He's Mine

As I turn 17, the things I thought were the most important, seemed to prove me wrong. So now I sit on this plane with my best friend Haley, waiting for my arrival in NY, my big break. Little did I know I was going to be staying at the most expensive apartment in Manhattan. Yeah, you heard right. Let's just say, my uncle is more than just a rich fellow. Maybe I'll meet someone special. Maybe they'll be real. Maybe they'll be my next door neighbor for the summer? All I hope is that the day I meet him, my heart is ready to let him in.


11. People's Choice Awards

Eliza's POV.

I woke up slowly, lifting my head carefully off Harry's bare arm. I flipped myself over, the tank top I had changed into before I slept slipping off my shoulder. I traced the tattoos that were on his bicep gently, taking in every edge, curve, and detail. I finally realized Harry had been awake this whole time, watching me intently as I stared fascinated at his tattoos. "Did they hurt?" I asked looking up at him. "A little. Why?"

I felt a smile slowly crawl upon my face and I giggled softly at my stupid idea. "Well, I kinda find it sweet when a couple have matching tattoos. But, I guess that's just me." I shrugged turning back over and lying back onto Harry's arm. "Well we could get one if you'd like?" He offered smiling down at me. "I'd like that. But not today. I don't feel like appearing on national Tv with a bandage on myself." I chuckled taking his hand and playing with his fingers.

"Okay, tomorrow then." He said poking my nose. "Sounds good to me." I agreed. "Where do you want it?" He asked taking my hand and tracing circles on it. "My wrist." I told him, staring at the visible veins on my plain wrist. "Great choice love." He giggled and kissed the top of my head, making me close my eyes for the slightest moment before there was a knock at the door. I groaned getting up and dragging my heavy weight all the way to the door.

"Yeah?" I asked Louis who was standing there in his pajamas, hiding something, well someone, behind his back. "Morning love! I just wanted to introduce Eleanor to you!" He smiled as a girl, 19 years old maybe? Stepped out in front of him. Her hair was chestnut brown, curling down to about mid-back, and her eyes were a stunning color of brown. From where I stood, she looked like an extremely nice girl, and I was glad I had some feminine company for a change.

"Hi, I'm Eliza!" I grinned and she pulled me in for a gentle hug. "I'm Eleanor, but please call me El." She smiled sweetly as she pulled out. "Well please call me Eli." I grinned back, pulling my hair to the side. "Hey El." Harry greeted from behind me, wrapping his arms around my waist. "Harry! Long time no see." She chuckled turning to look at Louis. "I was actually about to go get a manicure for the awards, then go to the salon for my hair. Would you like to come?" El offered, intertwining her hand with Louis. Awe.

"Sure! Let me go change and I'll be out in a bit." I told her and walked backwards into the room, pushing Harry with me. "Okay!" And she walked away, Louis helping us close the door. I smiled and turned around, planting a kiss onto Harry's lips, before accidentally falling onto the bed. "Oops." I giggled, my nose touching Harry's. "I probably shouldn't keep Eleanor waiting." I told him, attempting to get up, only to be pulled back down by Harry. "Noooooo." He whined hugging me close. "Oh come on Harry! I'll be back, I promise." I told him, kissing him on the forehead.

"Fwineee." He said in a baby voice, letting me get back up. I smiled in victory then went over to Harry's closet, taking out some of the clothes I had kept here for when I stayed over. Yeah, I was that smart. I put on my green cut-off shorts with my grey ROXY tee and my red Converse, tying my hair to one side. "See you in a bit baby." I giggled kissing Harry one last time before going out the door.

"Alright let's go!" I smiled and we walked out, arms interlocked.

Once we got to the mall, we went straight to the nail parlor, walking in. "Hey, I'm here for the 10 o'clock booking?" She told the lady at the front desk. "Well you come prepared." I stated, impressed. "It's become a habit." She chuckled and turned her attention back the the lady. Eventually we were taken to the back and placed in two purple, lush seats and were told to look through the catalog for a design we liked.

I got 5 pages in before noticing a nice red based design which would go nicely with my dress. It was ombré with a black color, I liked it. "Gel or acrylic?" The lady asked once I had told her my choice. "Gel please." I was planning on keeping this for a while. She nodded and got started. El had chosen too. "What are you getting?" I asked turning my face so I could see her. "I was thinking of getting matching ones with you." She smiled "if you don't mind." She added. "Of course not." I giggled.

"What color dress are you wearing?" I asked, hoping I wasn't being too curious. "Purple." She giggled, "So my nails will be purple and black ombré." I nodded and turned my attention back to my nails, examining it intently.

Once we were done, we headed to the hair salon next. "Did you dye your hair?" The stylist asked, running her fingers through my hair gently. "Yeah..." I mumbled looking at my bright red hair through the mirror. It was much like Ariana Grande's hair, but straight. "It's also got no knots what so ever! You, my dear, have very unique hair." She giggled and pulled my hair up in different styles, debating on what to do with it. "What do you want me to do to it then?" She asked looking at me through the mirror.

"I'm thinking of a change. Like, a big change. But I don't want to shorten my hair... Maybe dye it another color?" I thought out loud, twirling a lock of my hair around my finger. "Maybe you should talk to Harry about it?" El suggested tuning into our conversation. "Good idea." I mumbled taking my phone out. "Hey Haz." I smiled hearing him groan. "Hey babe. What's up?" He asked softly. "Sorry if I woke you, but what would you say if I told you I was going to dye my hair?" it was silent for a moment before he spoke up.

"I can't say I don't like your red hair, because I like it, I do. But, I don't think dying your hair is that bad of an idea." I could hear his smile through the phone making me smile too. "Awesome. I'll see you later. I love you." I told him, probably smiling like a fool "Bye babe, I love you too."

"Okay. I'm dying my hair." I grinned and Eleanor squealed making me crack up. The stylist gave me a book of hair colors and told me to choose one. "How would I look in dirty blonde hair?" I asked Eleanor, showing her the sample.

"Hm, I think you'd look better in light brown... The less yellow-ish kind." She said pointing at that sample. "Okay then." I smiled agreeing then told the stylist. She nodded and started on my hair. Eleanor was just going to wash, trim, then style her hair to one side. I was going to be tying my hair into a high ponytail, leaving out my fringe which they were going to straighten.

When they were done, I looked at myself in the mirror. Flashbacks of my childhood came to me and I smiled remembering the brown haired little girl who played tag with her dad every chance she got. That's all gone now... "Girl you look gorgeous!" Eleanor complemented running her fingers through my hair. "I love the blonde highlights." Yeah I had gotten a few blonde streaks while I was at it. Pretty cool.

"Thank you so much." I told the stylist, hugging her. "You're welcome sweetie!" She smiled and we left. "Time to get back." I told El, bumping my hip into hers. We both giggled and made our way to the limo that we had come here with. William was waiting patiently in front of the door. "Thanks Will." I said giving him a fist bump then getting into the car.

"Have you met Perrie and Danielle yet?" Eleanor asked taking a bottle of bubbly water in the fridge. "Nope. But I'll be seeing them tonight won't I?" I said taking a dr. pepper. "Yeah, but they're in the boys' room now. You know, since Zayn and Liam are sharing apartments." She explained looking at her highlights. "Well I think I'll just wait until PCAs." I giggled. "Have you met Haley?" I asked her.

I wasn't too sure where Haley had crashed, but I don't think she slept at home. "I think she as staying at Niall and Josh's last night." She said and I nodded. But who's bed did she sleep in? That's what I'm afraid of. "Well we share an apartment so when we start getting ready you can come visit and I'll introduce you guys." I offered smiling. "Sure!" She grinned.

The whole ride back was filled with the both of us just getting to know each other. At one point I cracked a really funny joke and were were rolling in our seats until our stomach hurt. "Girls we're here!" Will called to us. "Thanks Will!" I called back to him then we both ran into the elevator. "You're going to Harry's first right?" El asked. I nodded, curious of what she was planning. "Okay."

We reached Harry and Louis' door and El told me to wait. I scrunched my eyebrows together, wondering what on earth this girl was planning. "Harry, Louis, let me introduce to you the new Eliza Smith!" She announced making me giggle. I decided to play along, so I strutted in like a super model making both Lou and Harry's eyes widen.

"Woah." They both said in unison. "I don't look that different do I?" I asked worriedly playing with my ponytail now. "No, just... We're going to have to get used to it." Harry chuckled and came over, giving me a big hug and a long, sweet kiss. I held the wrist of the hand he had put on my cheek, staring his straight in the eyes. "Good." I whispered.

"What time do we have to get ready?" I asked Eleanor, peeking my head over Harry's shoulder. "I think now would be smart." She told me getting up from the couch. "Okay, wanna get ready at mine?" I asked turning to head for the door. "Sure."

I kissed Harry goodbye while waiting for El to get her dress then we both made it back to my apartment. I unlocked the door, letting Eleanor go in first before closing the door and seeing the most disturbing sight ever. "OH MY GOD CAN THE TWO OF YOU GET A ROOM!?" I yelled covering my eyes. Josh and Haley were in a heated make-out session on the couch.

They quickly pulled away, their faces red as a tomato. "For the love of god." I breathed. "Haley this is Eleanor. Louis' girlfriend. El, meet Haley..." This totally wasn't getting awkward. "You know what, nevermind." I mumbled and pulled Eleanor into my room, shutting the door and locking it behind me. "Well that was awkward..." Eleanor mumbled.

"Sorry, we just caught her at the wrong time..." I told her, rubbing the back of my neck. "Let's just- just forget it." She nodded smiling gratefully then hung her dress on one of the hooks next to my door. "We should probably change first." El suggested nodding over to my closet. "Good idea." I chuckled and went to get my dress and shoes.

Once we were changed we started on our make up. I still hadn't put my shoes on, and neither did El, so we were both barefoot, walking around. I opened my make-up drawer, which was thankfully organized, and decided on just natural make up. I put a layer of foundation, red lipstick and a line of eyeliner. I put a few brushes of mascara then looked at my whole body image in the mirror.

"You look gorgeous sweetie." Eleanor smiled at me through the mirror. "Believe me, you look a million times better than I do." I giggled and slipped on my shoes. "Oh stop being naive!" She laughed and slipped hers on too. I decided not to bring anything so I was thankfully empty-handed.

"Ready?" El asked taking my hand. "Yes." I squeezed hers then walked out my door, walking straight to Louis and Harry's door. I knocked on the door then we both stepped back. I shared a glance with Eleanor before the door opened and Harry stood there in his tuxedo. You could tell that his breath had caught in his throat.

"Hey babe." I smirked and he quickly shook out of his phase. "Hey." He smiled and let us both in. "I need your help to choose a tie." Harry said and grabbed my hand, pulling me into his room. His closet was open and his ties were all over the floor. "No one told me what color dress you were going to wear, so I was stressing out." He explained looking around the room.

I just giggled and walked over to then ones on the floor, picking up a plain red one. I walked over to Harry, putting it around his neck, tying it for him. "There you go." I smiled and kissed him before walking past him and out to where Eleanor was. It was now 4 so we should probably get going. "Alright come on let's go. Niall, Zayn and Liam are going in one car so we'll be going in the next. They've already left." Louis anounced heading to the door.

"Let's go!" Me and Eleanor both said in unison and started jumping around. I'm guessing it was her first award show too then.

When we arrived, the first thing I noticed was mass amount of flashing lights, all coming from every damn direction. Ha, ironic. There's only ONE direction ;) oh god what's wrong with me? Anywhoooooooo. "Oh how I wish I had sunglasses right about now." I complained intertwining Harry and I's hands. "Alright let's go!" Harry smiled down at me then opened the door.

"HARRY! HARRY! WHO'S THE PRETTY LADY YOU'VE GOT THERE?!" "HARRY! IS THIS THE ELIZA EVERYONE'S BEEN TALKING ABOUT?" and many more like that. Who knew paparazzi were so agressive? We made our way down the carpet, stopping a few times to pose for a few cameras. Harry's arm was around my waist the whole time, keeping me close to him.

"Harry!" A voice came from behind before the latino beauty, everyone knew as Selena Gomez, can running over, giving Harry a hug. "Hey Selena! Oh, meet Eliza. My girlfriend." He smiled proudly. "Hey love, oh wow. You're absolutely gorgeous!" I felt myself blush as we pulled each other into a hug. "Oh please! You're so much prettier than I will ever get." I giggled and we stood there talking for a while, just the three of us.

"Who'd you come here with?" I asked bringing my ponytail to rest on my shoulder. "Oh no one." She smiled, but there was a hint of sadness in her voice. I didn't want to push it so I just nodded avoiding that subject. We talked for a little while more before Harry and I were called over for an interview. Yeah, I was pretty shocked when they mentioned my name. "I'll see you inside!" I called to Selena and she nodded smiling, then waved and turned back around.

After god knows how many other interviews, we finally made it inside and I found a seat next to Selena, next to her was the one and only Taylor Swift... That made my gut twist. "Oh hey Eli, Harry! Oh Eliza, have you met Taylor?" She leaned back to put in sight the one devil that made Harry and I's relationship hit a bump. "Hi, I'm Eliza." I smiled reaching my hand out. She just looked me up and down before turning around and ignoring me.

I withdrew my hand awkwardly, sitting back in my seat. "Sorry, she's not usually like that. I don't know what got into her." Selena apologized putting a hand on mind. "That's okay... I think it's about the whole Haylor thing..." I mumbled sighing. Sel nodded and looked at Taylor for a moment before turning to me and engaging in conversation. Soon enough the rest of the 1D gang arrived, seating themselves on the other side of Harry.

I was introduced to Perrie and Danielle before the show started and we got talking for a while. Haley was there too. Her and Niall were holding hands so I shot her a warning glance making her let go immediately. I swear, if Niall ends up hurt, a broken nose will be the least of her problems.

After the show we all headed over for the after party where all 6 girls, me, Sel, Haley, Perrie, Dani and Eleanor, all went straight to the bar to get drinks. We stayed the whole night talking, laughing and dancing, leaving the boys to do what they wanted. We trusted them, and I'm glad they were trustworthy.

Author's note: hiiiii! omg this was a short chapter again -_- sorry guys. so anyway! please continue liking, favoriting and commenting because I absolutely love hearing what you guys think about the chapters :) I love you guys so much! thank you for making this fanfic so popular <3

-love, Sarah xoxo

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