a bluey-purple. Her rant had seemed to finish, she turned and walked back to the house.

I just stared, mouth open. The cheek of her. She thinks they are rude, she should be in their shoes, see her bad side. She does go slow. As the meal is being cooked, she would sneak out for a cigarette. Probably spending to much time yacking on the phone. He has suspended her a few times. He keeps on warning her, if she does anything else then she will get the sack.

Mum got to the door, she span around. 'Oh wait! I got you a job at Griffins, your welcome!' She sang.

'Wait what!' I shouted.

She let out a huge sigh. 'I got you a job at Griffins. Your a waitress, like your mum.' She giggled. 'I thought it best you get a job. To get money, maybe you could buy yourself your own car. Then I won't need to drag you everywhere.' Wow, is that one thing she has done nice for me. 

Then it struck, how has she got me a job when her boss hates her. 'Hey mum, it is really sweet of you doing that. But there is one thing I am wondering. How? Your boss hates you!'

She looked a bit upset but it quickly vanished. 'That is the other thing I wanted to tell you. I got a boyfrrrrriiiiieeeennnnnddddd!!!!!' She sang. 

Yep! I thought there was something strange. She was using her boss for money. She may as well wear a short dress and sign saying 'PROSTITUTE.'

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