He's Mine

As I turn 17, the things I thought were the most important, seemed to prove me wrong. So now I sit on this plane with my best friend Haley, waiting for my arrival in NY, my big break. Little did I know I was going to be staying at the most expensive apartment in Manhattan. Yeah, you heard right. Let's just say, my uncle is more than just a rich fellow. Maybe I'll meet someone special. Maybe they'll be real. Maybe they'll be my next door neighbor for the summer? All I hope is that the day I meet him, my heart is ready to let him in.


10. Be My Date?

Author's note: Alright so I know the PCAs are in January but I really wanted to put it in this book. So here, the PCAs will be held on the 26th July. :)

**The day before the PCAs**

Harry's POV.

"So who are you taking to the PCAs? I'm taking El for sure." Louis said scrolling through something on his phone. Eliza had gone out shopping with Haley so it was just me and the boys today. "I'm taking Perrie." Zayn stated proudly, crossing his leg over the other. "I might ask Danielle, whether she's up for it. What about you Hazza?" He asked throwing the red bouncy ball he was tossing, at me. "Do you think Eliza would want to go?" I asked unsure, catching the ball before it hit me in the face.

"Mate, don't you think asking her wouldn't hurt?" Niall chuckled laying back into the couch. I could just feel my mental facepalm. "Right. I'll go do that." I mumbled and walked out of the living room and into Niall's bedroom.

Eliza's POV.

My phone started to vibrate so I took it out of my bag, sliding the button to answer the call. "Hello?" I smiled knowing who it was. "Hey love. I want to ask you something..." I could almost hear the smirk in his voice as the words rolled off his tongue. "Sure babe, go ahead." I was starting to feel slightly antsy as I waited for him to just spit it out. "You know the PCAs are in a few days, yes?" He asked, wasting time.

"For the love of god will you just get on with it?" I giggled shooing Haley away because she was trying to listen. "Will you be my date to the PCAs?" My smile immediately became wider and I felt myself start to jump around in excitement. "Oh my gosh yes! Yes, yes, yes!" I squealed causing more than just one person to start staring at me. I quickly stopped from embarrassment.

"YES!- I-I mean, cool." I laughed at him "Babe, you can be as childish or silly around me as you want." I reminded him, shooting Haley a look that said "I HAVE AMAZING NEWS." I heard Harry giggle on the other side of the line before he told me he had to go and we both hung up.

"What is it?!" Haley asked impatiently as I pulled her into a dress shop. "Harry asked me to the PCAs!" I grinned and we both did our happy dance before realizing the shop owner was staring at us weirdly. I fake coughed before elbowing Haley to stop her from jumping. "Oh-uh, sorry." Haley mumbled embarrassed, then the shop owner smiled and shook her head "That's okay loves. How may I help you- wait, you're Harry Styles' girlfriend right? Eliza Smith?" I smiled nodding.

"Yes I am! And I was actually looking for a dress to wear at the PCAs." I smiled. Harry had told me about this shop once, he had taken his mom to get a dress here. Apparently it's well known for charming red carpet dresses. Her whole face lit up and she happily skipped over to a black dress bag. "I have the perfect dress, but it depends on whether you like it." She grinned before pulling down the zip.

I stared in awe as she slowly revealed a stunning red colored, strapless chiffon dress which had a sweetheart neck-line and natural waist-line. The back of the dress was open with only two criss-cross, sequine embelished, straps going across the mid-back. (You can find this dress on promgirl.com)

"Jeez it's stunning." Haley breathed. "Can I try it on...?" I asked running my finger against the fabric. "Of course you can sweetie. Come on." I followed her to the back of the store where the changing rooms were. She hung the dress onto a hook I the room then drew the curtain once I was in. "You don't happen to have any shoes that match the dress do you?" I asked hopeful as I started undressing. "Of course I do sweetie." Then a pair of jeweled heels were slipped under the curtain.

"Thanks-... uhm I didn't quite catch your name." I mumbled embarrassed. "Just call me Heather love. And you're welcome." I could just hear the sweet smile in her voice. Once I was fully dressed I walked out, my heels clicking against the floor. "How do I look?" I asked flashing them a grin then spinning around. "You look gorgeous!" Haley squealed and started clapping like a retarded seal. I just laughed at her then walked back into the changing room.

After I came out then paid, we both headed to Starbucks for a drink. I was starting to get pretty hungry.

I couldn't wait to go to the PCAs.

Niall's POV.

"So what about you, Niall? Demi perhaps?" Zayn asked, waggling his eyebrows. "To be honest, no." I mumbled scratching the back of my neck. Haley. That's who I wanted to take to the awards. But I couldn't tell that to the guys... She's dating Josh. They all gave me weird looks before shrugging and turning back to minding their own business, except Zayn. He obviously knew something was up.

Without them noticing I snuck to my room, closing the door behind me, only for it to open then close again. Zayn. He locked the door behind him before sitting on the bed, whereas I was on the window seat, my guitar sitting comfortably on my lap. "Alright, what's going on." He demanded crossing his arms "Now don't give me that 'nothing' bullshit." He added. I scratched the back of my neck sighing before my mouth took over completely.

"I like Haley." I blurted out before facepalming myself. "Shite." I grumbled slouching back. "Damn dude, that's bad." He said, running his hand through his hair. "Josh is going to kill me." I muttered then ruffled up my own hair. I was beyond frustrated. "Maybe. But I mean, he's not going to the awards, so maybe he'll let you take Haley? Like, I bet Haley wants to go to the award show don't you think?" He suggested.

"He'll still suspect something. He's my best friend, mate. I don't want him go hate me." I let my head fall and I clutched my guitar close to me, as though it was the only thing in the world that would love me. "I'll talk to him for you if you'd like? I won't mention your name. Promise." He smiled getting up. I huffed and nodded. "It wouldn't hurt to try I guess." He nodded violently before running out the door. This can't be good...

Zayn's POV.

In all honesty, I don't like the sound of this, and you could tell Niall didn't either. But I felt bad for the guy... He just wants to have some fun. So I'm going to help him have it. I went into Josh's room to see him sprawled out asleep. Great. I shook him impatiently, I needed him awake. Now.

"Alright, alright. I'm awake!" I groaned sitting up and turning on his bedside light. "What?" I took a deep breath before starting. "Niall doesn't have a date to the PCAs, and he's pretty bummed. Do you think he could maybe take Haley? Since you're not going and all..." I trailed off, fumbling with my fingers nervously. He raised one eyebrow before sighing and shaking his head. "Fine. But if anything happens between the two of them, I'm blaming you." He said before flopping back down onto his pillow.


I quietly went back to Niall's room. He was in the same place he was before, but this time he was playing and singing a slow acoustic version of I Would. Poor guy... "He said you could, but please don't try anything." I begged making his head snap up to face me. "He said yes?!" His eyes went wide and his lips slowly curled up into a grin and he started happy dancing all around the room. "THIS IS GREAT!" I just laughed nodding. "Call her. But don't sound too forward." I warned then walked out of the room, leaving him to do what he wanted.

Haley's POV.

"Hello?" I had received a call from Niall, which made me quite curious. "Hey Haley.. Uhm- I- I was wondering if you'd like to be my date to the PCAs?" I stuttered slightly making me giggle, but my smile slowly faded when I remember I was dating Josh. "I- I know you're dating Josh, but he's not going to the award show so I thought maybe you'd want to go... With me?"

The ends of my lips curled up slowly and I nodded. Remembering he can't see me, I chuckled at myself "I'd love to go with you Niall." I heard him yell out a "YES!" Before he coughed awkwardly and re-composed himself, making me giggle at his cute-ness. Stop it Haley! You're dating Josh. His best friend! I mentally facepalmed myself for talking in my mind.

"So I'll see you tomorrow then." He said, probably grinning like the adorable Irishman he was- stop it! "Yes you will." I giggled, my face was probably bright red, and I was grinning like a fool. Then we hung up making me turn to Eliza, her face scrunching up in confusion when she saw my face. "I'm going to the award show with Niall." I told her excitedly, making her frown. "What?" I asked nervously. "What about Josh?" She was being all skeptical, and she had all the right to. But, for some reason, I really wanted to go with Niall. Right, or not, I was going with him. No one was going to stop me.

"He's okay with it! Don't worry Eli. It's just one night." I reassured her, even though I wasn't too sure myself. But I wasn't going to hurt Josh. I hope.

Eliza's POV.

I don't like the sound of this. At all. She's going to end up hurting the both of them. And herself. What the hell is she thinking? I sighed absentmindedly and massaged my temples. In the end, I'm going to have to solve these problems, and it's not going to be easy. I followed her into the taxi and we were on our way home. Haley had bought tons of dresses for no reason so we didn't need to go shopping for her dress.

I relaxed into the seat and rubbed my eyes. I've become really close to the boys since we met, especially Niall. He's like a brother to me. So if Haley hurts him, I'm not sure if I'll ever forgive her. Urgh this is so stressing.

Once we got home I walked into my room in silence. I was not going to pretend like this was okay. It's either she's completely oblivious to the fact she's going to end up hurting one, or both, of them, or she just doesn't care. Which pisses me off, just that much. I hung up my dress into my closet, setting the shoes right underneath it then changed out of my jeans and tank top into comfortable shorts and a t-shirt. I slipped on my grey flip flops then walked out into the kitchen, taking out my sticky notes and a pen.

I wrote to Haley that I was going over to Harry's then stuck it onto the fridge knowing she was going to be hungry soon. Then I walked out with my keys and phone over to Harry's apartment. I knocked on the door then waited for a while before realizing he wasn't home. Maybe he was at Niall's? I walked over to Niall's door and knocked a few times before hearing Louis loud laugh getting closer, and louder.

"Oh hey Eli!" He greeted, his chirpy self. "Louisssssss!" I smiled and hugged him. "Is Harry here?" I asked peaking over his shoulder. "Yeah love, come on in." He chuckled and moved to one side, giving me space to walk past him. "ELIZAAAAA!" Niall yelled and picked me up, hugging me tight. "Hello there Nialler!" I squealed hugging him back, just as tight. He put me down then Zayn came over and gave me a big cuddly hug. "Zaynieeeee." I said and he chuckled letting go. "What about my hug?" Liam asked pouting adorably. "Come here!" I giggled and hugged him tight.

"Hey babe." Harry hugged me from behind, burying his head into my neck. "Hey love." I chuckled and turned in his arms and hugged him, then kissed his lips gently, playing with the curls at the back of his neck. "Ewwwwww!" Liam gagged throwing a pillow at us. Harry glared at him then pulled me with him onto the couch where I cuddled close to him. It sounds weird but I missed him.

"Where's Haley?" Niall asked smiling big, showing off his cute braces. "She's back at the apartment doing her thing.." I mumbled trying to hide the fact that I honestly didn't know, nor did I care at the moment. He scrunched his eyebrows together so I gave him a look that said 'just leave it'. He nodded understanding then turned back to watching How I Met Your Mother. Oh how I loved this show.

We spent the whole night laughing and talking, basically just enjoying ourselves because tomorrow, I was going to be appearing on the red carpet, on national Tv, in front of god knows how many people, and I had to be ready. Though, I'm glad I'll be next to Harry the whole time. "Maybe we should go sleep now." Harry whispered as I looked around seeing everyone asleep already. It was around 10 so I nodded and we both headed back, not to my apartment, but his.

I crawled under his white sheets as he crawled in next to me and I laid myself onto his chest. "Excited for tomorrow?" He asked playing with the ends of my hair. "Yeah..." I yawned drawing circles onto his chest. "Me too." He chuckled kissing the top of my head. "I love you Harry." I mumbled. "I love you too." He whispered before I fell asleep.

Haley's POV.

I was starting to wonder where Eliza had gone. Out of curiosity I went out of my room heading straight for the fridge knowing she'd leave me a note.

"Hey Hales. I'm at Harry's. Or Niall's... Or whoever's. I'm sleeping at Harry's tonight. So yeah."

She's pissed. I can just tell... I sighed crumpling up the note and trashing it. Maybe I'll go visit Niall... I looked up at the clock. 10:30. Yeah he should be awake... I think. I shrugged to myself then went out the door. Then I remembered my keys. I mentally facepalmed myself for being so stupid. Looks like I'll be spending the night somewhere else.

I walked down the hallway a bit before finding myself in front of Niall and Josh's apartment. Hmm. I knocked on the door, a little too loud if you ask me, but whatever. The door slowly opened revealing a half-awake Niall. "Sorry I waked you..." I mumbled scratching the back of my neck. "That's okay. What's up?" He yawned, his nose scrunching up in the cutest way. "I locked myself out of the apartment... And Eliza's staying at Harry's. So I have no way of getting into my apartment." I explained feeling my face heat up.

He giggled and smiled, his hair messy and his shirt slightly off set. He looked pretty sexy if you ask me... "Well everyone's asleep, and Josh locks his bedroom door at night so... I guess you could come sleep in my bed if you'd like?" He offered stepping aside to let me through. "Uh- yeah sure." I had a feeling this wasn't a good idea. Heck, going to the PCAs with him probably wasn't a good idea either.

I sighed quietly to myself as I followed Niall into his room. "I can go sleep outside on the couch, if that's more comfortable for you." Niall said, awkwardly rubbing the back of his neck. "No, that's fine. I could use the company." I smiled softly and crawled into his covers. They smelt like him, and for some reason, it felt comforting.

We just lay there staring up at the ceiling, neither of us knowing what to do. "Are you excited for tomorrow?" He asked, his chest heaving with every breath he took. "Yeah. But, if I was being honest, I'm more excited about going with you... Than going to the actual award show." I murmured absentmindedly. "Good. Because I was hoping you were thinking the exact same thing as me. Which you were." He chuckled and turned his body to face mine.

It sounds mega cheesy, but the way the light from the window shined against his face, it just made him look so damn perfect... Like an angel. "Can-" he hesitated before continuing "Can I try something?" I didn't say anything, but just nodded, already knowing what he was going to do.

He leaned in close, his breath tickling my nose, as our eyes stayed locked, inches away from each other. The space between us had been eliminated and soon his lips found their way to mine, sending a sharp tingly feeling all the way through my body. Wait- what was I doing?

I quickly pulled away, disappointed that I had broken the promise I had made to myself. How could I have been so stupid? But- was it a mistake though? Niall looked at me confused before realization splashed across his features. "I-I'm sorry." He mumbled backing away slightly.

"No- don't be sorry..." I whispered before kissing him once more. I have no idea what had gotten into me, but all I know is I wasn't stopping myself. And what I was afraid of was, I wasn't going to be able to. "But- Josh?" Niall said against the kiss, pulling away abruptly. "I want you Niall. And I don't know how to stop myself." I sighed running my fingers through my hair. There was a fairly long silence as I sat there staring at my hands. What was I going to do?

"Then I can be your secret." He stated looking me straight in the eyes with his piercing deep blue ones. I licked my lips, biting down on it hard, debating on his offer. Niall and I? A secret...? I just didn't know how to let go of him. "As long as I can have you." I whispered and kissed him hard, not wanting this moment to end. Because as usual, reality was going to come for me. And it was going to hit me, hard.

Author's note: Hiiiiii! Do you guys like this chapter? I find it slightly shorter than some of my others, but I think I'm quite proud of this one to be completely honest with you. :) Do you guys find the description of Eliza's dress vivid enough? If not, well here's the link to the actual dress: http://www.promgirl.com/shop/dresses/viewitem-PD738294 (I know there's no red, but just imagine the dress in red)

Thank you so much for all the support and comments. Please don't stop favoriting, commenting, but most of all liking! I hope this story gets further than just the 5th page of the all time popular fanfics! let's get it to the 4th page before end of January? THANK YOU!

love you all loads, Sarah :3 xoxo

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