this is a true story about my best friend and i


3. the beginning of heart break prt 2

Since Cheyenne didnt call me back i decided to play x-box with my sister. I still haven't heard anything from Cheyenne... I tried my best to think positive about her but i was failing... epically! I knew Satan was trying his best to pull me under.... like a person fighting a shark in the ocean and the person trying their best to just stay above. BOOM! the thunder is getting louder... the trembling thickets of twigs are falling from the trees. Power lines were clashing down, and transformers blew. As i watch the storm i get another phone call that startled me. I walked over to my phone and yet again i hear someone sobbing.But in the midst of all the sobbing i hear a faint, "im sorry K." K?!?! Whoever this was on the phone knew me... K is one of many nicknames for me... I tried talking to the person on the phone... but as i opened my mouth, they hung up... I was frightened. i went back to playing x-box with my sister and finally after an hour my mom gets back from the store. It was getting late and i sat down for dinner and told my mom all the strange phone calls i was getting. she told me the next strange phone call i get just to give the phone to her and she'll handle it. i was so tired i went to bed earlier than i normally would. i go to my room, turn my T.V. to the music channel and fall asleep. the next day was sunny and bright and as i woke up to take a shower i get another phone call... this time i could distinguish who it was... i know i'ver heard their cry before. I say, "hello? who is this? are you ok?"

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