Ellie has a secret. A big one!


9. Chapter 8

Chapter 8


Niall's POV


We have done the concert, now we have nothing apart from the odd interview to do for 3 weeks! Uncle Simon advised us to go to the recording studio a couple of times, maybe once a week! We have decided on the winner, whom we will announce today!


The three winners were @smurf_babe97, @grapesaresoyummy and @fiveboysforme.


All of them were completely different looking girls and we voted late last night for them.


They're coming over sometime tomorrow and I can't wait to make friends with them!


Liam's POV


I want on behalf of the others for the girls to come, as I can tell that the boys are getting bored with doing nothing. As I am supposed to be the mature one in the band I hope that they will not be too pretty as I know that the rest of the band will get obsessed over them. All apart from Niall, as he likes to get to know the girls before he dates. Harry must be very happy! As I like girls with curly hair, I chose a girl that looked like Harry!


Harry's POV


Okay, so I'm not exactly excited to see the girls tomorrow. If they aren't pretty and if they are just starstruck then I will leave this house until they leave! But if there is a very nice looking girl with a nice personality then I shall be happy!


Louis's POV


I hope that they aren't the typical girl fans. There are so many other ones out there! I think that we made a good decision to let some girls stay, and I hope that they aren't ridiculous in any way, or way prefer one of us in the band. That would be unfair!


Zayn's POV


I hope that I look nice for when the girls arrive tomorrow! I hope that they are polite and aren't stupid. I hate stupid girls.

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