Who I Am (Sequel to How did I get Here?)

Reed couldn't take Jamestown anymore after she and her dad got into a fight about the boyfriend who hit her. So she went to New York to pursue her life long dream of becoming a dancer. The New York Ballet Academy has taken her under their wing and given her an apartment. She lives alone and spends nearly every waking hour dancing as she tries to drown out the guilt and longing she feels towards her all-time-best-friend-and-possibly-boyfriend Alex. She still has no contact to her father or half-sister and she tries desperately to become a new Reed. But at age seventeen is that poossible?


4. Phone call

I sleep as a stone the whole night through and in the morning I'm still tired. Though not as in my body is tired. My mind is. A lot has happened through the last few days and I haven't had much time to myself to just think things through. I don't have to be a school for another two hours so I take a moment to sit in my living room and get a breath. I finally decide to do something I should have done a while ago. I get my phone from my training bag and dial the familiar number.

It rings once. It rings twice. It rings four times before she answers.

"Talk. I'm in a hurry." Lara says. Tears well up in my eyes. My god how I have missed her. "I can call later if you can't talk right now." I say. "Reed? Darling is that you? Don't hang up I'm not in a hurry at all I just say that to get rid of advertisers and phone sales people." She says in her signature british accent. "Ok." "Did you call for a reason or did you just call?" She asks. "I just needed to hear your voice. I miss you." "Aww sweetie I miss you too. But I'm glad you took a chance on your career. You are truly gifted. The bumblebbes are doing great by the way. But Gina left. I never found out why. It's like all my good students take off all of a sudden. You, Leo, Gina..." "Gina moved here." I say. "She did? Wow. So are you coming home for thanksgiving?" "No. Not until my dad pulls himself together." I say stubbornly. "Reed don't be so hard on him. He honestly cared for that boy." "Yeah and that's the problem! He cared more for my boyfriend, who hit me, than he cared for me. And it's not even like I'm gonna be mad forever. I just want a proper apology." "I understand. Even though I'm not much for the way you ran off and didn't call anybody. We didn't know 100% where you were. We guessed but we couldn't be sure before we talked to the school." "I know. I'm sorry." My voice nearly cracks at the end and it grows heavy with tears stuck in my throat. "Hey don't cry. It's ok. But you should talk to your dad." She says. "I've tried. All he ever says is 'Please come home'. And I can't do that. It's too late. I'll get replaced if I leave." "I know sweetie. By the way aren't you supposed to be in Madame Lavin's class now?" "Not for another hour. How do you know her name?" "A. I've been keeping an eye on you sweetheart. I had to make sure you were thriving at the school. And B. She was my teacher." I choke on the glass of orange juice I ave poured myself while we talked. "What! She was? How old is she?" "Not that old. In her sixties I believe." She laughs. I collect my things and pull on my coat to go to the school. "Wow. I'll have to ask her about that." I tease. "Oh no please don't. She can tell you stories I hoped would never see daylight again." She rambles and I laugh. Even though it is nice to hear her voice and talk again this call is making me sad. It reminds me of how much I miss her. "So have you talked to Leo recently?" I ask. "Yeah I have. He helps me keep track of you." She chuckles. "Yeah he is sort of my New York big brother now." "Yes so I have heard. Did you know he broke up with Kyle last night?" I nearly fall down the stairs. "What!" I yelp and people in the lobby of my building stare at me. Guilt starts to wash over me. I have been a horrible friend. "Yeah he did. Don't know why though." She says. "Oh my God. I'll see if he wants to have a coffee before school. Talk to you later." I say. "Bye darling."

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