He's Mine

As I turn 17, the things I thought were the most important, seemed to prove me wrong. So now I sit on this plane with my best friend Haley, waiting for my arrival in NY, my big break. Little did I know I was going to be staying at the most expensive apartment in Manhattan. Yeah, you heard right. Let's just say, my uncle is more than just a rich fellow. Maybe I'll meet someone special. Maybe they'll be real. Maybe they'll be my next door neighbor for the summer? All I hope is that the day I meet him, my heart is ready to let him in.


7. Can I Fall For You?

Eliza's POV.

I groaned, throwing my hand onto the pillow next to me. "Ow!" I heard someone yelp as he sat up beside me. "Oh gosh sorry Harry." I said embarrassed. He turned the light on and smiled a tired smile, rubbing his eyes with the back of his hand. "That's okay love. Do you want anything to eat?" He got up and headed for the door and I got up to follow him.

I shivered from the cold, since I was wearing only a tank top, so I quickly took a random hoodie from the closet before walking out. "How does pancakes sound?" He called looking through the pantry. "Sure. Hey where's Haley and Josh?" It was wayyyy too quite. Haley definitely wasn't here. "Last night William told me they had gone to a bar for drinks... God knows where they've gone."

I nodded and went behind Harry peering over his shoulder. "Do you know how beautiful you look right now?" He mumbled and turned his head to kiss my cheek. I felt my cheeks burn as I giggled into his back. "Thank you.." I hugged his waist as he continued to flip pancakes. "If I kissed you right now, what would you do?" Harry asked turning the fire off for a moment. "I dunno... Why don't you find out?"

I was dying for him to just kiss me right now. And if he didn't do it, I was going to. He turned around in my arms and I wrapped my arms around his neck instead. He grabbed onto my waist gently, pulling me closer to him. He looked straight into my eyes for a moment before flickering to my lips, biting his own hesitantly. Ohhh god. His eyes met mine once more before he took hold of my face softly and slowly leaned in. He's driving me crazy.

The second our lips touched, I felt fireworks erupt all over. I had never believed in the feeling the author would always describe when her character encountered a meaningful kiss... Well, now I do. It was long and sweet. No tongue, just our lips moving in sync and my feelings pouring endlessly into the kiss. When we pulled away, I still had that lingering feeling on my lips where Harry's soft sweet ones used to be.

He smiled and stared into my eyes for a moment, stroking the side of my face with his thumb. "You're so amazing." He mumbled before I leaned in and kissed his lips once more. I felt him smile against the kiss, myself mirroring his actions. I was currently on my tiptoes as he held me up slightly by holding onto my hips. I pulled away and leaned our foreheads together.

"I don't ever want to hurt you." He murmured. "Then don't." I breathed into his lips making him smile. "Can I fall for you Harry Styles? Can you guarantee I won't get hurt?" I asked looking straight into his piercing green orbs that seemed to hypnotize me every time I did. He broke eye contact and sighed "I can't guarantee that..." He paused and looked back into my eyes, "but I can promise to try." He whispered.

This looked like something out of a movie, like something you'd read out of a book. It felt so intense, so real. "That's good enough for me." And I kissed his lips again, which turned into a sweet french kiss, the first I've ever had in my life. "Does this mean you're mine?" He asked once we pulled out. "I don't know Styles, am I?" I teased playing with the curls at the back of his head. "Well I'd be very happy if you were." He chuckled rubbing his nose against mine.

"Then yes, yes I am yours. So take good care of me?" I smiled stroking his cheek. "I promise to try." Then we kissed, twice more. "Maybe you should continue to make those pancakes of ours." I reminded him as I looked over his shoulder to the half-cooked pancake that was in the pan. He laughed nodding, kissing my forehead before I went to go get orange juice for the both of us.

I placed a glass next to him and went to sit on the kitchen island watching as Harry flipped the pancakes. After around 8 pancakes later, Haley came strolling into the kitchen, a huge smile plastered across her face. "Well someone's happy." I winked, then waggled my eyebrows at her. "You have no idea." She chuckled before walking into her room. I turned back to Harry and he was putting the last of the pancakes on a plate.

"I wonder what that was about..." Harry mumbled with an eyebrow raised. He came over and sat next to me, passing me a plate, knife, and fork. "No idea, but I'll find out sooner or later." I chuckled kissing his cheek. He pouted looking at me. "What?" I giggled poking his cheek. "Only the cheek?" He asked and pursed his lips. I shook my head chuckling as I kissed his lips lightly which he deepened by gently pulling my face closer to his.

I pulled away after licking his bottom lip, smirking as I did so. Then I started the eat my pancakes chuckling slightly. "You are such a tease you know that?" Harry groaned, starting to eat his pancakes too. "I know, but you love it." I teased elbowing him lightly. "Yeah, I do." He chuckled and pecked my lips. We sat talking and laughing for a while before Josh came in through the door.

"How did you get in...?" I asked confused, tilting my head to the side. "I'm guessing Haley didn't lock the door?" Harry said tapping his fingers on the counter. "Yeah." Josh stated before heading to Haley's room. "Don't bang her too hard!" I yelled jokingly making him turn and flip his middle finger at me. Harry and I both burst out in laughter then continued with our conversation...

"I have a free day today so what do you want to do?" Harry asked smiling at me... I felt my mouth curl up into a smile, I can finally have him to myself today. "Maybe we could go watch a movie then have lunch at a cafe? I'm sure you'd love a chill day..." I suggested taking his and my plate to put into the dishwasher. "That actually sounds very appealing. I'm sure Josh and Haley already have plans." He winked before running his hands through his hair.

I giggled nodding then he left to go shower and change. I cleaned all the pans and stuff before going into my bedroom to have my own shower. Once I came out I looked through my items of clothing... Hmm. What to wear, what to wear..? I decided on some light grey shorts with a loose purple t-shirt. It was probably going to be cold in the cinema so I grabbed my grey cardigan and threw it onto the bed before slipping some socks on and my white hi-tops.

Someone knocked on my door so I called them in and Haley came in, showered and dressed. "Are you going out?" She asked mentioning to the clothes I was wearing. "Yeah, Harry and I are going out for a chill day. So what's this? You and Josh?" I giggled taking my cardigan and slipping it on. "Yeah... After we had a few drinks last night, we kinda... Slept together." My mouth dropped open and I stared at her in shock. "H-he took your v-card...?" I knew Haley was a heavy drinker, but she was always in control of her actions...

"Yeah. But I let him... I wasn't that drunk..." She mumbled. "Are you guys together?" I really didn't want her to regret this... You only have one v-card. "No... He hasn't asked me... Yet!" She protested obviously getting my point... "I just don't want you to get hurt again. Okay? Now I have to go, so look after yourself." I told her wrapping her into a hug and kissing her cheek. "Okay." She whispered as I walked past her to the door.

I locked up the door and was about to turn around when I felt two arms grab my waist from behind and pull me against their chest. "Hello beautiful." He whispered sexily into my ear. "Harry.." I chuckled turning in his grasps so I could kiss his luscious lips. "Ready to go?" He mumbled against my lips as he slowly pulled out. "Yeah." I smiled and intertwined our hands as we walked to the lift.

"What movie are we watching?" I asked as we stepped out of the limo and over to the ticket booth. "Skyfall." Harry smirked before buying our tickets. "Oh gosh you're-" the girl at the counter said, a little too loudly. Harry shushed her politely before looking around cautiously. "Please don't alert anyone... I just want a quiet day today." He whispered to her making her nod slowly.

I stood awkwardly by his side, waiting for our tickets. "Harry..." I mumbled getting slightly bored. "Yeah sorry love." I was about to reply when the girl at the booth shot he a dirty look. "Woah, okay what the hell was that for?" I asked offended. I didn't do anything to her. "Alright come one Eli, let's just go." He told me dragging me over to the door before I clawed the face off of this stupid disrespectful bitch.

"I didn't do anything to her.." I muttered, slightly annoyed that he didn't let me handle that myself. "I know babe, she's just jealous that I have an amazing girlfriend like you." He smiled cheekily at me, knowing I couldn't stay mad. I let the ends of my lips curl upwards reluctantly as he swung our hands back and forth. "Cinema 7." He stated pulling me into it and getting us to our seat. "Movieeeeeeeeeeee!" Harry squealed childishly as I chuckled and leaned into him. We were sitting in the couple seats so there was no hand rest in between us. Then the movie began.

"That was absolutely AWESOME!" I yelled happily as I skipped out of the cinema, Harry walking leisurely behind me. I heard him giggle that adorable giggle of his before I saw him appear next to me. "It sure was." He grinned wrapping an arm around my waist. I honestly didn't care if paparazzi found out we were dating. "You don't mind everyone finding out do you..?" Harry asked unsure of my answer. I just smiled and shook my head no. "Of course not."

His smile grew bigger "Good because I want to show you off to the world, and let them know you're mine." I loved how cheesy he was. I giggled and kissed his cheek as we continued to walk down the street. I pulled his arm off my waist and intertwined our hands instead, it just felt more comfortable. "This one?" I asked pointing to the adorable vintage cafe on the corner of the street. "Looks good." He smiled. I loved how down to earth he was. He didn't usually like expensive restaurants, in fact if he could, he'd eat chinese takeout every night.

We walked in and I was immediately in love with it. There were fairy lights around the edges of the ceiling with little plastic flowers embroidering the walls. Pictures and vintage items sat on the shelf, shiny and untouched, as the tables resembled the vintage furniture that my grandma used to own. It felt so cozy... The walls were a pastel blue as the floors were light wood. I liked it here. Harry pulled the chair out for me, which I gladly sat in as he placed himself opposite me.

"Hello loves, what can I get you?" A sweet lady, around the age of 40 maybe, came over holding a notepad and pen. "Can I get a macaroni and cheese please? And a coke?" I asked politely smiling at her. "Of course you can sweetie. How about you?" She pointed her pen over to Harry. "He'll share with me. I'm not that hungry anyway." I cut in before Harry could answer. He just smiled and nodded and gave an order for his drink.

"Since when are you not hungry?" He asked, scrunching up his nose. He looked absolutely adorable... Like oh my goshhh. "Since this morning... When your fattening pancakes filled up my stomach." I grinned cheekily at him and place my hand on top of his. "Aha! I see." He chuckled and grazed my hand with his thumb. He did this often... It was very soothing.

"There you go sweeties." Penny, yes that was her name, said as she placed the handsome smelling mac and cheese in front of the two of us and our drinks. "Thank you." Harry smiled and she walked away leaving us be. "We should do this more often... I really like spending time with you." I told him truthfully as we latched onto each others' gaze, wondering what the other was thinking. "Definitely. I can't wait until you meet the boys. You'll love 'em." He cheered slightly as he forked a few pieces of pasta from the blob of cheese that sat appealingly in the ceramic white and navy plate.

"I can't wait either. I hope they like me." I shook my head at my own insecurities... But seriously, what if they don't. What if they disapprove of Harry and I, then end up taking him away from me? Would he let them do that? Probably not though, right??? "Babe chill, they're going to love you! It's hard not to." He smiled, his undeniably cute dimples seeping into his oh-so-soft cheeks. "Okay." I sighed in relief as I continued to eat with him.

Half-way through our meal, we ended up fighting over a piece of macaroni that we had both tried to pick up. It resulted in him picking it up and shoving it into my mouth, having a ridiculously smug smile on his face. "You'll pay." I smirked wickedly and continued to eat in peace. I had made Harry slightly agitated so I smiled softly and put my hand over his again. "Chill babe, I was joking." I giggled and took a sip of my coke. "I never know with you..." He mumbled and continued to eat too.

After we finished up Harry went to pay, which I protested but lost to Harry's annoyingly charming ways, then we were off to god knows where. "Would you like to go to the park for a little while?" Harry suggested gazing over at the little playground situated across the road. "You're talking about a walk on the path right?" I asked. I was not about to play on that playground with 6 other toddlers and their mothers...

"Of course love, what else?" He asked confused, yet he chuckled anyway and we walked across the street and into the little pathway that was sheltered with trees and bordered with little bushes. "You never told me what happened... Why you didn't let me kiss you those days ago..." He said breaking the comfortable silence that had formed while we were walking. "I-I guess I just thought I wasn't ready..." I stumbled out looking down at the ground.

"Want to talk about it?" He didn't push the matter like others did, he gave me a choice... But maybe it was just how I had such strong feeling towards him. Maybe... But I was starting to let him in, so I better be right. "My boyfr- no, ex-boyfriend. It was my birthday the day before I flew here... So he came for my party and-" there were tears falling down my face and I felt my heartbreak all over again... Just talking about it.

I thought he was simply perfect. But as usual, the good things in life always seemed to disappoint me. "-he had a hickey on his n-neck..." I was now hiccuping, so Harry pulled me into him, hugging me tight letting me cry into his chest. There was a bench nearby so he pulled me over and sat me onto his lap like a baby, which was quite comforting... "Shshshh, I'm sorry Eliza... For asking." I shook my head "it's not your fault, I needed to let it out anyway." I murmured into him and snuggled my face deeper into his chest.

"Please know I'd never do that to you... And if I did, I would never do it on purpose, I promise." I mumbled and kissed my forehead. After I calmed I turned my head up and kissed his eternally soft lips, making my head spin with emotion... He wiped away my dried tears and kissed my temple. "I hope to never hurt you like he did." Harry whispered stroking both my cheeks with his thumb, while holding my face close to his.

I smiled slightly and kissed him. "Maybe we should go back now." I murmured, my voice raspy from crying. I giggled and kissed his nose, making him giggle as well. "Yeah." He breathed and took my hand pulling me up with him. He called William and soon we were back at the apartment.

"I'll go shower and change, then I'll go over to your place?" I suggested as I unlocked the door to my own apartment. "Sure, see you." He pecked my lips then went off to his apartment. I went straight to my room, avoiding the scene of Josh and Haley practically sucking the faces off each other.

After taking a shower I quickly dried my hair then put on some random comfy shorts with an Adidas tank top, slipping an orange hoodie on top of it. I brushed through all the knots that had formed while I changed then French braided it, tying it with a blue rubber band. I quickly grabbed my phone and keys, then walked barefoot over to Harry's apartment.

I knocked on the door of his apartment leaning on the wall slightly as I stared waiting for him to open the door. Soon I heard footsteps running towards the door, slippery ones might I add. The door swung open and I was stunned slightly by the sight I was confronted with. "Oh hey..." He chuckled running his fingers through his wet hair.

"Hello." I smiled chirpily, begging my eyes to avoid his bare torso... But as usual, they didn't listen and my gaze slowly trailed down his body taking in his toned biceps and abs... Okay stop now. I quickly shifted my eyes back to his face and giggled "Are you going to let me in?" His eyes went noticeably wide as he realized I had been standing outside his door for quite a while now.

His face flushed with embarrassment, quickly moving to the side so I could enter. "Sorry." He mumbled rubbing the back of his neck. "No problem love." I chuckled pecking his quickly before running and flopping down on his couch. I wasn't afraid to be silly around Harry. In fact, I was so comfortable, I could probably change in front of him without caring...

We ended up watching tons of movies and comfortably cuddling the whole night through, and falling asleep on the couch. Peacefully in the arms of Harry. I guess I was falling for Harry Styles. Harder than I expected.

Author's note: Hellooooooooo :) This is a really long chapter... :P I feel kinda proud. ahahaha. So anyway, thank you all so much for putting this movella on this month's popular page!!! You guys are absolutely amazing <3 please don't stop liking, commenting, and favoriting! Also, could you maybe nominate He's Mine for the Movellys??? I'd love to win one of those! Like omg I'd love the lot of you forever! :D

Again, I love you all


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