He's Mine

As I turn 17, the things I thought were the most important, seemed to prove me wrong. So now I sit on this plane with my best friend Haley, waiting for my arrival in NY, my big break. Little did I know I was going to be staying at the most expensive apartment in Manhattan. Yeah, you heard right. Let's just say, my uncle is more than just a rich fellow. Maybe I'll meet someone special. Maybe they'll be real. Maybe they'll be my next door neighbor for the summer? All I hope is that the day I meet him, my heart is ready to let him in.


13. Holiday Plans

**A week later**

Harry's POV.

"Harryyyyyyy! Could you get me my hairdryer babe?" I heard Eliza call from her bedroom. We had decided to occupy only one room since we always ended up sleeping in each others beds anyway. So Eliza was moving all her stuff into mine. Haley was completely fine with it as Selena was going to be staying in Eli's room, so she wasn't completely alone.

We had already moved her clothes, suitcases, shoes -oh there were a lot of those shoes- and now we were moving all her 'equipment' as she called it. I took the hairdryer off the counter and walked into her room, finding her on the ground looking at a picture frame. "Here you go love." I said passing it to her, "what are you looking at?" I asked lying down next to her.

It was a picture of her and two other guys. Both of them had the same bright brown eyes Eliza did, though one was way taller, buffer too. "These are my brothers... Max and Kyle. That's Kyle," she said pointing to the shorter one, around the same height as Eli, maybe taller, "he's my twin brother. And that," she smiled cheekily, "is Max. He's like, 20? Yeah." She giggled lightly.

"I had no idea you had a twin babe." I chuckled kissing her cheek. "Sorry, I guess no one really brought it up." She shrugged smiling then climbed on top of me, sitting on my stomach. "I need a holiday! Away from the city..." She mumbled leaning closer to my face. "How about the Caribbean?" I suggested leaning closer to her. "Sounds good." She whispered, her breath tickling my lips slightly, before she pressed hers against mine, sending the same shock waves I always got whenever she kissed me.

I slowly pulled out, smiling as I caressed her cheek. "Come on, let's get all your things into my room. Then we can plan that little vacation of yours." I told her, pushing myself up into a sitting position. She giggled, nodding excitedly, then got off me and skipped over to her box of 'equipment'.


It's been three hours, and we finally got Eliza to settle in. Her clothes and shoes had been placed nicely in my closet, her 'equipment' on my dressing table, and her teddy bear on my bed. "Done." She sighed happily, then plopped down onto it. Justin had been coming around a lot, spending time with Zayn and Niall. He and Selena have been talking too, which is good. In fact, he's helping her unpack her stuff into Eli's room. Wonder what's going on there...

Eliza's POV.

I had thought about it, and I realized the holiday would be so much more fun, if everyone went! Like, the whole gang, in the Caribbean, just having fun! I'd love that. "Haz can we book it nowwwww?" I whined looking at him in the mirror. He had decided to take a shower after unpacking so I've been sitting here waiting. "Alright, alright. Is everyone coming?" He asked as he took out his MacBook.

"Yeah! Plus, I've been talking to Louis, and he's thinking of proposing to El... He just doesn't know how. So this would be an amazing opportunity!" His lips slowly curled into a huge grin, then he took my face and kissed me, hard might I add. "I love how you always come up with the best ideas." I blushed slightly, hiding my face in his shoulder. "Alright come on then." Then we turned our attention back to the computer.

"Louis!" I grinned as he picked up the phone. "Helloooo Eli! What's up love?" He chuckled just as enthusiastic as I was. "I've come up with the perfect engagement plan." I whispered in case anyone was listening, "Harry and I have planned a vacation for the lot of us to go to the Caribbean! So, why not, you take Eleanor for dinner on the beach, then propose to her after a romantic walk?" I said, really fast, fitting every single word into one breath.

"You must be a hopeless romantic, aren't you?" He chuckled, probably smiling like a fool. "I am. So?" I was eager to know what he wanted to do. "I think that's a perfect idea. But-" he sighed, "I still don't have the ring yet..." I thought for a moment before realizing we weren't even leaving yet. "Lou, we're only leaving in two days! You have today and tomorrow to look for a ring." I giggled at how disappointed he sounded. I heard him sigh again, but in relief.

"Would you help me go find one?" He asked hopeful, a hint of slight fear in his voice. "Sure! I'll go tell Harry then I'll meet ya in the lobby. Cya!" Then I put the phone down and jumped onto Harry's back. "I'm going ring shopping with Louis. Will you be fine without me?" I asked, kissing him behind the ear. "Yeah baby. But be back soon." He chuckled and set me down right in front of the door. I kissed him goodbye then made my way down to the lobby where Louis sat waiting.

"Leggo!" He jumped up and we made a run for the car.

"This is the 6th jewelry shop we've gone to! Can you please choose a ring..." I whined, lightly hitting him on the arm. "Fine fine! Go pick three rings you think she'll like, then I'll choose one." He surrendered sitting onto one of the seats. I started scanning through the display of engagement rings when a few caught my eye. The sales lady handed me the three I had chosen and I presented them to Lou.

One was a jewel encrusted ring, a fairly big diamond in the middle. The band of the ring was twisted to give it a kind of a floral look. The second one had a square diamond in the middle, the part that was to wrap around her finger was thicker at the bottom of the ring, and when it came up to the diamond, it was thinner and wrapped around it. The third choice was a classic round diamond, with 2 blue crystals on either side of the diamond.

"I like the first one..." He said, admiring it in his hands. "Alright then, it's set." I smiled and we went and paid for it. Eleanor was going to love this ring. I just knew it. "Let's organize a dinner tonight, to tell everyone about the trip yeah?" I asked Louis, taking out my phone. "Yeah." Then we started our walk back to the car.

After texting everyone about our plans, and a little venture in between, we finally arrived back at our apartment. Lou and I agreed that I'd keep the ring for him until the night he was to propose. "Hey gorgeous." Harry smiled and picked me up, swinging me around. I was giggling like crazy, until I finally settled down, our foreheads against each other, staring intently into each others eyes. "Hi." I whispered rubbing my nose against his making him giggle. "I love you." I said before kissing him softly, but it was full of passion. I really did love him. And I wasn't afraid to admit it anymore.

"I love you." He breathed kissing me again then setting me down. "So it's done?" I nodded and skipped into the room to get ready for tonight. I had told everyone to dress fancy because I was going to bring them to the most expensive restaurant in New York, and no one was going to stop me. I pulled out my favorite navy blue, strapless dress. The top was kinda like a bustier, stopping at my waist, then it flowed down to slightly above my knee.

I felt two firm arms wrap around my waist, their chin resting comfortably on my shoulder. "So it's fancy today then." Harry mumbled kissing my neck lightly. "Yeah. And I'm spending." I smiled. He was about to protest before I shut him up. "-nope! I'm spending you guys and that's the end of it." I giggled and turned around in his arms, throwing my dress onto the bed. "Fine." He sighed and kissed my nose. "Help me pick out an outfit?" He asked cheekily, twirling me around making me giggle.

"Okay." I murmured poking his nose, then I escaped from his grasps, opening our closet. I took out his black suit, exchanging the white dress shirt with a navy blue one. I thought it'd be cute to match. "Yes?" I asked his opinion, motioning towards my dress. "Yeah." He agreed smiling, then started changing. And believe me, it was an interesting sight.

I tore my eyes away from Harry's absolutely toned body, back to my dress. Grabbing my black glitter heels, and setting them beside the bed. Then I started to strip. I was about to zip up my dress when I felt Harry's warm hands help me, his body dangerously close to mine. His breath started to tickle my neck gently before he placed a kiss on my neck, causing me to moan softly. I felt him smile against my skin and he placed another, slowly making his way to right under my ear. I was about to turn around and kiss him hard when Louis walked into the room.

"Hey Ha- WOAH!" He shrieked covering his eyes. "Sorry Lou." I chuckled and so did Harry. "What's up?" He slowly removed his hands, his outfit much like Harry's except he had a grey dress shirt instead. "I was gonna ask when we were going out... I'm assuming not soon?" I felt my cheeks burn furiously and I hid my face in Harry's shoulder. Thank the lord I wasn't wearing any makeup yet. Otherwise, it'd be all over Harry's blazer.

"I just have to put my makeup on, then we're ready to go." I mumbled embarrassed slightly. "Ha... Right then. Well okay... Cya." He said quickly then he sped walked out the door, heading straight for his room. I turned to Harry and we both burst out laughing. "Oh-oh god!" I laughed, clutching hard on my stomach. "Alright alright come on. We gotta get going soon." Harry chuckled stumbling to get his shoes. "Right." I giggled, calming myself down. I gave him a kiss before going to the dressing table and applying some eyeliner, mascara, and my favorite matte red lipstick.

"Alright, let's go!" I grinned grabbing my purse containing Uncle Pete's credit card, my phone, and the keys. I now had two keys. One to Hale and I's apartment, and the other to Lou and Harry's apartment. Yeah, sometimes it's hard to differentiate. Harry put his arm loosely around my waist and I texted everyone to meet us in the lobby, now.

El and Louis joined us at the elevator and we all made our way to the lobby together. Once everyone was here, we all got into the limo and William drove us to Alain Ducasse at the Essex House Restaurant. When we arrived, I swear everyone forgot how to breath. It was literally breath taking, but both me and Louis stood with smirks on our faces.

After we had bought the ring, we went restaurant shopping. But of course, William had already found out what the most expensive restaurant in New York was -well, second most-, and brought us straight there. I almost fainted when I saw the prices, but I had to keep my cool and reserve a seat for all thirteen of us (Justin came too, as Selena's date). After that we headed home.

"You're crazy." I heard Liam whisper. "Maybe, but I'm also eager to treat you guys tonight! So just order whatever the hell you want." I smiled and grabbed Harry's hand, bringing him in with me. "Reservations under Eliza Smith." I told the lady and she grabbed 13 menus, leading us over to an enclosed corner where the huge table was. I thanked her then we all sat around the table, looking through the menus. Louis was sitting next to me, so he gave a high 5 under the table. Damn right we're awesome.

After we had finished our main courses and were waiting for the desserts, I decided it was the right time to tell them. "Alright guys, so to treat you was one of the reasons I brought you here, but the other reason was to give you guys some exciting news." I paused and glanced over at Harry who gave me a wink. "We're all going to the Caribbean for a week!" I grinned and everyone's faces lit up and I could tell they were close to cheering, but they realized the place we were in and refrained. Then Harry spoke up, "We leave the day after tomorrow."

Everyone was super hyped, believe me I was too. After we got home, everyone dashed to their rooms, probably to pack. I pulled out my blue zebra suitcase, Harry pulling out his bright red one. I packed tons of bikinis, cover ups, shirts, shorts, a fancy dress, sundresses and my pjs. I also packed a pair of converse, my flip flops, sandals, and a pair of heels. All this, in a matter of an hour. Harry however, was less productive.

I sighed and went to sit next to him, taking the shirt that was in his hands. "Go sleep baby." I told him softly, kissing him. "Okay." He murmured rubbing his eyes. After stripping down to his boxers, he  crawled into bed and immediately dozed off. He must have been extremely tired.

I put all the things I thought he might need, re-packing the things he had already put in, neatly. I finished zipping it close, then walked into the closet and changed into my pajamas. I yawned and crawled in next to Harry. I was literally just exhausted... I took Harry's arms and wrapped them around me, slowly falling asleep.

Author's note: Hiiii :) Okay, so since it's the 3rd day of Christmas, I decided to treat you guys with a bonus chapter :3 Well that, and the fact I was just eager to post this :P On another note, I just want to let you guys know that the books is coming to an end! :O There will be 4 chapters more, then I'm considering doing a sequel. BUT, I want to know if you guys want the sequel or not!

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