He's Mine

As I turn 17, the things I thought were the most important, seemed to prove me wrong. So now I sit on this plane with my best friend Haley, waiting for my arrival in NY, my big break. Little did I know I was going to be staying at the most expensive apartment in Manhattan. Yeah, you heard right. Let's just say, my uncle is more than just a rich fellow. Maybe I'll meet someone special. Maybe they'll be real. Maybe they'll be my next door neighbor for the summer? All I hope is that the day I meet him, my heart is ready to let him in.


15. Caribbean Part 2

**A week later**

Eliza's POV.

For the past week, we basically tried to avoid doing anything without Louis, so for most of it, we were either fooling around on the beach, clubbing, or fooling around in the pool. Yes I know, interesting week aye? Totally.

"Harry..." I whispered, shaking him lightly. "Harry come on! I want to check Louis out of the hospital." He still didn't budge. I huffed loudly, getting extremely annoyed at this rock I call my boyfriend. "Fine then. I'll go myself." I grumbled and changed into some shorts and a tank top, putting on a checkered cowboy shirt as a jacket. After that, I slipped on my converse.

I took some of Harry's clothes for Louis to change into, then grabbed the rental car keys and made my way to the car park and started it up, driving my way to the hospital. If you're asking, yes I do have a driver's license! I took it in London before Haley and I flew over to New York. I parked then went straight to the front desk, asking for directions to Louis' room. (I really wanted to put a pun there...)

"Hey Lou." I smiled walking over to his side, "Surprised to see you awake at this time.." He chuckled, smiling that signature smile of his. "I knew you'd come! It's about time I got out of this hell hole." He told me, completely ignoring my comment. "Alright alright. I'll go sign you out. Here... I couldn't go into your room this morning so I got you some of Harry's clothes. Hope you don't mind." I said, handing him the clothes I brought. "No problem. Thanks love."

I left him to change, walking straight to the front desk. "Hi, I believe your patient Louis Tomlinson is ready to be discharged?" I asked the lady sitting there, looking pretty bored. "Yeah. Just sign here please." She mumbled pretty negligent to anything I said. I just shrugged it off, signing the paper and handing it back to her. "Thanks." I muttered, going back Lou's room.

I knocked on it, asking if he was done changing. "Yeah, come on in!" He called. I entered, seeing him dressed in Harry's capri pants and white polo top. "Ready to go? I've already signed you out. Can you walk?" I wasn't too sure if he had fully recovered or not... Just that he was dischargeable. "Yeah, I'm ready. Awesome. And yeah, it doesn't hurt anymore. Did you collect my meds?" He answered, a hint of cheekiness in his voice.

"Meds...?" I asked, I had no idea he needed meds... "Yeah Eli. You know, medicine? That thing that makes you feel better?" He teased pinching my cheek lightly. I slapped his hand away, pouting slightly. "I know what meds are! I just didn't know you needed them..." I mumbled, then giggled at my own foolish-ness. "Okay calm yourself! I was only kidding. Let's go get my meds now then." He laughed and kissed my temple, wrapping his arm around my shoulder.

I huffed, but couldn't help but smile. After getting his meds, we went to the car, deciding to go for breakfast. "If we can find a Starbucks, we'll go for breakfast." I bargained, "okay?" He sighed, crossing his arms like a child. "Fine!" I just giggled, starting the car up. We drove for a while before coming across a small coffee shop, much like the ones they had near my house in London. "This good enough for you?" I asked Louis, parking in a spot right in front of it.

His face brightened and he nodded vigorously. "Okay. Leggo." I chuckled and we both walked in. Once we ordered our food and such I started talking about how he was going to propose. "Are you still going for the romantic walk on the beach after dinner?" I asked stirring my tea. "Yeah definitely! When should I do it?" I thought for a moment... "Tomorrow." I grinned and started eating my omelet. "Sounds good to me! Mind reserving a table at the restaurant for me?" He asked, batting his eyelashes at me.

"You are such I girl I swear." I chuckled but nodded. "Thanks. You're the best." He smiled and started eating too. "I know I am." I joked and winked. Soon I felt something against my cheek. "Did you just flick cinnamon at me?" I gasped wiping it off. "You had it coming." He grinned wickedly, creeping me out ever so slightly. "I'll let it slide this time... But you watch your back Tomlinson." I warned, going back to my omelet.

"Sure." He giggled, a hint of agitation in his voice, which made me smile a little. After we were done, I agreed to let Louis drive while I made reservations for him. After that, we started planning our day ahead. We decided that we all go for dinner tonight, to make up for the whole week that he had missed out. So I made reservations for that too, but at a different restaurant.


"I think it's time to get ready for dinner babe." I mumbled turning off the movie we were currently watching. "Okay good idea." Harry agreed, pulling me up with him and walked us both to our room, kinda dancing too. I giggled as I fell backwards onto the bed, his face inches from mine. "I love you." He whispered and kissed my nose, "I love you too." I smiled and kissed him, then pushed him off me to change.

I heard him groan, but he got up anyway, grabbing some beach-ish clothes... I had bought him a blue shirt with some kind of flower on it... Like those cheesy hawaiian ones? Yeah. I got it on Louis and I's little adventure this morning. So he wore that with some khaki shorts. I decided on a thin-strapped high-low turquoise dress which had a kind if palm tree leaf design on it... I quite liked it.

After putting on my sandals, we all met at the lobby once again, but deciding to walk there instead of taking the car. It was only a 5 minute walk, but it was so peaceful. Harry's hand was intertwined with mine the whole time, and we giggled and talked about almost everything. I loved moments like this when we could just talk. Talk and not care for once. That's what I loved most about Harry... No, I just loved him.

Once we reached the restaurant, I was immediately glad I had reserved us a table, because when we got there, there was a huge line at the front. They obviously weren't the smart ones aye? "Reservations for 11 under Smith?" I told the man at the front stand who looked through the list of names he had in front of him, calling a waiter over. "Ah, very nice to meet you Miss Smith. Penelope will lead you to your table." He smiled then pointed out the table, right next to the edge where we could look out on the beach and sea.

"You're amazing." Harry smiled, kissing me. "Thank you." I grinned and we all sat around, me sitting right next to the edge.

Dinner was absolutely amazing, and the food was just as good. Everyone wanted to go back to the hotel, but Harry had convinced me to go on a walk with him, just the two of us. I obviously agreed, loving the idea of a little alone time with him. I loved walks on the beach, though I've never done it with a guy... So this was a first.

We walked in silence for a while, a comfortable silence, with the just the sound of the waves lapping against the shore. "Do you think we'll ever get married?" He asked out of the blue, turning his head to look at me. I was a little taken back by his question, but I answered it nonetheless. "I don't know... I hope so." I told him, truthfully. "Good. Because I hope so too." He smiled putting his arm around waist, pulling me close. I put mine around him too, just quietly walking.

"I know this is a weird question but... Are you a virgin?" Where were all these questions coming from..? I blushed slightly, hoping that it was too dark for him to see. "Yeah..." I said quietly, embarrassed slightly. "Are you?" He looked at me for a moment, a little bit of sadness in his eyes. "No." I chuckled, it was pretty expected. "What?" I just shook my head, indicating it was nothing. He eyed me suspiciously, but chose not to pursue.

"Why?" I asked, now looking up at him. "I just- I wanted to know... Because... Well I guess because I wanted to be your first time." I saw his cheeks go red as the light from the moon gave me access to the colors on his face. "That's actually pretty sweet." I smiled and put my other hand on his chest.

We walked for a while longer, just talking about the most random things and laughing at everything. Then his face turned serious, and he stopped in his tracks, a look of sadness on his face. "What happens when summer is over?" He asked stepping away from my grasps and taking my hand instead. I looked into his eyes, willing myself not to cry at that moment. "I-I don't know," I stuttered looking down, "but can we cross that bridge when we get to it?" I really didn't want to ruin the moment...

He thought for a moment before nodding, a small smile taking place of his frown. "I'm sorry baby." He mumbled and kissed the top of my head. "That's okay." After walking a few meters, he suddenly stopped, again... I giggled and asked, "What is it this time!" He just gave me a cheeky grin, pulling something out of his pocket.

It was too big to be a ring box, but not long enough for it to be a bracelet... So what was it? "I saw this while walking through a few shops in New York the other day... So I thought I'd buy one for you." He explained, slowly opening it up. In there was the most gorgeous paper airplane necklace I had ever seen. In fact, it was identical to the one Harry wore on his neck.

"So now we match." He grinned, helping me clasp the necklace around my neck. "Thank you." I said giving him a kiss.

When we got back to the room, I couldn't contain myself. I turned around and immediately planted my lips against Harry's, catching him off-guard. He soon kissed back and we were moving in sync, making our way slowly to the bed.

(It's going to get a little icky...)

I lay down on my back and Harry climbed on top of me, my hands snaking around his neck to play with the ends of his hair. He started to move down, sucking on my neck causing me to moans softly. My hands traveled to the bottom of his shirt, bringing it up over his head. All of a sudden, he tore his lips from mine, looking me straight in the eye.

"Are you sure you want this?" He asked, his thumb running over my cheek. "I'm sure." I told him, and soon the rest of out clothes were of the floor, scattered everywhere. My hands were entangled in his hair as he continued to pleasure me in ways I can't even explain. His movements became slower, and he finally collapsed next to me, bringing me onto his bare chest.

"I love you Eliza." He mumbled, slowly falling asleep. "I love you too Harry. Always..."

(Okay... So I tried to keep that as short as possible...)

Louis' POV.

I had talked to Eleanor about the whole dinner thing tonight, which she gladly agreed to, giving me a sweet peck. "Be ready at 6." I told her, a lightly smacked her bum as she walked by. He gasped and hit my hand before giggling and walking into the bedroom. Damn that girl makes me crazy... I finished up my cereal, then went to knock on Harry's door.

I heard someone mumble "shit." Then there was some shuffling before a half-dressed Eliza came to open the door. She was only in her underwear and what looks to be like Harry's t-shirt. "Well you had a busy night." I teased and gave her a wink. "Oh shut up Lou!" Her face turned red as she fought to keep a straight face. "Alright alright. Anyway, I just came over to get the ring?" Her face instantly brightened up and she disappeared into the room for a second, before she came back bearing the dark blue box.

"Thank you so much Eliza!" I said hugging her then I stuffed in my pocket as she wished me good luck. "See you." I smiled and walked back to my room.

**I'm just going to skip to 6pm...**

"No! Come on Eleanor! It's just one more curl for god sakes!" I heard Eliza squeal, then El sighed heavily. I chuckled quietly to myself, sitting onto the couch. "Hey mate." Niall greeted, jumping over and onto the couch. "Ello." I grinned putting my hand over his shoulder. "Goin' out aye?" He waggled his eyebrows.

"Yeah. Feeling pretty lucky tonight." I winked making Niall cringe, getting up and backing away slowly. "That's to much information... And I really don't feel like looking at you right now." He fake gagged then ran into his room. I giggled and rubbed my forehead. Out of paranoia I checked my suit pocket, making sure the box was still there. Phew...

I heard our door click open and my eyes quickly darted to the open door to see Eleanor stood, in a beautiful blue dress, her hair in loose curls and put over one shoulder. She looked absolutely stunning, and I felt like all the oxygen had been taken away from me. "You look gorgeous." I told her, getting up and walking over. I saw her cheeks flush as she walked towards me. "I hate that you still manage to have that effect on me." She giggled and gave me a kiss.

"Ew... Okay I'm going to go now." Eliza groaned and quickly went to her room. I don't even want to know what she and Harry were planning to do... That made me shiver. "Shall we?" I asked, putting my arm out for her to interlock hers with. "We shall." And we made our way to the rental car where I drove us to the restaurant.

"Where are we going?" Eleanor asked for what seemed like the millionth time. And like I did all the other times she asked, I shushed her, making her huff and sit back into her seat.

After around 2 minutes, we arrived at the Japanese themed restaurant that was situated right next to the beach. Eliza had requested to set up a private table on the beach, which they gladly complied seeing as Eli tipped them $200. "Reservation under Tomlinson?" I told the girl at the counter who looked about as bored as Squidward is at work. Haha. I crack myself up...

"Right this way." She told us, shooting a fake smile our way. She led us down some stairs and onto a platform set up on the sand. I heard El gasp as it came into view. It was made completely out of thick bamboo, and on it was a squared table with candles and a single rose on it. I thanked the waitress and she walked off, leaving us alone.

I pulled El's chair out, letting her sit down before I went and sat opposite her, taking hold of her hand over the table. Eliza had pre-ordered our food for us, so we didn't waste any time. "Do you like it?" I asked stroking her hand with my thumb. "I love it! Thank you for bringing me here." She smiled, putting her other hand on top of mine.

We sat there talking for a while, laughing at some of the lame jokes I made, before the chef came out with a plate in his hand. Wow Eliza really went all out with this. "Good evening Mr. Tomlinson, Miss Calder. The first meal I shall provide you with tonight is our signature fried squid, marinated in our home-made dressing. We will be bringing rice over shortly." He smiled placing the plate in between us.

Throughout the night, we had a total of 5 main dishes and at the end, a dragon fruit sherbet with various fruits as a topping. "Now, I'm absolutely certain you didn't plan out this menu." Eleanor stated skeptically, a smirk playing on her lips. "Oh you know me so well." I admitted, grinning her way. "Eliza?" I nodded, smiling sheepishly. She giggled and shook her head, smiling to herself. "Should have known."

Once we finished up our dessert, the waitress came over, informing us that the whole night had already been paid in advance, so we were free to leave. "Believe me El, I'm as shocked as you are." I said to her, bringing her down the steps which led to the beach. "She's a sly one. Isn't she... Eliza." Eleanor joked, taking off her heals to walk barefoot. I took my shoes off too, walking after her.

"It's so beautiful." She whispered, her eyes locked on the sunset. It may sound cliché, but there was a sparkle in her eye, a sign of passion I guess. I loved this girl. And I was determined to make her mine forever.

While she was still hooked on looking on the sunset, I quickly got onto one knee, preparing myself for what I was about to do. I tapped her arm, making her turn to look at me. When she saw my position, her eyes started watering and her hand immediately went to cover her mouth.

"Eleanor Jane Calder. I have been in love with you since the day I laid eyes on you when we met with Harry, till today and I forever will love you. There's nothing you can do that could ever change that. And I could never imagine my life without you. So tonight I kneel in front of you, hoping to make you mine till the day I die. So Eleanor, will you marry me?" I slowly pulled out the box, opening it towards her. Her eyes went wide as her hand kinda floated over the ring. I took it out of the box, taking her hand in mine.

A tear managed to make its way down her cheek as she squeaked out a "Yes." Her teeth showed as her lips curled into a huge grin and I picked her up by the hips and twirled her around in my arms. I put her down, slipping the ring into her finger. "ELEANOR CALDER, I LOVE YOU!" Screamed in happiness and kissed her, wanting nothing but to stay in this moment forever.

Eliza's POV.

Niall, Harry decided on staying in as Perrie, Danielle, Selena, and I decided to go to the gym. Perrie of course was the most enthusiastic about it, considering she told us "Did you know Zayn gets turned on by workout clothes?" Yeah Per, too much information... We made our way down to the gym, blabbering away about the craziest things... Wondering how El and Louis are doing.

I hope she said yes.

Author's note: OMG WE REACHED OUR GOAL! Thank you my Little Owls. You're an absolute lovely lot <3 Thank you so much! I hope you liked this chapter... And the x-rated part was a little lame :P but mehh.

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