A Girl's Finest Dream

Liz, a 19 years old girl was Zayn Malik's girlfriend for 5 months already. She also was a huge One Direction fan. Liz happened to know a psychotic girl that almost led her to human's biggest fear - death! What will happen when Liz forgot a year worth of memory? Will she remember her relationship with Zayn? Or will she fall with the other band mates? Will the ending hurts her more?


6. Chapter 5

*Still Zayn's Point Of View*

Liz and ... Harry..kissed? I threw the phone onto the wall and it crashed. I packed everything in a suitcase and went to the airport. I need to go somewhere..away from them. Away from Harry. Away from Liz. Away from everyone!

The only ones I can trust are Niall and Liam now. I bought 1 ticket to Ireland.


Once I landed, I wore a hoodie, a fake mustache and a pair of sunglasses. I need no paps capturing pictures of me and then post it online. I don't want any of the boys to find me. No.

I rented a car and drove to a hotel. I need to get it off my mind. Like, forever. I don't deserve to be Liz's boyfriend. I don't deserve to be 'One Direction's Superstar Zayn Malik.' I just wanted to be a normal Zayn.

It has been a long day for me and I need a rest. I checked my phone.

6 text messages 7 missed calls.

3 text messages from Harry. 2 from Eleanor and 1 from ... Liz?

2 missed calls from Liz. 2 missed calls from Eleanor and 3 missed calls from Harry.

I have intention of reading them.

Then a new text message appeared. From Niall.

From Niall - Dude where are you?

I replied to him back ;

To Niall - Please don't tell anyone this. You are the only one I trust now. I'm in Ireland.

Then I press sent. A few minutes later, he replied back.

From Niall - Oh. Can I come? I won't tell any body.

I smiled to myself.

To Niall - Sure.

Then the phone rang. Liz. Urgh. I picked it up.


Z : What?

L : Is this Zayn?

Z : What do you want Liz? Kiss Harry again? Sorry Harry's not with me.

Then I heard everyone gasped on the other line.

Z : Am I on speaker?

L : Kinda.

Z : Anyways what do you want?

L : Where are you Zayn?

Z : No need to know.

L : But--

Then I ended the call. No more drama needed. No.



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