Super Star

this is about a girl named Paige Dawn who is 16 years old and has a totaly normal life until she auditions for the X-factor. Little did she know that she would fall in love with one of the contestants, win the X-factor and become a Superstar!

Please let me know what you think! I hope you like it :)


7. week 1

it was the first week of live shows. I was at the stadium waiting for Zayn. while i was waiting they interviewed me for the show. In the middle of like the 3rd interview Zayn came up behind me and kissed me on the cheek. I started to blush and the interviewer said "Paige who is this!" I laughed and said "this is Zayn" he waved at the camera. "he is in one of the groups here and we are dating." the nterviewer said into the camera "oh so there is already dating drama here in the X-Factor studio, When we return we will be interviewing Cher Lloyd!" the camera man turned off the camera and the interviewer said "thanks guys and you two look cute together!" we smiled and then they left. Then Simon ran up to us and handed us the stage schedule. He said "Paige you will be on in 1 hour so go do makeup and stuff. Zayn go find your group you need to get ready aswell." I said "okay thanks." then Zayn went to find the boys as i went to my dressing room.

~~~dressing room~~~

when i opened the door to my dressing room i was shocked! There was a makeup stand with tons of makeup and hair things. a walk in closet with like 100 outfits! and sofa with a 70 inch flat screen TV. I thought to my self wow they really spoil the contenstants... my thoughts were interrupted with my door opening. A really tall overly excited girl came in. She said "Hi, Paige i am your makeup and dress artist. My name is Sarah!" i just said Hi and she sat me down at the make up station. She said "what song are you singing i want you to look perfect for the song, Your mentor, Simon Said to have you wear bright neon colors!" i then quietly said " im singing Waking up in Vegas by Katy Perry" she nodded and said "oh a nice up beat song! I know just what to do. but you cant watch!" she took down the mirror and i laughed. then she started to do my hair. i had no idea what she did but she had to use a lot of hair spray! then she did my make up. it felt like she put so much on! but the she put the mirror back up and said "what do you think?" I looked amazing! My hair was in a ponytail on the very top of my head it was tied up to look like a bow. She used bright hair pins around the bottom of the bow. and i had small blue and purple butterfly wings on the side of my eyes with blush and a pale pink lips stick that looked neon on my skin. i turned around to tell her that i loved it but she was already in the closet looking for clothing, when she came out. she was holding neon green skinny jeans, a bright yellow vest, a blue tank top, neon rainbow skateboarding shoes. I got dressed and Sarah did some final touches she put glitter on my face and colorful bracelets. Then i was ready. 


I walked on the stage to be supprised again by the bright lights! I forgot how bright they were. I looked at the judges. they smiled and Simon said "we know your information you may sing when your ready." i nodded slightly, And the music started.... After my 3 minute preformance. everyone clapped. I smiled and looked to the judges. the first guy said "Well first of all you look amazing tonight!" "thank you." i said and the same guy continued. "I thought you did an outstanding job! so i would have to say Yes!" everyone clapped again. Then the next person Said "yes!" and Simon said "Yes, you are moving on to next weeks show!" I jumped up and down and ran off the stage. Zayn was there and gave me a big hug. I missed his preformance because i was getting ready for mine but they moved on too. So me and Zayn went back to the house. When we got there, there was a note on the door that said 'all contestants that moved on, please get you things you will now be moved to a private location. There will be a limo coming to pick all 15 of you up at 10 o-clock. Thank you- Simon.'  so we went and packed our things. When we got to the Limo It was so long you could fit about 20 people in it. I got in with Zayn close behind. The celling lit up different colors, there was food, drinks, and a TV! this was my first time in a Limo and i was really impressed!

~~~New House~~~

it was 12 o_clock when we arrived at the house. And i was tired so i walked in found a door with my name on it and went in and fell asleep. I really hated going to bed late because it ruined my day! But i was excited to wake up and start practicing for my next live show preformance. I was so lucky to be where i am right now. On the X-Factor, have a Amazing boyfriend. Everything was perfect...Life was perfect...


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