Ellie has a secret. A big one!


6. Chapter 5

Chapter 5


Liam's POV


I'm so happy that we're hosting this competition thing. The boys can get pretty immature and loud at times so it will be good to have a girl or two to keep then from A) getting bored out of their minds and B) having to go out into the public all of the time. America is amazing, and I love the fact that we were at number 1 in the USA charts as well as the uk charts!


(In the kitchen)


Louis: Morning


Me: Yeah.


It's always a bit awkward in the morning when everybody has just woken up and is looking terrible. I have to laugh sometimes at Harry's bed head but Zayn always has his hair perfect. He likes to get up early and get ready for a good hour. The rest of us like nothing better than a good sleep!


Louis is making breakfast for himself- pancakes! Sometimes he allows somebody else to eat them as well but he's a bit greedy usually. Niall, however, takes all the food that he can ever get!


Louis: Big day today isn't it?


Me: Every day's a big day, Louis! And it's a particularly big day because we're going to perform to our American fans this afternoon. So you can go to the stylists soon then we'd better be going.


Louis: I'm not going.


Me: You're going.


Louis: Okay, I'll go. As long as we pick who wins the competition today and before the concert. That way we'll be able to get the people into the house and have something to do!


Me: We have a lot to do here, Louis!


Louis: Yeah but...

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