Super Star

this is about a girl named Paige Dawn who is 16 years old and has a totaly normal life until she auditions for the X-factor. Little did she know that she would fall in love with one of the contestants, win the X-factor and become a Superstar!

Please let me know what you think! I hope you like it :)


5. lunch

It was Monday and today was the last day to practice before the judges houses. I woke up at 8, got ready, and went to the stadium for my last practice of Fly With Me by The Jonas Brothers. I was with my vocal trainer and we started by doing warm ups and then she started the music. after 3 minutes i was done singing. My tranier said "okay your ready, you may go back to your house. Oh and dont forget to do warm ups before you sing tomorrow!" "okay thanks!" I said and went to find Zayn. I saw him in a room on my way out talking to his trainer. So i waited by the door. When he came out he ran into me. "oh sorry, babe i didn't see you there!" he said while putting his arm around me. "its okay, What would you like to do today." i asked. "Well we could go out to lunch, if you want." "yeah that sounds like fun, what time." "well lets go back to the house and let the cooks know that we wont be here for lunch and we could leave at 12." "okay that sounds good!" i said and we walked back to the house.

~~~11 o-clock~~~

I was in my room getting ready. I was wearing a neon pink ruffled shirt and a tight mini skirt with blue Vans. i curled my hair and wore a light amount of make up. I looked at my phone and it was already 12 so i walked down stairs and Zayn was already there wearing jeans a white shirt and blazer. He said "wow you look amazing!" so i said "thanks, not bad yourself!" he laughed and said "Alright lets go im starving!" We left and Zayn drove us to Inamo St. James. When we got there i told Zayn "I have never been here before!" He said "Okay well its different. you order you food ON the tables and you can play games and other things, dont worry i will help you order if you need help." "okay thanks!" When we sat down I relized what Zayn ment the table was like a big ipad or a big Phone! I clicked a few things and i got to a page where i could change my table cloth pattern. Zayn said "okay i ordered. Do you need help?" "uh yeah, but wait i think im changing the table pattern!" Zayn laughed and said "yeah you are, you should do the beach scene!" "okay!" so I changed the backround to a beach and said "Okay now...How do you order?" Zayn explained how to order my food, and i ordered Pork Fuji Apple Dumplings with a glass of water. Me and Zayn talked for a while until we noticed its been an hour and our food didn't come yet. I said "how do we know if they even got our orders?!" "well this place you can look into the kitchen to see what their making!" He taped a few things on the table and said "they are just about done!" "great because im starving!" "yeah me too!" When the food came we cheered and ate with out talking. The bill came a while later and Zayn grabbed it and said "My treat." I smiled and said "Thanks, but the next date i will pay!" He smiled then laughed! I said "wait, what have i said!" "oh nothing but i didn't know if this was a date!" "oh... well we are dating right?" "yeah! Im just messing with you! I knew it was a date!" "haha very funny." i said as we went back to the house.  

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