Super Star

this is about a girl named Paige Dawn who is 16 years old and has a totaly normal life until she auditions for the X-factor. Little did she know that she would fall in love with one of the contestants, win the X-factor and become a Superstar!

Please let me know what you think! I hope you like it :)


3. bootcamp

I was on my way to bootcamp. When i arrived i saw Zayn waiting by the door. i walked up to him and said "Hey Zayn, you didnt have to wait for me!" "i know but i wanted to be gentlemen." he said "haha okay, lets go." when we got inside they gave us houses to live at while on the show. I was in house 248, in room 3. I waited for Zayn and when he got through the line he said that he was in house 248, and in room 4. I said "Thats the same house im in and im in room 3!" "wow really, thats awesome!" "i know i cant wait!" they gave us 2 hours to go to the house and look around and unpack, or do anything else we wanted. So we walked to house 248. When we got there and went inside i was completly shocked. it was a lot larger than i expected! There was a stair case on each side of the room, there was a double door to the dinning room that also had a stair case. I walked up the stairs like what they do in horror movies. I was not sure what to do. this place was bigger than double the size of my house. Then Zayn came up and patted me on the back and said "its alright Paige its just a house!" "i know." i laughed and followed Zayn up the stairs. I found my room and slowly opened the door. I gasped when i saw the huge room with a flat screen tv, a huge window, a desk and so much more. The walls were white except one that was dark purple. the dark purple wall had the window and the other walls had pictures of random things. It was amazing! so i unpacked somethings before loosing intrest and walked down stairs to explore the huge house. We had an hour and a half before we had to be back at bootcamp. So i walked into the large dining room with 15 chairs around a huge table. next i walked into a door on the left. it led me to the kitchen. the kitchen was filled with many interesting smells. Next i walked into large doors that had a sign that said Gym. I was excited to see what this looked like! When i went in, on my left were weights and other arm builders. on my left were tredmills. and right in front of me were bikes with mirrors and chairs. I walked towards the bikes and saw Zayn and some other guy talking while biking. So i said "hey Zayn, who is this?" Zayn said "hi Paige this is Liam, we just met, he is living in this house too." Liam hoped off the bike and came over and shock my hand and said "hello, im Liam." "hi liam im Paige." Zayn said "hey um guys we have 5 minutes to get to the stadium!" We all freaked out and ran over to the studio. we arrived with 1 minute before they began the first practice. Dancing. we got our numbers off the table and noticed we were the last ones to arrive. We walked on stage with so many other people! then Simon said "great were all here, now before we begin i would like you to thank our house keepers that prepared and cleaned the houses before you arrived." We all clapped and we began. The 3 people in front of us tought us how to do all these dances. After 2 hours we took a break. we got water bottles and protien bars. I talked with Zayn and Liam. This other guy came over and said "excuse me my name is Niall i was wondering where did you get those protien bars?" "umm... other there on that table." I said pointing to a table in front of us. "thanks" he whispered, and walked over to the table.

~~~~~after bootcamp was over~~~~~

I met up with Zayn outside of the building he was sweating and so was i, i said "that was awfuly hard!" "yeah it was, i cant dance so it was harder for me!" "Zayn dont say that you an amazing dancer!" i said "thanks." he said. and we walked back to the house and went to the dinning room. there were plates on the table and food. i asked one of the kitchen staff if we could eat. she said "once everyone gets here, so you can sit down if you would like." "okay thanks" Zayn said. we sat down beside each other and waited for everyone.

~~~5 minutes later~~~

everyone sat down and we were ready to eat. We were eating and talking before someone said "how about we intoduce our selves." we all agreed and they started with the left. there was a girl named Cher Lloyd, another girl name Rebecca, She didnt say her last name so i didnt know what it was. and then there was Liam who i already met and some other guys one i reconized as Niall the guy who talked to us durring break at bootcamp. we got through introductions and finished eating by that time everyone was tired and we all went to bed. After that day boot camp continued for another week and then we would see who moves to Judges Houses.   

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