Ellie has a secret. A big one!


7. Chapter 6

Chapter 6


Zayn's POV


Today, I have had the most stressful day in my life literally! I had no idea that we had a performance until this morning! I was getting ready for the day while the others were having breakfast and they knew that they had a performance, happily cooking pancakes and then I decided to take an extra long time getting ready as I thought that I might go shopping with some of the boys today. Then I came into the room and they told me that we had a performance that afternoon!


Uber stress! I mean, really, I had a sore throat that morning but I didn't really care because it sounded funny if I was talking to the boys, but if we had to sing then I had to have a perfect voice! So I had to drink a lot of water and I called uncle Simon to ask him what to do. He was busy as usual so I had to call Management because they could get some medical people to come over. That's the difference between this and my last life, everything is such a big deal now!    

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