Ellie has a secret. A big one!


10. Chapter 9

Chapter 9


Jo's POV


(In my bedroom)


Me: Ellie, when do the results come round?


Ellie: In about 30 seconds!


Me: I hope that they pick both of us! I mean, I am more likely to be picked than you because I'm waaaaaaay pre...


I could see the look of disappointment on Ellie's face. I knew that I had hurt her feelings greatly.


Me: Is it on Twitter that the results are announced?


Ellie looked at me blankly. She knew that I knew that the results were announced on Twitter.


#onedirection was trending at that moment on Twitter, so was #comeback1D and #1Darethe best!


Then a notification popped up. One Direction have 1 new tweet for you. I double clicked the link and the list of names of people who had won came up. I saw @smurf_babe97, @grapesaresoyummy, and then @fiveboysforme. That couldn't be....was it?


Me: Ellie?


(Ellie turned around angrily)

Ellie: What?


Me: I think that..


Ellie: Yes...


Me: You've won the competition.


Ellie: Yay. Goodbye. I'm going to pack my bags to stay with the world's biggest boy band at the moment, for a week, in california, while you stay here.


Me: Bye, Ellie, I won't miss you.


Ellie smirked at me and turned to leave.


Me: But you can't go without a ticket!


Ellie: I already knew that I had won, from A very special thing called a Twitter app on my iPod! And they have sent me the ticket!


(Ellie leaves)

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