A Girl's Finest Dream

Liz, a 19 years old girl was Zayn Malik's girlfriend for 5 months already. She also was a huge One Direction fan. Liz happened to know a psychotic girl that almost led her to human's biggest fear - death! What will happen when Liz forgot a year worth of memory? Will she remember her relationship with Zayn? Or will she fall with the other band mates? Will the ending hurts her more?


5. Crushes and crushes.

*Liz's Point Of View*

They told me I was Zayn's girlfriend. ..why? I don't have feelings for him. Just maybe 1%. My all-time favorite guy from One Direction has always been Harry. Wow, truth sucks.

*Harry's Point Of View*

Zayn went out to get some fresh air. So there's only me and Liz left. I walked towards the hospital bed.

'Everything alright, babe?' I asked. She smiled weakly and simply nodded. Then I explained, 'Look I know you didn't remember your relationship with Zayn, but he loves you very very very much. When you weren't...awake, he did not find any girl for 2 months cause he thought he will be cheating on you.'

She looked straight to me eyes, 'But I..don't have any feelings for him. Empty. None. Zero.'

I smiled, held her face and said, 'You will remember everything back, babe, you will.'

For about 5 seconds I stared into her beautiful eyes, then Zayn walked in. Zayn never looked at us both, grabbed his stuff and said, 'I'm going home.' and walked away.

'See? He has nothing with me!' Liz shouted. 'He's always like that. I know in his deep heart he has feelings for you.' I explained. She just closed her eyes and tears started to fall down her cheeks. I wiped the tears away and we both stared at each other. Soon, she crashed her lips onto mine. I kissed back. It felt right.

Right at the same time, Louis walked in. 'Oh My God! HAROLD EDWARD STYLES!' He shouted.

I stepped back and turned to face Louis' face. I've never seen this face before.. too much anger!

'I-It's not what you think, Louis!' I tried to explained. 'Do Zayn..know?' Louis asked. I shook my head. 'No, but don't tell him!' I shouted. He nodded and walked away.

Now 2 people has walked out on us. I went to see the doctor to ask when can Liz leave. He told me, in 2 days. 2 Days. 2 Days. 2 Days.

*Louis' Point Of View*

Shit shit shit shit shit. Harry kissed Zayn's girlfriend. Do Zayn knows about this? Should I tell him? No I shouldn't. Harry's best bud. Liz..why do you have to forget Zayn?

When I entered our flat, Zayn saw me and asked me how is Liz. I ignored and went to my room. I actually wanted to visit Liz. I checked my phone. 4 missed calls. 7 text messages.

All 4 calls were from Harry. 4 text messages are from Harry. 2 are from Niall and 1 is from El.

From Haz<3<3 - Look please don't tell Zayn me and Liz kissed.

From Haz<3<3 - Where are you going?

From Haz<3<3 - Louis, answer me!

From Haz<3<3 - LOUIS!

From IrishLeprechaun - Yo can you bring me back food?

From IrishLeprechaun - I'm hungry.

From Eleanor<3 - Hey babeeee x How's Liz?

I ignored them all except for Eleanor. I replied back.

To Eleanor<3 - Aww she's fine. But she lost 1 year worth of memory. Sad right?

I walked out of the room, no one. I wanted to relax a bit, so I watched some comedy. But at last, I dozed off.

*Zayn's Point Of View.*

What's wrong with Louis? I relaxed for 30 minutes and I decided to watch some television to get my mind off Liz so I went out of my room. There, I saw Louis sleeping. I woke him up and he went back to his room. He left his cell on the table. First, I wanted to give it back. But then I decided to check on his messages. Probably I can figure out why has he been acting weird.

The first message in the inbox;

From Haz<3<3. I opened it. My jaw dropped. So that's why Louis has been acting weird. He saw Harry and Liz ..

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