He's Mine

As I turn 17, the things I thought were the most important, seemed to prove me wrong. So now I sit on this plane with my best friend Haley, waiting for my arrival in NY, my big break. Little did I know I was going to be staying at the most expensive apartment in Manhattan. Yeah, you heard right. Let's just say, my uncle is more than just a rich fellow. Maybe I'll meet someone special. Maybe they'll be real. Maybe they'll be my next door neighbor for the summer? All I hope is that the day I meet him, my heart is ready to let him in.


8. Stress relief

-Two days later-

Eliza's POV.

"Pass me the jam!" I whined to Haley as she held it tight in her palm, slathering it onto her piece of toast. "No! I'm not done with it you baby!" She huffed continuing to put it on. I groaned and slouched in my seat, blowing a piece of hair that had fallen into my face. I was starting to get bored so I got up and grabbed my phone and checked through Facebook, twitter, etc. as I waited.

"There! Done." She giggled proudly as she slid the tub of jam over to me. I wasn't mad at her, in fact I can't really be mad at her, so I stuck my tongue out at her. "Perfectionist." I mumbled smirking slightly. "Problem?" She asked raising her left eyebrow. "Not that I know of." I winked then continued to jam my toast.

"Helloooooooo ladies." Josh yelled strolling into the kitchen, stealing a piece of toast off my plate. "Hey! Just because we gave you an extra key, doesn't mean you get to stroll in here and take my toast!" I told him grabbing it back from him. Thank god he hadn't taken a bite out of it yet. He just chuckled shaking his head then plopped into the couch, Haley going to sit in between his legs.

Yeah, he finally asked her out. And let me tell you, they have not been able to keep their hands off each other. It was not pleasant... Ew. I turned my back to them and continued to eat my toast, afraid I might loose my eyesight if I turned around. Harry and I have hung out everyday since he asked me out... Which was like, 2 days. He even bought me flowers and a cute blue teddy bear for our '1 day anniversary' which was cheesy, but extremely adorable.

After I finished my toast, I put my plate in the dishwasher and poured myself a glass of cold milk. I quickly pace walked past 'Jaley' and into my room. I didn't even want to know what the hell they were doing... I gaged at the thought before opening up my laptop and signing into Skype. "Hey beautiful." Harry's voice came through my earphones as I smiled at him through my camera. He had left to go meet up with Simon today in Brooklyn so he's staying there for a night.

"Hey babe." I giggled waving "I miss you." I mumbled running my fingers through my hair. "Don't worry love, I'll be back tomorrow. Maybe you and Haley could hang out today? I heard there was a carnival in town." He suggested popping what looked like skittles into his mouth. Groaned rolling my eyes and told him about my suspicions on the whereabouts of those two. His whole face scrunched up with disgust which made me chuckle.

"How about you just stay at home and wait for me to get back?" He teased winking and taking another handful of skittles. "I hate feeling alone!" I whined and groaned in frustration at how picky I am. "Alright how about this. If you last today, and tonight without me, I'll take you to the carnival tomorrow?" I grinned at his efforts and nodded sighing. "Bwut I mwiss my Hazza..." I told him in my signature baby voice. He smiled to one side and kissed his camera "I mwiss my Eli too." He said mimicking me.

I kissed my camera too, dying to just feel his sweet lips against mine. I heard someone talk in the background then Harry put his hands over his head, sheltering it. "Who's that?" I asked laughing at his reaction. "We'll hellooooooo love!" Louis Tomlinson is on my computer screen. My lips curled into a wide grin as I waved "Hi Louis." Then a blonde beaut with blue eyes strolled into sight. "Oh hey, you must be the girl Harry ALWAYS talks about!" He chuckled and waved at me.

Harry's face went red as he covered it with his hands. "Well hello to you too Niall." I giggled waving. "YO LIAM, ZAYN, COME AND SEE HARRY'S GIRLFRIEND!" Niall yelled looking somewhere. "Where are you staying babe?" I asked playing with my recently re-painted nails. "Hilton Hotel. The boys arrived a few hours ago." He explained staring straight into the camera, myself doing the same, feeling that spark I usually do when we achieve eye contact in real life.

Soon the two boys I've only known by name and posters waved into the camera as they rubbed their eyes sleepily. "Hi Eliza." They both said in unison, their tattoos revealing themselves as they were only wearing tank tops. "Hi Liam, Zayn." I smiled "I'm guessing you lot just woke up then?" I asked smirking and taking another sip of milk. "Shut up girlfriend of Harry." Liam grumbled, a hint of playfulness in his voice.

"Wait, Harry are you... Naked?" I heard about this little habit of his, but I just wanted to ask... "Yeah." He mumbled grinning proudly. I chuckled shaking my head then started nodding... "Typical." He just giggled in response before Louis screamed out "DINNER TOMORROW NIGHT! ALL 8 OF US. AND IF JOSH DISAGREES, WE'LL KIDNAP HIM AND BRING HIM ALONG!" That's when Josh and Haley came strolling in.

"Heard you were talking to the boys." Haley smirked and pushed me off the chair. That pissed me off. A lot. "Okay 1, yes I'm talking to the boys. But 2, you have no right to push me off the chair like that. So get your butt off it before I kick you in face." I was in no mood for her stupidity at the moment. Missing Harry had put me off the edge slightly and Haley was too ignorant to see it.

She quickly scrambled off the chair, running to hide behind Josh. I sat heavily into the chair and stared blankly at the screen.

Harry's POV.

She just sat there, staring blankly at the screen. I sighed wanting nothing but to wrap her in my arms and calm her down, but that obviously wasn't going to happen in the next 24 hours... Which was way too long to be away from someone you just want to kiss every second of the day. "Alright come on babe, calm down okay?" I said gently and I saw her shoulders relax slightly. "So dinner tomorrow night alright all of you?"

The boys had all gone out for god know what so it was just me in the room. "Mhmm. Sure." Josh agreed then pulled Haley out of the room. She was scared shit-less... "Are you okay?" I asked looking straight into the camera. "Yeah, it's just she's so ignorant sometimes! She doesn't give a fuck if you're in a bad mood, nor will she try to find out. So when you snap at her, she gets all offended and blames you. So yeah, I have been waiting to do that for around 15 years now."

I loved how open she was, and I definitely was not complaining. "I think I'm going to go for a swim.. Get some exercise for a change. Then maybe a trip to the gym." She giggled starting to tie her hair into a ponytail. "Alright love, have fun! I miss you." I smiled and blew her a kiss. "I miss you too! Bye." She blew a kiss back and ended the call. I miss her so much I think I might die...

Eliza's POV.

I went over to the closet and pulled out my black cut-out swimsuit and changed into it, slipping on some denim shorts with a striped tank top. I put on some flip-flops then packed a gym bag. My towel, running shorts, sports bra, crop top and running shoes all went into it together with a bottle of water then I was off to the swimming pool for a few laps. I needed to release my stress.

I'm guessing Haley and Josh were in Hales' room since no one was in the living room. I slipped the key into my bag and got into the elevator, pressing the top floor where the private penthouse swimming pool was. Hell yeah. Once I got there, I was pleased to see I was the only person there. There was a help-yourself bar on one side and on the other was a private changing room. Right next to the exit was a gym, which seemed to have a dance studio too. Perfect.

I set my stuff onto the sunbathing bed and stripped down to my swimsuit, dipping my toe into the water to test the temperature. "Gosh that's cold." I muttered before slowly lowering myself into the water. I felt my whole body tense up from the ice cold water then slowly relax as I started lapping back and forth on the Olympic length pool. I had set my alarm to go off after half an hour. So I was going to be doing laps non-stop until that alarm went off.

Thank god I have good stamina.

'Don't, try to make me stay. Or ask if I'm okay. I don't have the answer. And don't make me stay the night. Or ask if I'm alright. I don't have the answer-"

Harry's sweet melodic voice echoed against the walls in the giant empty room. I touched the other end, taking a huge breath in as I resurfaced. I sighed in frustration, realizing I still was not tired! "Damn stamina." I grumbled and went to go change. I took a quick shower, changing into my work out clothes then headed into the gym.

I ran for an hour and a half then did some cardio, push ups, and sit ups on the floor before deciding to check out the dance studio. I opened the door, flicking the door switch with one had and wiping sweat off my face with the other. My breath caught up in my throat as memories of my childhood came flashing back.


"Come on love, you can do it." Georgia my contemporary dance teacher smiled and pressed play on the stereo and Miley Cyrus' When I Look At You started playing around the almost empty studio occupied only by Ms Georgia and myself. Just like when I sing, the music slowly took me to another world and my body look the lead, letting my emotions and feelings guide my steps and movements.

As soon as the music ended my whole body collapsed. "Oh gosh darling are you alright?!" She panicked lifting me off the ground. "My stamina. It's pulling me down." I sighed and walked out of the room. Who knew I'd never return?

**End of Flashback**

I quickly shook myself out of the trance I had fallen into and plugged my phone into the speaker that sat conveniently on a stool in front of the mirror. "Maybe it's time to try again." I whispered and put the song I haven't heard since I was 12.

'Everybody needs inspiration, everybody needs a song. A beautiful melody. When the nights are long. 'Cause there is no guarantee, that this life is easy. Yeah when mu world is fallin' apart, and there's no light to break up the dark. That's when I, I, I look at you. When I look at you-'

The routine had always been stuck at the back of my head, always haunting me, taunting me, trying to convince me to try once more... It never usually worked. So where did this sudden confidence come from? I felt my whole body slowly stamina, from all the laps and exercise I had done, but I pushed myself to ignore the pain and the ticklish feeling in my legs telling me I was about to collapse. But I wasn't about to give up that easily. Not again.

'You, appear, just like a dream to me...'

And stopped, my whole body tired but I kept my self in my finishing position as I stared at myself in the mirror, observing the new Eli. The Eliza who 2 years ago was close to being diagnosed with anorexia. The Eliza who had trained 13 hours a day, 8am - 9pm, pushing myself to gain as much stamina as my body could take in. The Eliza who was told she couldn't do it. Well I proved them wrong. I finally did it.

I slowly lowered myself onto the wooden floor, lying our flat onto my back and taking deep, calm breaths in. I was so relaxed right now. So accomplished. I was proud. I recollected all my stuff and made my way back to the apartment. I walked in hearing nothing but my footsteps. I guess Haley and Josh went out. I shrugged my shoulders at myself and went to my bathroom.

I washed all the sweat off my body, replacing that disgusting scent that had formed with sweet strawberry. After I was done I changed into a turquoise top with a pair of grey yoga shorts. I felt so comfortable. I put my dirty clothes into the hamper before crawling under the covers and snuggling deep into my soft pillow. I couldn't wait until Harry came home. I needed his hug right now.

Author's note: YOU GUYSSSSSS <3 I can't believe He'd Mine is number 5 on This Month's popular page! YOU GUYS ARE JUST SO EXTRAORDINHARRY :* Please don't stop favoriting, commenting, but  most importantly liking it! I pray it gets to number oneeee :D I love you all! Shoutout to nialler's nandos who's been an absolute babe. Please read her movella Directionless. SO WORTH THE READ :}

-Sarah xoxo

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