For You Medowell

For you Medowell Your a true friend. One that I understand and love very much. But you pushed me to far. When you asked me to stop talking to another friend and just talk to you. I could not do that.


1. For You Medowell

I met a guy who is Muslon

He thought if he told me

I would hate him

I could never do that


A great guy he is

So loyal and kind

Always there for you

Never leaves you behind


Has two brothers and five sisters

Father died and left them

Mother had little money

To take care of them


Not good people around

Mother was sad

Tried to keep children safe

Like any good mother would do


They were treated badly

She wanted her children happy

Children knew this

So they smiled to keep her with them


They lost so much

Their uncle and grandfather

Passed away

It was a hard time


Mother fought with all her might

To educate her children

And bring them up right

She did it all on her own


Children got their education

Got good work to

Mother knew best

Children did the rest


But Medowell had something inside

For the childhood he lived

He is honest with everyone

Because of what he went through


He cries if anyone hurt's

Even on tv

He is a loving guy

With a kind heart


The children all did well

Mother is happy

They all had their dreams

It all ended well


So you see

All muslin's are not bad

It is the way your raised

So don't put other's down.


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