He's Mine

As I turn 17, the things I thought were the most important, seemed to prove me wrong. So now I sit on this plane with my best friend Haley, waiting for my arrival in NY, my big break. Little did I know I was going to be staying at the most expensive apartment in Manhattan. Yeah, you heard right. Let's just say, my uncle is more than just a rich fellow. Maybe I'll meet someone special. Maybe they'll be real. Maybe they'll be my next door neighbor for the summer? All I hope is that the day I meet him, my heart is ready to let him in.


3. The Stranger On The Plane

Eliza's POV.

I woke up with a huge smile. Today was the day Hale and I were going to New York! "Hales!" I squealed jumping onto her bed. "IT'S TODAY! WE'RE GOING TO NEW YORK!" She eventually got up and started jumping and squealing along with me. "Okay, come on! Go get ready, we're going for breakfast with Max and Kyle." I told her and got off her bed to go to my room.

I washed my hair and body, brushing my teeth while I was in there too. As I stepped out into the summer air that filled my room, I felt so grateful that it wasn't winter. I got out a pair of peach shorts, a flowy grey top and my favorite pair of pink sandals. I quickly dried my hair with my hair dryer then brushed through it. I decided to tie it up today, so I brushed all my ridiculously red hair to the back of my head, tying it up with a purple hair tie.

I looked at myself in the mirror one last time before heading to Haley's room. "Ready?" I asked her, she was staring into the mirror, thinking hard... "What are you thinking about?" I placed myself on her bed, watching her intently as she sighed and looked at me through the mirror. "Just that, when we go on this trip, I want to be able to forget everything. Every break up, every fight I've ever gotten into. Everything. And I want to help you forget about him."

I got up and hugged her from behind. "Then that's exactly what we'll do." She smiled then we headed down the stairs to see Max and Kyle lying on the couch. "Alright come on." I said grabbing Kyle by the collar of his shirt. "Okay! I'm getting up!" He chuckled and pretended to brush off the non-existing dust that I left on his shirt. "Now don't make me have to do the same to you." I warned, pointing a finger in Max's direction.

He quickly got up, straightening out his shirt. "Let's go." He grabbed his keys and we all got into his car. "Where to?" He asked as he reversed out of the driveway. "Aunt Macy's café!" Kyle and I shouted in unison making the two of us laugh. "Oh how I hate twins." Max grumbled jokingly. Both Kyle and I gasped an hit Max on the head. "Dimwit." Kyle retorted and sat back into his seat. I chuckled and sat back too. I was in the back with him and Haley was next to Max who was driving.

When we arrived Aunt Macy immediately came running out to us. "Oh Eli, Max, Kyle! Oh how I've missed the lot of you! And who's this? Hello love, I'm Macy, but you can call me aunt Macy." She hugged us all then lead us into the café, placing us in a seat near the windows. We placed our orders and once they arrived, we started talking, eating, chewing, all the usual stuff. Soon enough, it was time to get back and get ready to leave to the airport.

"Are you going to change into something else?" Haley asked as I walked into my room. "Yeah. Probably." She nodded then skipped off to her room. I went to my closet and decided on some blue jeans, a grey top with a tribal print near the collar, with white classic Converse Chuck Taylor pimsoles. I took my grey beanie in a sling bag, which consisted of my phone and wallet, then headed off to Haley's room. Both our suitcases were already downstairs and ready to go.

"Hey ready to goooo?" I asked cheerily as I skipped into her room. "Hell yeah!" She grinned and we both did our retarded happy dance, which was so typical us. She was wearing a navy blue waterfall skirt with a grey chiffon top, tucked in. She had grey wedges on and her hair was pleated to one side. "By the way, you look absolutely stunning love." I told her and she chuckled bumping hips with mine. "As do you." She winked make us both laugh.

"Come on girls! You have a plane to catch!" My mum called from the door. I huffed, yes I was still pretty ticked off by her. "Let it go babe, just let it go." Haley whispered making me relax a little more. We all piled into the car, Me, Hales and Kyle in the back, Mum and Max in the front. The whole ride was silent, slightly awkward, but I blocked everything with my earphones. I honestly wasn't in the mood for talking.

"I'll meet you guys inside." Max called to us once we had unloaded Haley and I's bags. "Okay!" Then he drove off to where I suspect is the car park. I grabbed my bag and dragged it into the airport. We waited around 10minutes, Kyle and I bickering as Haley and my mum talked about something irrelevant, before Max came running over, panting as though he had run a marathon.

"Had fun dude?" I laughed at his super red face. "Come one we have to get you checked in." My mum said and we all made our way to the check in counters.

"Flight 247 from London to New York is ready for boarding in 15minutes."

At that moment, I was both excited, yet sad I was leaving two of my favorite douches in the world. "I'm gonna miss you Eliza." Kyle said getting adorably sentimental. "Aww Kyle! I'll miss you too cuddle bear!" I chuckled and he groaned at the nickname I had given him since we were 3. I hugged him tight and kissed his cheek, then moved on to Max.

"I'm gonna miss you little sis." I grinned and jumped onto him for a hug. He twirled me and round and kissed my cheek. "I'll miss you too Maxie." I smiled at him before going to my mum. "I'm sorry dear, I was just... Scared of what was going to happen to you... But I've realized you need this. Go, have a break. I'll still be here for you when you get back." I smiled and tears slowly formed in my eyes. I always was a mummy's girl. "It's okay mum, I'll miss you too." I kissed her cheek and I let some of the tears fall.

My uncle suddenly appeared. "Hello love." He greeted, giving me a cheeky smile. "What are you doing here?" I asked hugging him tight. "I needed to pass you the address and the key to my apartment!" He chuckled and handed me a piece of paper and a bundle of keys. "Oh! Thank you!" I giggled and hugged everyone once more, Haley doing the same,  then we headed into the terminal.

So now Haley and I were sitting on the plane, my earphones were in and the song 'Over Again' by One Direction. Yeah I was a fan, but I wasn't stark crazy about them... Just a fan. But I have to admit, that Harry Styles is one piece of heaven.

'If you're pretending from the start, like this, with tight grip, then my kiss can mend your broken heart, I might miss everything you said to me. And I could lend you broken parts, that might fit, like this. And I will give you all my heart, so we can start it all over again.'

"Who knew what was the most important to us, could disappoint us so easily?" I heard Haley whisper from beside me. "It was bound to happen... I just didn't think so soon." I confessed and felt warm tears slip down my face. Around a week before my birthday, Haley's boyfriend Jason went full on asshole on her. I slapped him hard across the face and told him "IF I EVER SEE YOU TALKING TO EITHER ONE OF US AGAIN, I PROMISE YOU'LL NEVER PRODUCE A CHILD IN YOUR LIFE." Then he ran out of the house in fear.

We both quickly wiped the tears away before anyone could see us. The plane hasn't even taken off yet so we had to keep presentable. Soon a pretty tall guy, wearing a grey hoodie and dark jeans, came over. His curly brown hair was pushed to one side and it was poking out slightly from his hood that went over his head. "Sorry ladies, but I believe my seat is the one next to the window." He chuckled, his voice was deep and raspy. For some reason it sounded so bloody familiar, but I thought nothing of it.

I tucked my legs in so he could pass. Haley was sitting in the aisle seat, leaving me in the middle, next to the mystery dude. "Sorry about that." He said politely before putting his hood down. That's when I realized who it was. Harry. Fucking. Styles. Was. Sitting. Next. To. Me. On. This. Plane. "You-you're Harry Styles...." I stuttered out. He chuckled slightly and nodded. "That would be me." He smiled that gorgeous smile of his, dimples showing. "Sorry, this just kinda seems so surreal." I giggled embarrassed of what I was saying.

"That's okay lovely." He laughed. Ohhhh my goshhh. That laugh. "I didn't catch your name... I'm Harry." He extended his hand. "I knew that..." I mumbled smiling at him. "I'm Eliza." That's when I remembered Haley was still there. "Oh and this is Haley." I chuckled. Haley waved and Harry mimicked it and took my hand in a shake. "Ahh heck with it." Then I was pulled into a hug. I smiled and took in his sent. It was a mixture of his aftershave and a hint of mint.

"So why are you going to New York for?" He asked, his slow British accent taking over. "Summer holidays basically. My uncle has an apartment there so he offered to let us stay there for the whole holiday with his credit card in my wallet." I told him proudly. "You?" I was pretty curious why Harry Styles was on a plane to Manhattan, New York without the other 4 of his band mates. "We'll the boys and I were supposed to fly down there together, since we have a plane and all, but I wanted to go early... So I pretty much had no other choice but to fly alone." He explained, chuckling in between his words.

"Oh so when are they flying?" I didn't want him to think I was a curious bastard or anything but... I was really interested. He smiled "Next week." I nodded and there was a moment of silence before he spoke again. "Since I'm pretty much alone the whole week, and I know I've only just met you and everything but, would you and your friend like to go for dinner with me tomorrow night? I'm meeting with Josh for dinner so you can bring Haley if you'd like." My smile grew wider and I kinda got slightly lost in his eyes. "One sec."

I turned to Haley and quickly asked about the whole dinner plan. "Sure! I'd love to meet Josh!" Yeah she was more in love with the band's drummer than she was with the actual band. Typical her... Fall in love with the drummer, not the band. I grinned and turned back to Harry. "She'd love to join us." He grinned then we started talking about the most irrelevant things. But most important, he made me feel comfortable... Like I'd known him all my life. And I couldn't wait to go for dinner with him tomorrow night.

I had started to get sleepy so I plugged in one side of my earphones and 'Rock Me' by One Direction came on, making me giggle. "What are you listening to?" He smiled, one eyebrow arched. "Rock Me." I said, the ends of my lips slowly curling up. "Don't think I don't know what it's all about." Now it was my turn to arch my eyebrow. "I don't know what you're talking about." He answered innocently. "Oh ha-ha. Do you remember Summer '09? Don't think I didn't watch that interview where you admitted you lost something in '09." I chuckled waggling my eyebrows.

His cheeks suddenly turned a deep shade of pink as he looked down at his fingers, fiddling with them. "You know too much." He mumbled and looked up at me. I smile and shook my head, scrunching up my nose too. "Whatever..." I chuckled shaking my head. "Hey nice shoes." He winked as I looked down to his feet. We were wearing the same shoes.

I laughed and ran my fingers through my hair. "Niceeee." I yawned and covered my mouth. "Damn I'm sleepy..." I muttered so Harry pulled my head onto his shoulder. "Now sleep." He said strictly and I complied happily and soon found myself falling asleep on the shoulder of the one and only Harry Styles.

Author's Note: I feel like this chapter was wayyyyyy too short D: Hope I didn't disappoint you guys! Please continue to favorite, like and comment! THANK YOU FOR ALL THE READS! <3 Remember the goalllllll: 100 favorites by the end of the year! Love you all!!!

-narry's girlfriend (Sarah) xoxo

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