A Girl's Finest Dream

Liz, a 19 years old girl was Zayn Malik's girlfriend for 5 months already. She also was a huge One Direction fan. Liz happened to know a psychotic girl that almost led her to human's biggest fear - death! What will happen when Liz forgot a year worth of memory? Will she remember her relationship with Zayn? Or will she fall with the other band mates? Will the ending hurts her more?


4. 2 months later..

*Zayn's Point Of View*

Liz still did not wake up yet. It has been  2 months. At lease I stopped crying. The other lads keep telling me to find a new girl. But I refuse. Even if Liz in coma, I does mean I'm cheating on her. What if Liz wakes up and saw me and and other girls dating? That's even worse.

I held Liz's hand and felt like she gripped my hand. There's only me and Harry in the room. It's now 2:28AM. Harry's sleeping. Snoring and drooling. Yuck. Now I felt like peeing. So I went to the toilet, did my business and went back to the room.

I stood there, by her side. Still couldn't get my beauty sleep. The management had cancelled all the concerts and tours. I begged them.

Then I heard a soft moan. 'Liz!?' I shouted. Then her eyes popped open. I can't believe it! 'Liz! You're awake!' I screamed. Harry woke up. I alarmed the doctors.

*Liz's Point Of View*

Where am I? Why am I surrounded in a hospital? The last thing I remember was... I moved in into my new apartment. But that thing felt like..years ago. What year is it today anyway? 2011 right?

The doctors asked me some stupid questions like, 'What is your name?' 'What year is it now?' 'How old are you?' 'What is the last thing you remembered?'

I only got 1 thing right..my name. What happened, actually? I looked around. There's a curly-haired guy and a-- Is that.. Zayn Malik and Harry Styles? They knew me?

Then the doctor told me I had lost 1 year worth of memory. What happened?! They told me I went through an accident and in coma. Whaaaaaat?

*Zayn's Point Of View*

I was happy! I called every to come. 'Liz!' I shouted to her. She look puzzled. 'You are Z-Zayn from One Direction, right?' I replied, 'Y-Yes, Liz.. I'm your..boyfriend!' Now she looked surprised. 'I-I was?' She asked.

She did not remember our relationship. Felt like a knife stabbed me from behind.


Sorry this chapter was so so so short.

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