A Girl's Finest Dream

Liz, a 19 years old girl was Zayn Malik's girlfriend for 5 months already. She also was a huge One Direction fan. Liz happened to know a psychotic girl that almost led her to human's biggest fear - death! What will happen when Liz forgot a year worth of memory? Will she remember her relationship with Zayn? Or will she fall with the other band mates? Will the ending hurts her more?


3. She..she..

*Zayn's Point Of View*

'She..she..is in the hospital.' I said..trying to hold back my tears but somehow failed.

'WHY!?' Louis shouted. 'C-car..Accident.' I replied. 'Let's go to the hospital.' Niall said.

We all grabbed our stuff and we went to Louis' Audi. He drove fast, but on speed limit. Once we got there we ran to the hospital front desk.

'How may I help you?' One of the receptionist said. 'What room is Lizzie Flynn in?' I asked. She replied, 'Room 156.'

We thanked her and ran towards the room. I twisted the door knob and one of the doctors asked us to wait outside.

I leaned on the wall and Harry stood beside me. He patted my shoulder, 'It's all going to be okay, mate.' I didn't say anything to him back, I wasn't in the mood. I tried to hold back my tears but failed. I rolled down my cheeks fast. Real fast. Harry offered me his tissue so I grabbed it and wiped my tears away. The hospital is really quiet besides the sound of crying and whatsoever. Really awkward.

Once the doctor walked out of the room, I ran to him, 'How's she?' I asked. 'She is under critical condition, sir. She is currently in coma and we are trying to do our best. It may take days or even months until she wakes up.' Then he walked away.

I entered the room to see her lying on the bed. Her pale face, her weak body, her critical condition, how can this be?

I held her hand and cried.. like a baby. All of the lads tried to calm me down but I refuse to.

'Does Liam know?' I asked them. 'No. He is still hanging out with Dani.' Louis answered. Niall waved his phone and said, 'I'll call.'

*Liam's Point Of View*

When I was talking to Danielle about her dancing routine, my phone vibrated. I put it on silent. I took out the phone from my pocket. It's from Niall. I picked it up.

'Hey Niall!' I said, cheerily. 'Dude come to the hospital, and fast!' He said. Now I'm confused. 'Why?' 'Liz got submitted there. A car accident. Room 156.' Then I replied, 'Okay be there in 5.' 

I ended the call and grabbed Dani's hand and went to the car. She did not say anything. When we arrived at the hospital. Room 156 right?

I twisted the door knob and all 8 eyes were on me. 2 eyes weren't. Haha. Okay, that's so so sick.

'What's going on?' Dani asked. 'Well, Liz was driving to our house. And we don't know the rest.' Louis explained.

'Oh.' Dani replied. Now all eyes were on Liz. Then the doctor came in. He said, 'Only 2 can stay and the hospital closes in 9 hours.' Then he went out.

Zayn was the first one to waved his hand volunteering to stay. Of course. And Harry was the second one. That's it. Zayn and Harry is going to sleep here tonight. I glanced at Louis. His look...anger?

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