You are my shining star. My beautiful moon. My one and only true love. Your my everything.


1. You

You are like a fresh

Breath of air

Your hair falling in your face

Your eyes so smokey

Your lips I so want to kiss


Your arms to hold me

Body like Heaven

Legs entwined with  mine

Feet to walk with me

Your spirit to carry with me


You have a heart of gold

A love full of passion

So much desire

I'm burning inside

You keep me alive


You have the best action in the world

The smartest words , I have ever heard

You dress in a style of your own

Your the best at everything you do

My heart is on fire


You are the best friend, I ever had

The best lover, I will ever need

Your kiss is on fire

Your my heart's desire

When we come together


It is like no other sound

You have ever heard

It's loud and clear

You can hear it every where

The scream of love





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