To Someone Special

To someone special. That is a true friend and stands with me to the end. That listens and understands.


1. To Someone Special

To the best man, best lover, best friend

I ever had in my life

That fell in love with me at first sight

The same as I did with you


I held on to tight

But I know someday

You will be back

We were meant to be


I have tried to get over you

But I can't

You will always be with me

No matter how far or near


You can be with another

But you will realize

No one will ever  love you as much as I do


Your one of a kind

No matter what , I will always be here for you

Never turn my back on you

Will not walk away for anything


When other friends leave you I will be here

I will love you till my last breath

Then I will take you with me

In my heart


So you can join me and get your heart

Your a part of me

That will not change

God sent you to me


He had a plan for us

So Darling please

Come back to me

We can work it out


If you will talk to me

I will do what it takes

To have you back

I love you only


I miss you more each day

Your angel watches over you

Says a prayer for you every night

I come in your dreams


I whisper in your ear

I love you Darling and always will

I hold your hand

And hug you tight


I am your blanket

That warms you at night

I love you

With all my heart

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