He's Mine

As I turn 17, the things I thought were the most important, seemed to prove me wrong. So now I sit on this plane with my best friend Haley, waiting for my arrival in NY, my big break. Little did I know I was going to be staying at the most expensive apartment in Manhattan. Yeah, you heard right. Let's just say, my uncle is more than just a rich fellow. Maybe I'll meet someone special. Maybe they'll be real. Maybe they'll be my next door neighbor for the summer? All I hope is that the day I meet him, my heart is ready to let him in.


12. Tattoos and Beer.

Eliza's POV.

"Eli... Eli come on get up." I heard Selena's voice ring through my head as the pounding slowly increased. "Someone get me aspirin please." I muttered as I slowly sat up in my bed. Sel, Eleanor, Perrie, and Dani had all stayed over. Haley was meant to but she decided on crashing on the couch before any of us could stop her.

"Sure babe." El said, stumbling slowly out the door. "How much did we drink last night?" I asked, Danielle slowly sitting up as well, clearly as hungover as I was. "There's a whole load of photos, capturing you and Harry dirty dancing at the after party. Oh, plus the photos of you guys making out. The two of you were beyond drunk." Perrie explained sitting on the edge of the bed.

"Thank god I have friends like you guys." I sighed as El passed me two pills and a glass of water. "Thanks love." then I popped them into my mouth, washing them down with the water. "So what are we up for today then?" I asked running my fingers through my hair. "How long are you guys staying in New York?"

"I have to get back to London for my shoot... And Perrie has some recording to do." Danielle mumbled disappointed. "Aww. Well I'm staying! What about you Sel?" Eleanor smiled, looking over to Selena. "I think I can stay!" She grinned brightly, "but I'll need to get my stuff from my hotel." She added, texting someone on her phone.

"That shouldn't be a problem." I giggled lying back down, "Maybe you could just ask your driver to bring them over?" I suggested. "Oh yeah! Why didn't I think of that?" Selena chuckled dialing someone and going off to call. "So... Haley ditched us for Niall and Josh." Perrie said sighing sadly.

I tensed up then sighed, disappointed that my own best friend didn't want to hang out with me. "Oh.. Well we could all go out for breakfast together?" I offered slowly getting out of bed. "Sounds good!" Danielle agreed getting out too. Dan and Perrie went back to Liam and Zayn's whilst El went to Louis'.

Sel came back in the room, her face full of confusion. "Where'd everyone else go?" Her eyes scanning the room for any sign of the other girls. "They've gone back to their rooms to change. We're going out for breakfast babe." I giggled getting my phone to text Harry.

To: Haz :*

Hey babe, the girls and I are going out for breakfast. Want to join? xx

After I sent it I walked over to my wardrobe. "I'm going down to get my luggage. I'll be back!" Selena said before going out the door. Once she was out, I pulled out my Union Jack denim shorts with a pink shirt that said "I'm in love with you." After slipping them on, I put on my red hi-top converse. I walked over to my bed, lying onto my stomach and grabbing my phone.

From: Haz :*

Yeah babe, the guys and I'll join you. Niall and Josh aren't with us so just text me when you're ready to go xx

Selena came back carrying two purple Gucci suitcase. "The guys are gonna come too." I told her, fiddling with my phone. "Oh okay cool!" She giggled then pulled out some grey shorts with a plain purple tee. "What shoes would go with these?" Sel asked looking through her suitcase of shoes. "Sandals... Like, gladiators or something." I suggested turning my attention to her.

"Okay thanks." Then she slipped on some brown sandals, taking her brush. I got up and went over to get my body mist. "Alright let's go." Then we both made our way over to Zayn and Liam's room. I knocked on it a few times before Liam opened up, smiling like a fool. "Oh hey! Haz told me about the plans. I'll go get Dani and Perrie." He said before walking back into the apartment, the door slamming sufficiently loud in our face.

"SORRY!" I heard Liam call through the door causing Selena and I to giggle. "Alright! We're ready!" Danielle appeared giving me a hug, then Selena. Perrie, Zayn and Liam appeared not too long after and gave us both hugs too. Then we went to Louis and Harry's room, Selena knocking this time. "Hey babe." Harry answered giving me a sweet kiss on the lips. "I'll go get Lou and El." He chuckled then walked back into the apartment, holding the door so we could all follow in.

"Louis mate! You ready?!" Harry yelled then sat next to me on the couch. He slung his arm around my shoulders, kissing my head before I turned my head up and kissed him properly. pulled out •and snuggled myself into him, getting extremely comfy. "You guys are adorable." Perrie gushed making my cheeks burn. I flashed her a cheeky smile before Louis and Eleanor came in.

I got off the couch, bringing Harry with me, then gave El and Louis a hug. "Alright guys let's go!" I chuckled and we all piled out of their apartment. Harry and I intertwined our fingers, leaning slightly into each other. When we all got to the lobby, William was already waiting for us, holding one of the doors open. "I swear you're like a mind reader!" I told him getting into the car. "I try my best." I heard him reply making me chuckle.

We all decided on pastries for breakfast so when William stopped in front of the store, we all scrambled out, starvation taking the best of us.

Once we were done, Harry and I decided to separate ourselves from the group, Selena following us. I had told her about the matching tattoos idea and she was all with it. "I think it's an absolutely adorable idea." She cooed bumping hips with mine. I had convinced her to get one too, she missed home so she decided on getting a "Dallas" tattoo in italics, which I thought was quite meaningful.

I started to rethink the way she had reacted to my idea. She seemed quite sad, like a memory had made its way into her mind... Harry was walking in front of us on his phone, so I decided to ask her now. "Is something wrong?" I asked cautiously, afraid I might trigger a nerve. "Wha-what?" She snapped her head to me, obviously deep in thought. "It seemed I had triggered a memory when I told you about our matching tattoos..." I mumbled looking over at her from the corner of my eyes.

"Oh... Well, it's just that-" she hesitated, "Justin and I had gotten matching tattoos not too long before our break-up... So I just remembered how I kinda felt connected to him somehow... Then when we broke up, how I realized he obviously didn't feel the same." A tear fell from her eye, but she quickly wiped it away and took a deep breath in.

"Sorry I asked..." I apologized, feeling awfully guilty. "No no, it's okay." She gave me a weak smile before it slowly faded. "Did you regret it?" She thought for a moment, before smiling distantly. "No. It's like a reminder... A reminder that I actually encountered love. Real love." I smiled at how sweet it sounded. I had started to doubt the idea of getting a tattoo... But now, I'm absolutely looking forward to it.

When we arrived at the parlor, it was completely empty. Unfortunately though, there were only two tattoo artists working today so only two people could do it at a time. "You guys can do yours first... I'll wait." Selena offered smiling, a genuine one this time. "Okay then, could you two please go sit over there," he told us pointing over to the sofa-sort thing "and you can sit on that sofa." Sel nodded and placed herself comfortable, pulling out her phone.

We both wanted to get a heart with an infinite going through it. They got to it straight away, leaving me sitting there enduring the sharp pains the needle was giving me. He was half-way through drawing the heart when the bell above the door rung, indicating that someone had entered. The second I heard Selena's phone drop onto the couch, I knew something was wrong.

My eyes went wide at the sight I had been confronted with. Who knew, the one person we had all been praying not to bump into, would end up going to the same tattoo parlor, on the same day? At the same time? "Justin?" Selena blurted out, obviously just as surprised as Harry and I were. "Selena." He said, his eyes wide as though they might just pop out of his head.

"Oh god." I heard Harry murmur quietly to himself, a hint of grimness in his voice. "Yeah.." I whispered, my head dropping slightly. "Sorry dude, but we're kinda occupied at the moment. Mind waiting?" The guy doing my tattoo stated, his attention fully on my wrist. "Uh- yeah sure." Justin muttered sitting himself down on the chair.

I saw them start to talk. Curiosity got the best of me, and I started to drown out everything except Selena and Justin's voices. "What are they getting?" Justin asked awkwardly. I saw Sel look up for a spilt second before looking back down at her phone. I swear you could just cut the tension in the room with a butter knife. "They're getting matching tattoos..." She mumbled not looking up.

"Like we did?" Selena sighed and didn't answer, she only nodded and continued to do whatever she was doing on her phone. I rolled my eyes and threw my head back, letting it hit against the chair. They both missed each other... Why couldn't they see that? I saw Harry smiled over at me, I returned it and blew him a kiss with my right hand, the free hand.

He pretended to catch it, smothering his hand onto his mouth. I giggled biting my lips, then turned my attention to the speckles of blood that had formed on my wrist. "Alright, done. I'm going to bandage it up, and it's going to hurt for a few days. But after tomorrow, you're free to take it off." The guy told me, starting to wrap up my hand. "Thanks." I smiled at him then got of the chair and went over to Harry's chair.

"Hey beautiful." He mumbled then squeezed his eyes shut in pain. "Hey." I kissed his lips, which seemed to relax him... Like, take the pain away. "Okay Harry. You know the drill." The dude doing Harry's tattoo joked wrapping Haz's tattoo. "Thanks Joe." He grinned and slowly got up. "Sup mate!" Harry yelled slightly, doing a weird handshake with Justin. "Aye man!" He grinned returning the favor.

"And you must be Eliza." His smile fell slightly into a warm smile, giving me a light hug. "Hi Justin." I giggled and walked over to Selena. "I don't feel like getting a tattoo right now.." She murmured softly to me. "Okay babe, don't worry." I smiled softly, bringing her in for a hug. "Babe, Justin asked if we'd like to join him at his house for a few drinks?" Harry whispered in my ear, putting his arms around my waist.

I looked over to Selena, knowing she heard me. She shrugged her shoulders, looking at me with hopeful eyes. She wanted to make things right with Justin, she missed him. "Sure baby." I smiled kissing him. He buried his head in my neck, nodding his head.
 He walked back over to Justin so I turned to Sel. "Are you sure you're okay with this?" I asked concerned. "Yeah... Maybe Justin and I could get talking again. I don't like the awkward tensions any more than you do." She explain. "Okay then." I sighed and interlocked our arms.

When we got to Justin's house, I was completely lost of breath. "This... This is your house?" I couldn't even speak properly. "Yeah." Justin's shrugged walking though the gates. "Bloody hell..." I mumbled under my breath following Harry and Selena. His house was humongous. No, humongous is an understatement. It was beyond massive!

After a while, I got used to the fact this was probably the most expensive HOUSE in New York. We all made ourselves comfortable on the couch and Justin ordered pizza so we we're all waiting for that to arrive. Then Justin stood up, "Want some beer?"

Well, we all know how this was going to end. 

Author's note: Heyyyyyy lovelies :) So sorry I accidentally posted chap 13 even though it wasn't finished :/ how was Christmas? I had an amazing one :D I hope you like this chapter, it was a little hard to write.. haha.

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