A Girl's Finest Dream

Liz, a 19 years old girl was Zayn Malik's girlfriend for 5 months already. She also was a huge One Direction fan. Liz happened to know a psychotic girl that almost led her to human's biggest fear - death! What will happen when Liz forgot a year worth of memory? Will she remember her relationship with Zayn? Or will she fall with the other band mates? Will the ending hurts her more?


2. Hangout

*Zayn's Point Of View*

She's kneeling there, helplessly. How can I let him do this to her? I'm too coward. I'm too selfish. I'm too stupid. The knife made it's way through her flesh. And I'm.. I'm too coward to be there for her, defending her, helping her. It's too late. Even if the ambulance came, she's gone.


'Don't leave me!' I shouted, sobbing. No answer from her. You're so stupid, Zayn! It's your own girlfriend!


Then my eyes popped open. There stood Louis and Niall shaking me.

'Dude, are you okay?' Louis asked. I tried to open to say something, but no words came out. No words can describe how I felt right now. I felt stupid, coward, scared, sad, surprised at the same time.

'Dude! Are you fine?' This time Niall shouted. I glanced at the clock. It read 12:38 PM. It's already afternoon. Then Louis slapped me. 'Dude! Just..just.. go get ready. It's already afternoon!'

Then they both left. I woke up, wiped my tears away. I'm weak on my knees right now. I need to call Liz. I grabbed my iPhone 5 then dialed Liz's number.

'Hello?' I can hear the innocent voice there. 'Liz? Are you okay? Are you alright?' I asked, almost shouting. Then she giggled, 'Of course hun, why? Had a nightmare?' 'Y-Yes..' I replied, shaking. 'Aww babe, it's alright. Want me to go there?' She asked. 'Please?' I asked, hoping she'd say yes. 'Sure! I'll be there in 5 minutes. Bye hun.' 'Bye.'

Then she ended the call. I got ready and walked out of the room.

'What happened just now, mate?' Harry asked. I shook my head, lying. 'It was pretty much something.' He said, again. 'Look, I just had a nightmare. Okay?' I said back, coldly. He just smiled and I prepared my breakfast, well brunch. Which is cereal, great right?

Now I'll just read some fan fictions on my iPhone 5 while waiting for Liz.

*Niall's Point Of View*

I saw Zayn reading some fan fictions on Movellas.

'Yo Zayn! Can I join?' I shouted. He nodded. Then I sank my ass beside him and started reading it.

While we were having fun reading the fan fictions, his phone rang. His phone rang exactly during the sex scene. Good timing ehh?

He picked it up.

Then I heard something crash. Me and the lads turned to Zayn. He dropped his iPhone. Great. He's just standing there, like a statue, with his jaw dropped.

'Who was it?' Louis asked. Zayn slowly answered, 'T-The d-doctor.' Then Harry asked, 'Why?' Zayn turned to Harry and said, 'Liz. She...she...'


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