Ellie has a secret. A big one!


8. Chapter 7

Harry's POV


Niall is getting on my nerves. He keeps on annoying me so much! Begging me to make the second decision because it's my turn to do that! That's my problem- I can't choose between girls! I mean, I have girls that I like and girls that I don't like. But I haven't found 'the one' yet...


(In my bedroom)


I'm going to do the research now!


5 girls have caught my eye.


I clicked on each of them. The first one had buck teeth, a kind smile but deep eyes. I can't deal with the buck teeth!


 The second was blonde, with huge false eyelashes and hot pink lips. Somedays I feel like having a  girl like her but I hate the feeling the next day when I have been with this cheap girl. They all look the same, these girls, with fake everything and bitchy personalities to each other!


The third was a zoomed out picture of a girl with light brown curly hair and a square jaw. It struck me that she looked like the female version of me.


The way that you flip your hair makes me overwhelmed...


The fourth was of a fat lady with shaggy hair and painted-on eyebrows. I don't mind the weight of girls.


You've never liked your waist or your thighs,

You've never liked your dimples on your back at the bottom of your spine...


The fifth and final was a girl with messy, mousy brown hair and large eyes. It almost looked like she was a doll as she looked quite thin and pale. Almost reminded me of...  

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