puppy love

niall and i have been good friends for a LONG time. but when he becomes famous and gets all the girls screaming his name do i have real feeling for him...


1. chapter 1

"i miss you soooo much!" i cried into my phone. you must be thinking im crazy talking into my phone, but im actually on face time to my best friend of all time, Niall. i havent seen him for about 2 years. but we text and stuff so its cool. but i really want to see his face in real not just some computerised version..

"i miss you to molly.. but one day we'll catch up..'' he said teying to make me feel better. "hey, did u die your hair?" he asked.

"well, you would know niall, i died my hair red when i was 10.. we were still with eachother then.. but since you asked i did re-die it because it was fading.''

''oh ok'' he replied. were now 17 year olds. "omg niall! i just had the best idea!" i said smiling widely..
"what is it?" he asked eager to know
"i should come to england and see you!" i yelled and jumped off my bed. i only had a tank top and panties on but i didnt care cause niall had seen me like this heaps of times. probobly even worse. and same with me. i saw his smile widen and he started jumping to. then i saw his four other mates, louis, liam, harry and zayn come into view of the camera. probobly trying to figure out what the hell niall was doing and why. thats when i covered myself up with a pillow and squeeled, but laughed. the others all went 'ooooohh!' and i poked my tongue out at them.

"ok so niall i will meet you at the hotel in a few days..?" i reasured.
"yup" he nodded.
"kk, i gtg" i said. we all waved bye and i pressed end call on my phone.

the whole day i was getting ready to get to see niall..and the boys. i had bought tickets and packed and was just about ready to go..

just one more night to spend with out niall... if i can survive it..


sorry. ik its short but it will get longer and more interesting

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